Before I Wake

Before I Wake They say there are three sides to every story Yours mine and the truth In Before I Wake debut novelist Robert J Wiersema cleverly introduces a multitude of voices to tell this astonishing story of l

  • Title: Before I Wake
  • Author: Robert J. Wiersema
  • ISBN: 9780679313731
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • They say there are three sides to every story Yours, mine and the truth In Before I Wake, debut novelist Robert J Wiersema cleverly introduces a multitude of voices to tell this astonishing story of loss, redemption and forgiveness And the truth Well, when miracles start happening around Sherry Barrett, a three year old girl in a coma, explanations of a rational kindThey say there are three sides to every story Yours, mine and the truth In Before I Wake, debut novelist Robert J Wiersema cleverly introduces a multitude of voices to tell this astonishing story of loss, redemption and forgiveness And the truth Well, when miracles start happening around Sherry Barrett, a three year old girl in a coma, explanations of a rational kind no longer seem important.Injured by a hit and run driver while crossing the street, Sherry Barrett lies in a hospital where her doctors say she will never wake up Her distraught parents, Karen and Simon, make the painful decision to take her off life support But when they do, Sherry spontaneously begins breathing on her own, the first of many miraculous events to occur Henry Denton, the driver who struck Sherry, is haunted by the accident and attempts to take his own life, only to be saved by an unexplained force Sherry s nurse discovers that the little girl has the power to heal When word of her gift leaks, the sick begin lining up to be saved and a mysterious stranger sets his sights on vanquishing the believers and the Barretts Before I Wake delicately brings together grandiose leaps of faith with the fragility of every day moments There s a fly on the wall quality in Wiersema s observations, as his realistically flawed characters struggle with guilt, self loathing and belief while they go about their daily lives The novel s fractured narrative style is propulsive and unexpected at every turn, and succeeds in raising questions about times of great faith, and what happens when they happen to the most unlikely of people I believe in miracles we see them around us all the time, Wiersema says I believe in not having the answers, in there being forces beyond our understanding.

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    1 thought on “Before I Wake”

    1. It started off really well, but as the story progresssed things totally fell apart for me.I think the premise was good, but the author just seemed to get too lazy to bother filling the story lines out in a believable fashion. Karen's lack of emotion over her husband's affair just didn't ring true and when she ended up befriending Mary, the author lost all credibility with me. She was just a little too calm, cool and collected for a woman whose husband just left her for another women on the heel [...]

    2. I vacillated when reading this book, between loving the story for what it was and thinking the book was an excuse to push dogma. In the end I decided I was simply caught off guard by the surrealistic nature of the book, as I don't usually read anything resembling magic realism.I was first sucked in by the more "human" aspects of the book: Simon's affair with Mary, Henry's stifling guilt, the action surrounding the first moments after Sherry's accident. Then things started to take a turn for the [...]

    3. I loved this book! I'm not sure why it hit such a chord with me, but it did. It combines a story about family, faith, forgiveness, and the supernatural. The characters are ones that you hate one minute and love the next.When a little girl, Sherry, is involved in a hit and run she doesn't die but rather slips into an odd coma that her doctors can not understand. She should be dead on hosptial acquired pneumonia and infection. This entire event fractures the fragile relationship of her parents Sim [...]

    4. I continued reading this book even though I really didn't like it. That is the only reason I gave it two stars instead of one. The author kept me turning the pages with the suspense of what was going to happen next but the book was completely unbelievable. I never quite figured out what was going on with the people in the library and who really was Father Pete. I'm assuming it was all about the devil and saints but I'm not sure. And what ever happened to Henry and why did the little girl die aft [...]

    5. I forgot about this bookI don't know how I could have. This is a fabulous story touching and thought provoking. A Christmas gift that I inhaled even faster than the festive bonbons I received.

    6. “And what have you done?”“Many things, Henry,” he said. “Time is long and old men forget…”“That’s not an answer.”“No, it’s Shakespeare.”***My introduction to Wiersema’s work came earlier this year when, after being introduced to the CZP catalogue, I found a copy of The World More Full of Weeping at my local White Rock Indigo. A mildly traumatic story about a boy lost in the woods behind his home in much the same way that his father had gotten lost in them many years e [...]

    7. DNF this book. It started off good but as the book went on, i was getting all the characters confused.

    8. Before I Wake from Canadian author Robert J. Wiersema is a story about young Sherry, a 3 year old girl who is seriously injured when she is involved in a hit and run accident on a traffic crossing by a pickup truck driver.Sherry's parents Karen and Simon Barrett face their worst fears when their only child won't wake from her coma and unfortunately their marriage fractures under the pressure. Karen takes Sherry home, hires a nurse and settles into a steady routine with daily visits from Simon.Th [...]

    9. Compelling although rather simplistically written. It seems more like a television script than a novel in some respects, although I enjoyed the descriptions of Victoria and local landmarks. I guess the author was saying something about formalized religion versus spirituality, but I'm not clear what.

