The Very Thought of Him

The Very Thought of Him OLD COVER Dara s in a slump Her smalltown workaday life is beginning to wear her thin Bored one night she encounters Kelly s ad online and something is ignited in her She flirts and he responds The

  • Title: The Very Thought of Him
  • Author: Jessa Callaver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • OLD COVER Dara s in a slump Her smalltown workaday life is beginning to wear her thin Bored one night, she encounters Kelly s ad online, and something is ignited in her She flirts and he responds The only question is, can she muster the courage to step away from what s safe

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    1. The Very Thought Of Him is an erotic short story that totally rocked my world! Cheers to Jessica Callaver for the delicious, body tingling descriptive intimacies that which she has shared with meAnd hopefully you!It is very difficult to nail a short story. Too much back story? Too little? Not enough description? Cliffhanger or closure? There are many factors to which a short story can wiggle itself into my mind and beg to be reread. I have a feeling that I will be reading this story more than on [...]

    2. Quick reviewCover: Okay RatingNC-17 for erotica. Thumbs Up4Overall: Mad it was too short.Characters: Hot!Plot: It is what it is.Page Turner: Yes. Series Cont.? Yes. RecommendN/ABook Boyfriend: KellySUMMARY (50 word or less)The long and short of it was that it was very good. Fantasy and reality merging together to create an unhappy cliffhanger of an ending, lol. Very spicy and I would love to read a longer version of this story if written. Certain just what I needed.My book boyfriend is Kelly. Do [...]

    3. I watched this short, erotic story unfold as Jessa polished it up to get it ready for publication. Normally, I'm not a fan of highly erotic literature, UNLESS it's VERY well written and has a great plot. This one, to my delight, did. I wish more erotic authors wrote with as much literary style as Jessa. She brings us a sexy tale that is more than gratuitous body parts all over the page, but makes the characters, particularly the heroine in this case, very real and sympathetic. I look forward to [...]

    4. Simple & Salacious!Our imaginations can take our fantasies into sweet erotic bliss when we let them. This cute and short story (20 pgs) is exactly what happen when Dara gets one look of a photo showing Kelly's sexy body with his hard cock resting on his thigh that is posted on his profile from an online site. After many fantasies and many intense self inflicted organism from just the thought of having him and after one contact by message from him, Dara has to make a decision of now or never [...]

    5. Dara is looking for someone to have fun with, no strings attached, Someone who can make one her biggest fantasy come true. So when she stumbles across the profile of a great younger looking guy. She knows he might be the one who can fulfill that fantasy. But she doesn't know if she should go for it. Which girl wouldn't want a hot guy like Kelly.This short story was amazing i normally don't ever pick an erotic book but i had to make an exception and this was a great pick i would definitely read t [...]

    6. ♥✫•°˜”*°•✫♥SWEET, SEXY and SURPRISING♥✫•°˜”*°•✫♥♥ The Very Thought of Him was VERY pleasing. I'd like to throw in some spoilers, but what fun is that? You'll have to read this one to find out what the surprise ending is. ♥ Jessa Callaver draws you in, and you feel as if you're right there, in the heat of the moments, with Dara and Kelly. It was filled with sweet ticklers and feelers, but the ending is the real kicker!♥ If you're looking for a short, but ho [...]

    7. This short, steamy story is incredibly well written. Short stories, I think, are often so hard to write because it's hard to develop personalities and back stories that are necessary to hold a reader's interest in so few words. The author did an excellent job in this story building the scene that we read and using descriptive language that helps you to imagine clearly what's happening. Dara's character is very well developed and fun. There was also a nice little twist at the end that I was not e [...]

    8. I've just started reading erotica, but really liked this short story. I was expecting something totally different based on the summary and was surprised (in a good way) when I started reading. Although the story is short, Dara is a very well developed character. The writing is very descriptive and obviously hot!! The ending leaves you eager for the next installment of the story (huge cliffhanger). I would definitely recommend to people who enjoy erotica.

    9. Definitely gives some food for thought. It will be in your head when you least expect it.Sexy and interesting, what more can you ask?

    10. I am a littleConfused with the story. It starts off a random hotel hook up and then goes backwards? Then it abruptly stops. This needs more. I cannot be sure if I want to read more.

    11. This short story is billed as true erotica and it definitely lives up to its genre, plus gave me more than I expected! Although it is short (as fast a build-up as much erotica is), Dara's characterization and portrayal of her motives pleasantly fulfill my need for something beyond scorching-hot sex. Even my erotica has to have some type of point to it, and Callaver delivers! Very few grammatical or mechanical errors distract from the intensity of the sexual chemisty--something I absolutely requi [...]

