Dark Fae

Dark Fae Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B B MFW Sisters bound by love separated by blood And doomed to face the unimaginable All points of the sister s lives have brought them to this mom

  • Title: Dark Fae
  • Author: Shannon Mayer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B009B56MFW.Sisters bound by love, separated by blood And doomed to face the unimaginable.All points of the sister s lives have brought them to this moment, and this horrible realization Chaos, an ancient and deadly deity, is free in the world And the only way to stop her, is for the two sisters to face one another onLibrarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B009B56MFW.Sisters bound by love, separated by blood And doomed to face the unimaginable.All points of the sister s lives have brought them to this moment, and this horrible realization Chaos, an ancient and deadly deity, is free in the world And the only way to stop her, is for the two sisters to face one another on the battle field, as enemies One of them must die if Chaos is to be stopped, but can either of them sacrifice the other, even for the safety of the world Blood will be spilt, loyalties divided, and hearts broken in this epic conclusion to the Celtic Legacy series.

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    1 thought on “Dark Fae”

    1. I read this entire trilogy in an evening. I thought that the entire trilogy could have been one book. The plot line was silly & so obvious that I honestly wondered what reading level these books were meant for. I would normally review each book individually but there is not enough to say about each book to merit an entire review space. So this review is of the entire "Celtic Legacy "trilogy by Shannon Mayer. To give you a bit of information you start reading this book through a female 26 yea [...]

    2. I liked that the serie ended after three episodes. But I think that in the end she is with Bres and Luke falls for her sister goes to quick for me. Also the fact that her sister and Luke are the new kings doesn't feel well for me. So for that reason I gave 3 stars.

    3. 3.5Dark Fae picks up exactly where Dark Isle ended and it continues in much the same vein as the previous books. Quinn is sent around on mini-quest after mini-quest, sacrificing herself and saving those she loves. Without doubt, Quinn's love is the strongest aspect of this book. However, I'm not entirely certain we see why her sister deserves it so much. Additionally, Quinn continues to win battles despite being out manned, out skilled, and overpowered. I question the believability of it.She did [...]

    4. Great read! I enjoyed reading this series from one of my favorite authors! It has a great foundation, full of interesting characters who draw you in, and I can't help loving Shannon's style and how she unfolds her stories. Definitely recommend reading!

    5. Wonderful quick readI blazed through this trilogy in 2 days. I had to keep on reading, but that's what happens anytime you start a series written by Shannon Mayer. Just the right blend of supernatural goings on and mythology!

    6. Great read!This book and the entire series really keep you guessing, I have absolutely loved everything I’ve read by Shannon Mayer!

    7. AwesomeThis is a riveting series that is full of action and suspense with a lot of things that you have to read the whole thing to understand

    8. 5 Star Reviews"Mayer does it again with her brand of epic transformations & love Always love, because love knows no bounds."Jamie L. Taylor"The action is interspersed with enough romance to keep the female protagonist blushing. Shannon Mayer clearly demonstrates her mastery as an author of this genre Very satisfying."Poul Bendsen"I adore Luke and Bres, the two fae men competing for the heroine, Quinn. She is my favorite -- a strong, smart, gorgeous woman who kicks butt in the most spectacula [...]

    9. I received this book from the author for an honest review.I hesitated reading this book as it was part of a trilogy and I hadn't read the other two books. But I found out two things, one this was a great stand along story without reading the first two books and two - I now Have to read the other two books! I love Fae stories especially with strong women characters and this book was filled with them! Very intriguing and I love the reforging aspect of Excalibur! With Celtic lore throughout this s [...]

    10. I read all three books in this trilogy consecutively. I'll try to keep the books separate when reviewing them:And that is how I wanted this series to end. YAY.In this book, you get more alone time with Bres and Quinn as they fight to save Luke's life and then work to end Chaos. I really enjoyed watching the story come together and I loved how Ms. Mayer threw the prophecy question out there:Were they in the situation they were in because of the prophecy and everybody had played their parts to get [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this story and wished I had purchased the other books in the series This is the third book in the series and I did not buy the first two I refuse to buy the previous stories in a series as I have found that I waste money sometimes buying the previous books as I ended up not even liking the 1st or the 2nd books. I do recommend that you buy the first 2 books as this story is very much worth the read and if you don't you will feel dropped in the middle of the story this book includ [...]

    12. So this is the third and final book of the series. While I am sad the series is over, Shannon Mayer ends it without leaving anything open. It definitely frustrates me when an author leaves a series ending open. Shannon Mayer never does this. I have to say this third book was the best. It explained a lot and gave you again more action, romance and humor. Definitely a great read and between this and Shannon's other series, she has been moved to the top of my favorite authors list!!

    13. I read all three "books" in this series They are more novellas then books. together they would make a solid book anyway it was eh that is the most I can say about it. It all just happens so quickly . the story could have been developed more. it all came together too neatly . I loved Bres, I really did there were so many arcs, twists and turns crammed into a very small amount of text.

    14. This is the third book in a series and does not stand alone. T'would be best to read the first two in the proper order.That said, this is a dark, yet good story about love, death, truth and family, and that sometimes to win all, you must give all.I have read others of this author's work that were not, as well put together, though they showed her potential. It seems to me that in these, she may have found her voice.I especially enjoyed her interpretation of traditional Celtic lore.

    15. This book was a good book. I believe it would have been easier for me to follow the story had I read Book 1 and Book 2 first. I, personally, had a hard time getting into this story. This book was well written, characters were great and had a great story. I did read the whole book and it left me wanting to read the first 2 books in this series. Recommended

    16. It was an adventure! Dark vs. Light with a hint of romance. The characters had to use their brains and their hearts to fight evil. Not what I am used to reading, but it was a nice change of pace for me. The cover should have been less sexy as it is misleading.A book for all ages.

    17. Dark FaeFast moving with a creative twisting storyline which kept you glued to the pages. Worthy read for the read whom enjoys fantasy novels and a smidgen of romance. Shannon Mayer has carried us throughout the the three novels with

    18. This was a PG-13 adult book that was okay. The Characters seemed to be very impulsive which was scary considering they were supposed to save the world. This is a light short read that was free on . Unfortunately, it did not inspire me enough to want to buy the other books in this series.

    19. I liked the ending, it just seemed a little short. This trilogy didn't blow me away, but it was a fun read. Most likely I am mentally comparing this to the Rylee Adamson series or the Elemental series.

    20. I didn't like what went down with Luke. It made me squirmy. He ended up with her sister? After all those feelings he professed to have? What a fickle fickle king. There just wasn't enough heart and sincerity in these stories.

    21. Wonderful series!!! Once I started, I couldn't stop reading this series If you are wanting sex with your story, it isn't in this book. In its place is fantasy and entertainment.

    22. I lived the story and the characters I just wished it was longer. The whole story felt rushed but I enjoyed it a lot.

    23. I like my endings all tidied up, so this was good for me, if a little predictable. Interesting characters made this trilogy worth reading.

    24. I really enjoyed this last installment. The pace was great, the story line was original and the author finally drew me into a connection to the characters. Worth the read.

    25. Now we know why.This was a great way to end the trilogy. I would recommend this series to anyone who loves Celtic legends.

    26. Worth itThis is the conclusion to the Celtic series and delivers. This book brings all the elements together to the final prophecy of the series.

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