    10. This book is a quick easy read with an interesting topic. It does have some interesting concepts and ideas to think about but much of the story is weak and on the surface. The dad having the affair thing and what happens throughout the book is so far fetched and makes Karen so weak although I think the author is trying to make her out as a hero.

    11. This book takes place in Victoria BC which made it fun to read as I knew many of the places mentioned in the book. The story has a good against evil supernatural storyline. I enjoyed this book.

    12. As an avid CBC fan, I've been listening to Robert Wiersma for years, as the panelist on our local CBC show, "Beyond the Bestseller". Of course, his writing is always mentioned as part of his introduction, so I finally looked into this book and am very glad I did! I'll have to give his other books a serious look now, too!What an interesting premise. It's a spiritual fantasy, of sorts. Sherry, a three-year old girl, is hit in a cross-walk, while crossing a major street with her mother. Her mother [...]

    13. A memorable read for sure. It's now 3:30am, which is a testament to how gripping the book was, but the downside means my brain is currently a confused puddle. The writing style was both down to earth and descriptively poetic, and I'm still in awe of how the characters (besides Tim and Father Peter, perhaps) were very believable. I was also pleased by how, on the whole, they all decided to act maturely and take the high road, when there were abundant opportunities for them to be immature idiots a [...]

    14. Plot SummaryHand in hand, Karen Barrett and her three-year-old daughter Sherry Barrett walk along a cross walk on their venture home after a tenuous shopping trip. Karen suddenly loses grip of her daughter as an out of control truck careens into the two; Sherry taking the brunt of the impact. The truck driver drives off. Sherry is kept in a hospital and goes into a coma while Karen suffers non-life threatening injuries stays at her side hoping for her awakening. In the meantime without Karen kno [...]

    15. Hmmm the jury is out on this one! What a strange novel it was parts of it were good, very good, and other parts of it were just plain odd. I finished it and still don't know what to make of it. The "dark" side of the novel left me with more questions than answers and parts of it I really disliked. I don't know that I altogether "got it" but am presuming it was supposed to be about the good outdoing the evil. Didn't really get what happened to Henry in the end!

    16. This book kept me awake at bedtime. I just couldn't put it down. If you believe in miracles, no matter how small, or that spirits walk among us, the premise doesn't seem that far-fetched. The female characters, written by a man, are occasionally a bit unbelievable. Another reviewer objects to the wife and the mistress being friendly, but I know that can happen. Although the main characters are agnostic, I think it helps to read this from the point of view of a believer.

    17. I was concerned this book would've been too religious for my liking. I was pleasantly surprised to find that although there was some talk of miracles and faith, it was not the primary focus of the book. The story line was well executed with interesting back stories. I found myself drawn in within the first few chapters and had a hard time putting it down.

    18. Before I Wake was a powerful read. Filled with religious undertones both unnerving and soul searchingly beautiful. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this book. Canadian author , set in Victoria BC, just so well written. Love. ⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️

    19. It's just another typical weekday for Sharon Barrett and her daughter Sherry. They're headed to the mall to see the clowns, jugglers, and musicians that perform for children occasionally in the food court. It's a nice day so they're walking, with 3 year old Sherry holding her mother's hand. But then they reach the crosswalk going across a busy 4 lane road, and suddenly it's not such a typical day anymore. Suddenly a driver isn't paying attention, and plows right into Sherry. Just like that Sharo [...]

    20. This book is fascinating as it really raises the question of what happens when people die. And it also explores miracles. It's a great read!

    21. I read the book “Before I Wake” by Robert J. Wiersema, and I loved it! It is a fictional story, and very dramatic! In this book, a couple had to deal with a tragic accident that would cause more problems in their marriage than they thought possible. Their precious three-year-old daughter, Sherry, was hit by a truck and then went into a coma. The driver of the truck felt extremely guilty and tried to kill himself, but he couldn’t! He was then stuck in a place between life and death. Meanwhi [...]

    22. It took me a while to get comfortable with Before I Wake. I doubted the blend of supernatural/spiritual with a subject as stark as brain death, and didn’t really warm up to that mix until the third act. I was satisfied by the ending, which was surprisingly uplifting after everything the characters had gone through.What I struggled with most was the middle of the book, when it’s discovered and publicized that Sherry, rendered comatose after a hit-and-run accident, can perform healing miracles [...]

    23. I enjoyed this novel. It was chosen as part of a book club I am in and I doubt I would have picked it up on my own, however, I am glad that I was introduced to it.The format of mini-chapters being from a variety of characters kept my interest. It was a very easy read.Summary from kpl/They say there are three sides to every story. Yours, mine and the truth. InBefore I Wake, debut novelist Robert J. Wiersema cleverly introduces a multitude of voices to tell this astonishing story of loss, redempti [...]

    24. An unthinkable tragedy, which is difficult to read, happens to a little three year old girl. As she lays in a coma her parents realize she has miraculous healing powers. They are torn in their own marriage to begin with and are torn as to what to do for all the sick and dying people who their little girl may heal. There is also the battle between good and evil which is also running through this story. I loved this one because of the supernatural type of things going on in it. It has a really coo [...]

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