    12. **Disclaimer** ARR review. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. This is a short erotic story; I found it hot and saucy, the perfect read for during lunch or when you want to let your mind wander to a naughty fantasy. 'Christine' shows up at a hotel dressed as a 'naughty school girl' to meet 'Kelly', a stranger who she has exchanged very little communication with for some no strings attached fun. 'Christine' is a minx when it comes to seducing and pleasuring 'Kelly', well, 'Ke [...]

    13. This was a surprisingly little tale. Just when I thought I knew what would happen it all changed and that twist really made the story go from good to superb. The scene was built with very skilful use of language. It started out sensual and got dirtier as the scene got more intense ending up being a little sleazy but that worked because it made you feel like it the control was slipping and considering what the story is about it fit beautifully and worked to heighten then overall feel and ultimate [...]

    14. Short story with some heart-rate-building *action*. This was the second of Jessa's stories that I read and was definitely not disappointed! Dara's actions, though at first a little questionable - hello, meeting a guy in a hotel room that you met online?!?! - were very realistic and something I'm sure *most* people have fantasized about. Hands? Anyone? Ohybe I'm the only one then. oh well. :) The writing was wonderful, descriptive, and realistic. And let me say that I didn't see the end coming bu [...]

    15. I received a free copy of this short story in exchange for my honest review.This is a very tantalizing short story to say the least. Dara is a hard working single gal that has found Kelly on an online dating site similar to Craigslist. What Dara has in mind and the descriptions of the encounter are very mind tingling at the very least. The author did an awesome job describing this hot scene. But this is a short story witha surprise ending that I won't spoil for you. This is an awesome erotic rea [...]

    16. AwfulAwfulI read this author thinking her work was like her other work. It's notis book it's awful, do not bother wasting your time.Good thing it's a free order I would have wanted my money back.The story is a daydream not even a story. Save yourself don't download our even but this book. Total waste of time, Sorry Jassa I really liked your writing, not so much anymore!!!

    17. This is a very short, het porn fic, only twenty-one pages long. The story is told through the eyes of Dara, an older woman and is pretty much porn-without plot. I had my suspicions pretty quickly that this ‘story’ was just Dara’s fantasy and I was correct, we find this out in the last four pages.It was OK. There wasn’t anything that really stood out for me. I most likely won’t read this again.

    18. For an erotic short (only about 20 pages), it has the heat and sensuality. The story at first is a bit confusing but as it progresses you realize exactly what the author is doing.I loved being drawn in on the give and take of the first meeting of Dara and KellyDefinite shock though when the meeting became a M-E-E-T-I-N-G!!!!!!!I can't wait to see what happens next since this ended on such a HUGE cliff-hanger!!!Will Dara or Won't she????Nice one Jessa!!!

    19. Short and sweet and so very scintillating. This unabashedly steamy and erotic tale was written with brilliant descriptions of every lurid detail. Jessa Callaver shows that she is an artist who knows how to paint a colorful picture of lust and sensuality. By the time you finish this story you will feel as if you could be one of the characters in the book. Or at least wishing you were.

    20. As far as hype, The Very Thought of Him not only lived up to the hype but exceeded it in leaps and bounds. Jessa has a writing style that just pulls you in and keeps you entrenched. Just when you think you’ve seen or experienced it all, she throws in even more to keep your appetite for excitement and intrigued satisfied.High 5′s in content, pace, detail, and character development.

    21. I was not impressed by this read. I gave it 2 stars only because it was free and I didn't have to pay for it so that is something right! I thought that it was missing a plot and the ending was exactly what I thought it would be. Many others have liked this book so if it is for you Go for it and don't take my word for it.

    22. A fun, erotic short story about an older businesswoman and a tryst she has with a younger man she meets online. Better written than most in this genre, with a lot of hot scenes and an interesting glimpse into the character's motivations more at the end. Well worth it if you like short erotic fiction.

    23. The reader is engaged both from a physical perspective with wildly exciting descriptions of the erotic love making and emotional connect between our three characters. Jessa Callaver has the wonderful ability to draw the reader right into the story.

    24. The Very Thought of Him leaves you feeling pleasantly tingly. Dara is a smart woman on a mission for an amazing night, and the passion continues throughout. Terrific erotic short story! Fast paced and entertaining. It was a fun read, living vicariously through Dara's excitement.

    25. Yummy is all I can really say! I began reading and its classy and intimate. and then BOOM CHICKA WOW WOW! It got hot and heated several times! loved it!

    26. This story was pretty good since it's hard to write short stories. The author did a great job. In short stories it is hard to set personalities, but Jessa did an amazing job at that.

    27. The Very Thought of Him by Jessa Callaver2 1/2 stars. The beginning fantasy portion had my eyes rolling a bit but it got better towards the end and made the first part make more sense.Quick read.

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