Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 16

Fullmetal Alchemist Vol The brothers pursue fugitive May Chang to solve the mystery of why their alchemical powers were rendered inert while she and Scar continue to be able to wield them Meanwhile Scar enlists some unlikel

  • Title: Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 16
  • Author: Hiromu Arakawa Akira Watanabe
  • ISBN: 9781421513812
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • The brothers pursue fugitive May Chang to solve the mystery of why their alchemical powers were rendered inert while she and Scar continue to be able to wield them Meanwhile, Scar enlists some unlikely help to delve into the secrets of his brother s alchemical knowledge And the newest, most horrifying homunculus makes an appearance

    • Ç Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 16 || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Hiromu Arakawa Akira Watanabe
      429 Hiromu Arakawa Akira Watanabe
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      Posted by:Hiromu Arakawa Akira Watanabe
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    1 thought on “Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 16”

    1. DAMN this series! Every single volume has such excellent endings! I always just want to keep reading. There was so much happening in this volume that had me super excited and on edge. I want to know more about the Red Lotus Alchemist and I want to know more about Briggs base in the North. I want to know more about Xing and the purification arts. Oh man I just have so many questions. Finding it really hard to pace myself with this series because I've just gotta keep reading.

    2. 15. cildin bol olaylı ve yoğun havasından sonra bu cilt biraz daha durağandı, gelecek sayılar için yeni olaylara temeller atıldı. Kuzeyde önemli olaylar yaşanacak gibi.

    3. Boh, non ho piú parole per descrivere quanto questa serie mi stia piacendo. Ho appena realizzato di avere ancora solo una decina di volumi da leggere e niente, sono già in crisi. Mi sono cosí affezionata alla storia e alla sorte non solo dei fratelli Elric, ma di ogni altro singolo personaggio. Una saga magnifica.

    4. Ed and Al are going to North to meet Major's sister. Scar meets his enemy and helps Marcoh and little girl(still don't know her name *ugh) escape.

    5. The story premise changes to the North Border Country Briggs where Winter has already come and doesn't plan on leaving. In the mountain surrounded area and the harsh weather the Elric brothers search for Mei Chang to obtain her Reitanjutsu knowledge. They meet Major Armstrong's older sister there who rules over with and Iron Fist. In the North its the rule of survival of the fittest. And they have to work to get food, no slacking off. Kimbley was released on special parole to deal with Scar and [...]

    6. 3.75 stars Après le flashback sur Ishbal, tous le monde se dirigent vers le nord (heureuse coïncidence d’ailleurs) où on y rencontre la badass Olivia Armstrong.Même s’il se passe pas grand chose , on voit que ça commence à faire ses plans de tt les côtés . On a un peu de foreshadowing avec les 2 derniers homonculus qui apparaissent 😏. Ed va devoir changer son automail et en apprendre plus sur l’elixirologie s’il veut un powerup.L’humour fait tjr forcé, pas à sa place , sur [...]

    7. THE GOOD Major General Armstrong; . She scares me. She really scares me but she's so badass.Edward and Alphonse: These two are a laugh riot every volume. The humor is very well balanced with all the serious stuff. Scar vs Kimblee: boy I'm glad scar kicked that guys ass. Too bad her got away. THE BAD . I can't think of anything that bothered me in this volume, so

    8. Por fin hace acto de presencia uno de mis personajes favoritos: Olivier Armstrong, mujer badass como pocas. Además con este volumen empieza el aco de Briggs, que es uno de los que más me gusta.Es un volumen mucho más ligero que el anterior, lo que está bien, porque después de las historias de Ishval es necesario.

    9. Still waiting for some answers on that alchemy stuff, but this was a good volume with an interesting change of scenery. Also I feel like I forget how funny this manga is because I'm always surprised by how dark it gets, but some of the throwback jokes are amazing.

    10. Interesting - and cold - story development. It's building nicely in this one. The art is spot on minus some weird things. The zipper on Winry's shirt is basically almost the size of it. So that was weird. Other than that, I think this one was pretty good.

    11. $181 AUD isn't too much for a box set right?? I have two choices here I will either end up with:a) $181 less and 27 manga novels b) $181 that I could still just get backSomeone talk me out of this!

    12. I've been binging FMA Brotherhood lately and that finally gave me the idea to put a hold on the next couple books. So yea it was REEEAAALLL GUD.

    13. I had to read one today because it's October 3rd- don't forget Also tho Olivier is both a goddess and a queen I love her so much

    14. Sloth finally. I story itself has become really good , so will stop individual volume reviews till then.

    15. It's all about the north in this volume. You'll meet new friends, and renew acquaintances with old friends.

    16. An absolutely great series. This manga series has some of the greatest characters of any other manga I have read. The journey that these brothers go on is one of my favorites of all time.

    17. "w that I'm thinking of the future, I'm starting to cheer up."~*~"Not doing anything is the coward's way out."

    18. In volume 16 it is back to the action after the volume long flashback last time, but first there is going to be a change of scenery. The brothers want to pursue May and Scar to ask them about how the perform their type of alchemy, referred to as the purification arts. Things still start with a slow disengage from the heavy, raw and emotional revealings of the previous volume, but once the boys skip town things begin to take on a sense of urgency.I really enjoyed how the characters that took part [...]

    19. After the extended flashback of Vol. 15, we jump back to the story. Edward and Alphonse search for May Chang, the little girl with the black-and-white cat (which I still think looks more like a miniature panda.) They want to learn the purification style of alchemy that she can do. Scar breaks Dr. Marcoh out of prison heads north with him--not because he has any love for Marcoh but because Scar thinks Marcoh might still prove useful. May catches up with them and travels with them. Kimblee is rele [...]

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