Greco's Game

Greco s Game This defunct edition of Greco s Game has been replaced by an updated edition with a different cover Please visit that edition for current product information and reviews

  • Title: Greco's Game
  • Author: James Houston Turner
  • ISBN: 9781936695485
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • This defunct 2012 edition of Greco s Game has been replaced by an updated 2017 edition with a different cover Please visit that edition for current product information and reviews.

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      350 James Houston Turner
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    1 thought on “Greco's Game”

    1. I’m not really into spy thrillers or KGB. So why am I mentioning this? Because I had preconceived ideas which told me, never to shy away from a book assuming you may not enjoy it, because I really enjoyed this. It’s what I would term a “light” spy. If there is such a thing.You quickly get right into the mix of this story. Talanov’s wife is brutally murdered right in front of his eyes.But that bullet wasn’t meant for her, it was meant for him so Talanov believes. Could he be right?I d [...]

    2. I am not a big spy thriller reader there is just something about it that turns me away from reading. Though with this book Greco's Game I figured I would give it a try and see if it was any good. To me this wasn't a heavy spy thriller so it was quite easy for me to get into the story. Now this is book two though I wasn't lost as to what was going on and not knowing more of who Talanov was. Talanov witnessed his wife get murdered right in front of him, he believes that it was meant for him instea [...]

    3. An interesting novel for all the lovers of spy fiction and thriller detective novels this novel by Turner has got everything from a good lead character to intriguing plot and a theme which can contain all these it won't take much longer once you start reading the novel because it just absorbs you in! Read this and be a fan of Talanov!

    4. Don't get your interest and excitement blurred for the book by the rather philosophical cover the book boasts this is a complete thriller pack! You are going to love the person Talanov is, even in his middle ages! Have you seen the Bond movie recently? You might visualise the scenes in the book just like that I did not read much of the spy fictions like this and I truly loved this book by James and I am going to read all others by him, for sure! A great twisting and turning spy-thriller is serve [...]

    5. Wonderful spy thriller by the bestselling author Turner! I enjoyed reading this book which is rather long but still captivating enough to keep the readers engaged Talanov is hell of a Hero who keeps you engaged throughout the novel. Must read!

    6. Aleksandr Talanov is recovering from the brutal death of his wife. Before he can find the peace and quiet he so desires, Talanov decides to track down the people responsible for his wife’s death. Talanov gets more then he bargains for when he tangles with both the Russian Mafia and the CIA. Someone wants Talanov out of commission for good but who? Greco’s Game is book two of the Aleksandr Talanov novels. This book can be read as a stand alone novel. Fans of military themed, action thrillers [...]

    7. A fair read the novel moves fast and the author has done his best to make it as animated as possible! Nevertheless, I didn't like the ultra-violent ways of defining the crime and criminal stunts. Well, that might suit the readers who love reading spy and physical fiction I would recommend this book to all such readers. i liked that angle which revolves around Larisa and her plight in the foreign land!

    8. Aleksandr Talanov is an ex KGB operative, now living in the USA. Since his wife was murdered by a sniper he has just been going through the motions of living, until he gets robbed by a prostitute. Then someone from his past turns up offering to help him find the killer. Larisa is a young woman who was conned by people traffickers into a life as a sex slave. She must do as they say or her family back home will all die. This is an action packed story full of flying bullets, crazy car chases and in [...]

    9. Greco's Game finds Talanov witnessing the brutal murder of his wife. Convinced the bullet was meant for him and wracked with guilt, he spirals downward on a path of self-destruction, hitting rock-bottom on the mean streets of Los Angeles. But in a seedy world ruled by the Russian mafia, all is not as it seems. Was her murder an accident, or was it a carefully-planned strategy? The answer lies in Greco's Game, a chess game played in 1619 that Talanov's old KGB chess instructor regarded as the mos [...]

    10. I extremely enjoyed reading this one by Turner he has been delivering the thriller and spy fiction on a regular basis but this instalment was something truly amazing and mesmerising. You cannot escape praising the author for the character that he has created in the form of Talanov! Just enjoy reading this one and you won't find anything worth doing unless you solve the mystery of the murder of His wife

    11. Talanov takes it all - this novel revolves around the heroics and courage of the lead character who is an ex-employee of KGB, Russia. He is trapped and to come out of that trapped is his mission and he does it - in between, the author offers you a read which is so wonderful that you will certainly be glad to know that you might be watching a movie based on this novel in the near future! Great work!

    12. A little stretched but the novel is nearly a perfection in the terms of a spy thriller and Talanov will certainly not let the readers off the hook along with the enemies who murdered his wife and also tried to murder his love interest Larisa! You are going to love this book once you read it and the good part is that this is a book which is a part of the series Turner is writing you will love this and all others!

