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  • Title: Hermes Online
  • Author: Rose Anderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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      130 Rose Anderson
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    1 thought on “Hermes Online”

    1. 4.5 out of 5. This is a very erotic novel that brings that brings together two strangers--not often a safe endeavor--but in this case Vivianne takes a chance and posts an erotic tale that she has written ten years earlier and the response was almost totally positive. Encouraged by a particular response from the mysterious Mr. S, Vivianne begins this exchange that slowly but surely becomes the source of a renewed sense of herself as a winsome and desirable woman, a change she sorely needs after b [...]

    2. OVERALL RATING: 4.5/5 starsORY: 4/5 starsARACTERS: her ~ 5/5 (character development; bonus for me!), him ~ 4/5 (his person only came into play in the end.)HOTNESS: 5+/5 chilies <3This is an extremely sexual tale, that was well done. Wow, me likes! I liked the story and it really was nicely done/"performed". Even the H's identity wasn't annoyingly obvious. I loved their e-mails exchanges and especially how lyrical they made them.It was quite funny seeing how an author can change her style in a [...]

    3. Does it feel too far fetched to think of today's connections through the internet as messages from the gods? Certainly it is now possible to get email from the farthest reaches of the planet in a matter of seconds. Perhaps it is our contemporary connection to the long-forgotten gods and their messenger Hermes. No more far fetched than some of the sci-fi fantasies that have become reality in just the past three or four decades. That being said, it certainly felt like a message from some benevolen [...]

    4. Hermes Online is an erotic romance with two characters that will be hard to wipe from my mind. When you read the lovemaking scenes and the foreplay in between you won’t be saying, “Oh that’s a sweet moment,” and then forget about by bedtime. You will want to nudge your partner awake to help cool the tension Rose Anderson created when she wrote Hermes Online. The heat level is smoking hot - not just a little flame that an itty-bitty fire extinguisher can put out. Imagine a much bigger fla [...]

    5. Every now and then an erotic romance catches you pleasantly by surprise. Hermes Online is just such a book. Because we get to know the characters mostly through email and chat dialog, I expected them to feel under developed somehow, but I found the opposite to be true. We get a very steamy relationship right off the bat, full of fantastic dirty dialogue, and the best part is that it never feels rushed or forced. We really want this unconventional relationship to work out.

    6. This story was great. It is a fun fantasy that’s smoking hot! A+ The plot was unique and flowed very fast. The characters are likeable and the plot keeps you reading until suddenly, you’ve finished it. Can’t wait for the next book from Ms. Anderson

    7. I just finished this review for The Forbidden Bookshelf, so I'll post it here once it goes live there. =) Until then, I will just say WOW. Totally unexpected - this blew me away. It is beautiful and charming and modern and, well, perfect.

    8. I just finished this book last night. Holy cow. If you enjoy a steamy erotic romance I recommend Hermes Online by Rose Anderson. It's both heartfelt and very real. It makes you happy to be privy to the story unfolding. Great read. Can't say enough.

    9. Wow! I love first person POV because I can identify with a character. The sexual build-up was fantastic as was how V & S's relationship intensified through e-mail, chat, camera, and meeting. Hot!

    10. This was a fun, sexy book about an online love connection. I love this concept. Coming from someone who became part of the AOL world right after it was the "hottest" thing, I remember the chat rooms, and meeting people online and how foreign yet thrilling it all was. I, however, was a teenager and was not participating in the same varieties of activities the couple in this book were, but I did share that little flutter in my stomach whenever I heard that magic three little words from the man in [...]

    11. Where to start…? It’s not often a story actually hits home but this one certainly did. It’s an erotic story to be sure, but in many ways, it’s also a very sweet love story…of a woman and her Prince Charming in this day of impersonal, Internet connections. Rose Anderson’s tale touched me because I met the man I love online, and though we never got as graphic as Vivienne and S, we chatted, we met, and we stayed together until he passed away. This was one story I didn’t want to put do [...]

    12. Summary: Vivienne has been having a difficult time since finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman. It particularly didn’t help when he told her that she drove him to it since she was boring in bed. Now she feels sad, boring and unsexy. In an effort to cheer her up, a friend sends her a link to an adult literature site. Viv enjoys reading the stories and decides to submit an erotic story that she had written years ago. She is surprised to receive many positive comments on her piece. One [...]

    13. "S" and VivienneOh my!!! This was a very descriptive, hot little readI would love to read more work by the Author!!!

    14. WOW! what beautifully written story. I didn't want it to end. I have already recommended to all my friends to read. Thank you Rose Anderson

    15. I've waited so long to get hold of this book.I was not disappointed. I loved it, the storyline, the character, the hot writing. I loved it all. Well done RA.

    16. mediocre writing and wholly implausible denouement. it's harmless, and at times cute, but there's really very little to recommend it. skip.

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