Double Black

Double Black Since they settled in L A to run their label three years ago Jett s restless nature and Goldie s isolating fame have damaged their former closeness Passion brings Jett home every night but tabloid r

  • Title: Double Black
  • Author: Clancy Nacht Thursday Euclid
  • ISBN: 9781623001933
  • Page: 308
  • Format: ebook
  • Since they settled in L.A to run their label three years ago, Jett s restless nature and Goldie s isolating fame have damaged their former closeness Passion brings Jett home every night, but tabloid rumors and growing distance between them leave Goldie afraid of losing Jett forever While Goldie secretly longs for a wedding, a baby, and control in the bedroom, JettSince they settled in L.A to run their label three years ago, Jett s restless nature and Goldie s isolating fame have damaged their former closeness Passion brings Jett home every night, but tabloid rumors and growing distance between them leave Goldie afraid of losing Jett forever While Goldie secretly longs for a wedding, a baby, and control in the bedroom, Jett pines for his old life in New York.When Cole, a young man who claims to be Jett s son, arrives at their mansion, Goldie hopes this is his chance for a familybut Cole has a star crush on Goldie and nothing but anger toward his alleged father Jett s jealousy of Goldie s growing bond with the hot 18 year old could lead to disaster.There s no doubt that Goldie and Jett love each other, but sometimes love isn t enough Will Goldie find the courage to confess his needs, or will what s left unspoken destroy what might have been

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    1 thought on “Double Black”

    1. A Hearts On Fire ReviewClancy Nacht and Thursday Euclid are back again with Jethro "Jett" Black and Billy "Goldie" Goldean in "Double Black" book #2 in the Black Gold series. And if you have read book #1 (and you will need to understand this series), you should be prepared for the many scenes of hot air being blown from the mouths of Jett and Goldie. (of course, Mr. Black will forever hold the 'I love to run my mouth' title) There is a secret baby and 'how in love are you really with me?' theme [...]

    2. I loved this as much as book 1 although it was quite different. I was worried from the blurb that there would be a lot of conflict but there wasn't. There was a bit in the beginning but it was quickly resolved. And even through it, the intensity of Jett and Goldie's love for each other was still there. There was never any doubt how much they loved each other.It was strange to see how much Goldie had changed. In book 1 he was so innocent and sweet, but in this one he is very confident and just di [...]

    3. 2.5 stars. The messy, over-the-top storytelling that I found so charming in Black Gold felt a bit tedious here, but it's nice to see Jett and Goldie ride off into the sunset, so to speak.

    4. This is a fitting sequel. I so love Jet and Goldie and was worried for some reason that the intensity and charm and pure outrageousness of these characters would be lost in a revisit but now I want to see them HAVE KIDS! I demand another sequel! Jet was still anti-establishment and vulnerable. Goldie was still so innocent but both characters grew and really came into their own as people and as a couple. This book showed that they not only had chemistry they like any good long lasting couple beou [...]

    5. 8/11/2016It'swell, it's old, and rather dates itself with some of the ways it approaches concepts, and, honestly, with the naming. The only Billies I knew growing up were really old people, you know? Well, they weren't that old, probably, but when you're a small small child, anyone who is like not a kid is Old.The sequel updates itself a bit, I feel, with its relation to technology and certain social concepts.But it still dates itself, in the very obvious fact of referencing same-sex marriage as [...]

    6. This was a nice follow-up to see how Jett and Goldie were doing 3 years later. It was great to see how sexy they still were together and that Goldie finally found confidence to take more control in the bedroom with Jett. Things weren't perfect in their life together, but when they were able to honestly communicate with each other over what they wanted personally and professionally, it seemed like the world was at their feet and they could accomplish anything. They couldn't have been more in love [...]

    7. This book more than delivers the happily ever after and yet I just want MORE!!!! The authors know what the readers want and give it to us perfectly. Awaiting the next book breathlessly! Hugs, Z.

    8. 4 1/2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/This story is part of a series and is best read in order. Goldie (Billy) and Jett (Jethro) have been settled in L.A. for the past three years, but things aren’t rosy as Goldie’s isolation keeps him home, Jett is plastered across the tabloids in cosy intimate pictures with women and rumours abound about Jett’s fidelity. Goldie fears he’s losing Jett and is scared to ask for what he really wants, and Jett misses [...]

    9. Jett and Goldie have settled in LA, but their life has become lonely for Goldie and he hopes that someday he and Jett will marry and have a family; but it seems that is not something Jett has planned for his future.In walks Cole, A young eighteen year old with a big problem. His mother has died, and his father now wants nothing to do with him. He is in LA to see Jett, to tell him that he is Cole’s real father and that Cole wants him to step up.While each wants different things, a lot of circum [...]

    10. I loved the fact that we got to see Jett and Goldie go from two hot, horny men in love to a family unit along with all of the love and problems that families tend to have! The thing young people forget today or just never knew is that relationships have to keep growing and changing or they slowly fade away! Marriage and love that last are hard work on the part of both parties but it is SO worth it to see and feel that love every day for the rest of your life! I will admit that I didn't see the " [...]

    11. L.O.V.E.D this book!!! Did not disappoint. I was trying to decide on whether to buy the latest "Tucker Springs" novel which had twice let me down btw and then I struck "gold" with Goldie and Jett.n. Almost 3 years later this sequel surpasses the original. It can be read as as a stand alone but I suggest reading Black and Gold first to get the true experience. There is just something about the dynamic duo!! I am going back to re-read Black and Gold again both books are part of my re-reads shelf.

    12. 3.5 stars--This sequel was very similar in style to the first book, Black Gold. The characters were a little more mature--though it took Jett till the very end of the book to finally grow up a bit. There were a couple unexpected twists--always nice--but I'm not sure how well they all fit the story line. Though I enjoyed both books, I wouldn't want too much of this style at one time. Having read them back-to-back, I admit to having been ready for the story to end. Jett and Gold did get their HEA- [...]

    13. The book started off good. I was amused by the way Cole stormed into Goldie and Jett's lives, calling Jett on his crap while lusting after Goldie. I like reading about established couples so I was eager to explore the issues Goldie and Jett were experiencing. Goldie was lonely and wanted a family; Jett was still using drugs, feeling old and MIA most of the time.But toward the middle of the book, it began to lose steam. Everything kind of fell into place with very little effort on anyone's parts. [...]

    14. I really liked Black Gold, this one not so much. Jett was a jerk and Goldy his enabler. I don't understand how Goldy was fine with Jett doing hookers and blow. Ok, he really wasn't doing hookers, but still. Jett didn't want to move on from being that stereotypical bad boy rocker, for ever misunderstood and fighting "The Man". I did like Goldy even though he was like Rapunzel stuck in his mansion waiting for Jett to come home. I really Cole and Kyle so that's something.

    15. I loved this book and I am thrilled Clancy and Thursday chose to write it. This book had all the qualities I loved about Black Gold enhanced by significantly improved writing style. The story adds depth to both main characters while introducing some fun secondary characters. I will certainly be buying Clancy and Thursday's next book, whatever it happens to be.

    16. The saga continues with the addition of a possible son from Jeff's early days.Pros: Three dimensional characters, well paced story.Cons: Could have done with shorter sex scene or fewer of them. Overall a really fun read with very sexy rockers.

    17. I love me some Goldie and Jett. Adored this one just as much as the first book, and *fingers crossed* there will be a third book soon.

    18. Reviewed by:SheReadsAlot Genre: M/M ContemporaryRated: 3 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

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