    13. Greco's Game is all about Talanov and it has to be read by people who want to read some spy fiction with seriousness in the plot and versatile theme. You will like the character of the Talanov but you will equally like all other elements in the novel - for example - the human right issues like trafficking of human beings!

    14. First of all, that blurb completely drew me in. I was pleasantly surprised by the way James Houston Turner was able to keep me on my toes. I love reading thrillers and trying to figure out what could possibly come next.I'll have to admit, I was surprised in a couple of places throughout the novel. I loved the fact that this was a Suspense, but the author was able to create real emotion and have the reader tap into that. The main characters are very strong and easy to love.I really enjoyed the fa [...]

    15. I generally don't like spy thrillers, but I liked this book. The protagonist (his backstory, decision-making, his kindness and ruthlessness, rough and soft edges), the love interest, although her weepiness could be trying at times, the supporting characters, there were several of them but I didn't get confused or overwhelmed, the pacing was really good, the plot kept moving and had a good number of cliffhangers without them becoming eyeroll-worthy, a common flaw with including many cliffhangers [...]

    16. I think the thing that struck me the most with this novel was the fact that James Houston Turner was able to connect me to his characters from the get go. It really added investment in the story and what happened to the characters. The plot was very well paced and there were no aspects that I was able to out-rightly predict. This novel is jam packed with shocks and twists that will have you immersed in the story Turner has created.The characters are very well developed and multi dimensional whic [...]

    17. A fast paced, action packed, suspense filled novel full of all kinds of twists and turns and unexpected surprises. I absolutely loved this novel!! And you can't help but love the characters and their realistic quirkiness. It was a little slow for me in the beginning, but then it picked up and kept speeding up and going non stop from then on. An outstanding, amazing, wonderful thriller everyone should enjoy!!!

    18. The novel is all about central character Aleksandr Talanov. But, all other elements are treated equally. A serious novel with a versatile theme of spy fiction. while reading this feels like movie is going on in front of my eyes. Gradually, plot develops without any hyper jump like usually happen in other novels in same genre. A good read to me!!

    19. Finally I could get a read of this book and as expected, the book was a classic thriller for me - rare and much different from the general tirade you read in the garb of spy thrillers these days no cult for young and handsome and chocolate heroes and here you have a middle-aged Talanov taking on the lumberjacks! Love this novel by James H Turner!

    20. very lucrative cover at the same time handling a serious issue in the book. Well constructed and well organise story-line which allows anyone to finish it with thrill and joy. Moreover, explores some of the vices of the society also in the book. Since this is a spy fiction and it comes with the surety of thriller.

    21. The fiction jumps from the height and all of a sudden falls on the ground of reality this is what Turner has done in his book which is superbly crafted and offers the readers a perfect and round thriller novel with the fusion of every essential aspect we need in a fiction to keep us indulged throughout the read! A must-read book which I have enjoyed the full!

    22. I think, it's a nice novel that delivers everything under one cover. Romance, thriller, crime and human trafficking and many more versatile themes has been taken under consideration in this novel. Very joyful read to me. Actually, I got this from here. alok-mishra/grecos-game-an

    23. The thriller series of Aleksandr Talanov is awesome and incomparable. The story has much to offer to a serious reader who loves to read such kind of novel. I got a chance to read this novel and truly I found it really good. In all sections, it develops gradually and ends in a fashion. Waiting for the next series.

    24. Read it for the character Talanov is! Agile; versatile and lively! Amazing novel with great injection of suspense and thriller by Turner! You must read it if you love reading spy thrillers and watch the Bond and Hunt movies!

    25. The overall composition of the book exceeds the excitement of reader who loves to read thriller novels. With full of twist and turn, this book allows a reader to get down deep into the book and walk out like coming from a movie theatre. Such a wonderful settings of the events. Bravo!

    26. A turbulent ride of real thrills and mystery.This story had a lot of heart and a lot of action.Plenty of twists and turns, drama, and much more along the way. I am glad I went on this journey with these characters.

    27. It was a little longer to be a spy thriller and there are too many characters, to be frank. The author has done his best, no doubt but the story would surely be invested with too much of a reader then only it would make some sense. One time read!

    28. What else we can hope from a best-selling author. Comes out with a well crafted novel once again. This novel can be seen in stand alone. Plot revolves around the death of his wife and goes on with suspense and thriller at their best. The narrative makes novel extra forceful.

    29. Is mystery there? YesIs thrill there? YesIs a great hero there? Yesguys, go for this and you will simply love the novel Turner has written! A moving fiction with bullets chasing skulls and minds chasing the destination!

    30. A quality novel which would leave you with an awe and sensation you will love the plot and also the central character a game worth played!

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