A New Age

A New Age This is an ACE of ASIN B C U WA A New AgeA young man trained since birth in the arts of war a princess whose powers are awakening a regent who would be king a queen who would be an empress a dark p

  • Title: A New Age
  • Author: JordanBaker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an ACE of ASIN B00C42U5WA A New AgeA young man, trained since birth in the arts of war a princess whose powers are awakening a regent who would be king a queen who would be an empress a dark priesthood of mages and the mind of a god, revealed in the Book of One.In this new epic fantasy series by Jordan Baker, a tale of magic unfolds for Aaron, a mysterious youThis is an ACE of ASIN B00C42U5WA A New AgeA young man, trained since birth in the arts of war a princess whose powers are awakening a regent who would be king a queen who would be an empress a dark priesthood of mages and the mind of a god, revealed in the Book of One.In this new epic fantasy series by Jordan Baker, a tale of magic unfolds for Aaron, a mysterious young man, who is plagued by terrible headaches that are somehow linked to magic Raised in the middle of nowhere, where he was taught to be an expert swordsman, Aaron finds his life irreversibly changed by events that send him on a journey to discover his true destiny.

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    1 thought on “A New Age”

    1. Aaron, though trained by his uncle to be a swordsman, is only a simple farmer with hopes of maybe becoming a blacksmith. But when a trip to the local town for supplies goes terribly wrong Aaron’s life is changed forever. One of the best fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time, A New Age, just wouldn’t let me put the book down. With magic, sword fighting, adventure, betrayal, what more could you ask for. I just didn’t want to stop reading and go back to my mundane life. I’d finish a cha [...]

    2. I expected more from reading the reviews, but I was disappointed.The story is rather cliche and utterly predictable, which isn't bad in itself as long as something else can attract my interest : worlbuilding, characters, humor, prose, etc which, sadly, isn't the case here.First, this novel needs editing, I have become kind of used to poor grammar, and missing punctuation while reading indie authors but still it needs to be said : at least the author should let someone else proofread, this defini [...]

    3. Not bad. I've read many under the radar books lately, and they were really low low low quality. I was quite sure this one would be the same, but i'm pleasentely surprised. Sure, there isn't much good to the book, but there isn't anything too bad either. The main character need to grow a pair: he is too passive and subservient; i hope in the next books he will start acting on his own. The other characters are definetely too clichè, but not so much to hurt my reading.The misteries are good and th [...]

    4. When you have hundreds of books in your ebook library, getting one to read is actually tough. I've been meaning to read this one for a while now. Got attracted to it due to its name. Didn't disappoint. It's fresh, undiluted epic fantasy. Reading it was fun, due to Baker's easy, flowing writing. Plot building was excellent. Magic not too complex. The best part was the characters. Well developed. Great story.

    5. ManI love finding these lesser known books. Some end up being meh, others are gemsThis is a gem. Loved it - solid cast of characters, each with a little mystery behind them and the author gives you just enough info about them to keep you interested to find out more.The whole magic system behind the Priests is interesting too - and I can't wait to read where it goes from there.Aaron for me, is shaping up to be a Rand Al'Thor. Now that's not to say the 2 are similar, they both grew up on a Farm tr [...]

    6. I just finished the series today and I enjoyed it. For me, I found similarities to Robert Jordan and Wot a good way. It's not a copy of that series. I liked the characters and the world set up. I noticed that there are a lot of bad reviews of book seven. Several people complained about grammar errors and blamed the author. Truthfully the author did not hand print every copy of the book and spellchecker them all I don't feel you can blame her for that. Several were also unhappy with the ending. [...]

    7. Aaron has been raised by his uncle since he was a small child. Though his life has been sheltered because they live in the middle of nowhere, he has learned to defend himself because his uncle was a soldier for the king at one time.When Aaron loses his uncle under rather weird circumstances he must help a young woman safely reach her aunt and then he becomes a soldier himself. Plagued by massive headaches all his life Aaron has learned to deal with them. He also learns there is magic hidden away [...]

    8. I liked the book and believe that it provoded a nice setting for what I hope to be an exciting fantasy story. The narrative in this first part was rather linear and predictable but it did provode a wide range of characters and hinted to many possible twists and surprises. I am diving right into the next installment

    9. Great readfun and enjoyable although there are quite a few typos throughout as though the digital version was put together rather hastily. aside from that I found the book great and can't wait to read the next in the series.

    10. A New AgeA Good book with likable characters and a good plot. The editing at first was lacking. Misspelling & missing words.

    11. I was pretty excited when I found this book on Kindle for $2.99; It's definitely a good read, and Ms. Baker is a skilled story teller. Most of the characters are believable, and she does a good job of developing them. It was nice to see how the characters grew; esp. the protagonist, Aaron, who grows from a country boy (albeit one who is intelligent, and taught swords from a very young age by a swordmaster, his uncle) - they aren't one dimensional characters; they have many strengths and weaknes [...]

    12. I loved this book!Bought it on amazon for less that $1.00 - which is crazy for a full length novel such as this!Great stories, great characters - I ran out of fantasy books that I enjoyed and so I thought I would give this a try. Not disappointed.I look forward to the rest of the series! I recommend this book to any fantasy lover. Edit: I'm not sure why everyone is harping about grammar and spelling? I noticed a lot of those reviews were from 2014 or earlier. I think the author must have done an [...]

    13. Very interesting story, thus far. Really good, solid characters. Eager to see how everything unfolds, and what it all means. I have some guesses, but will find out soon.

    14. i want to be friends with you girl ,because FRIENDSHIPnothing sexual ,i know this is a sword fantasy ,but let's be friends anywaynothing sexual i assure you .i just want to be friends i will of course come and visit from time to time,because as i have said ,FRIENDSHIP and stuffand i can't stress this enough,nothing sexual

    15. Okay, so this book and it's sequels have all the elements of epic fantasy- powerful magic, elves, dragons, shapeshifters, mages, priests etcIt is of course a cliche, but I've no problem with cliches. however the plot or story must be intriguing.Now here in this book it wasn't the case, not because of the plot(it was OK) but the dialogues between the characters was pathetic.Every major character is a legend in himself/herself but the moment he/she says anything, you will mentally curse yourself. [...]

    16. I was fairly disappointed by this book. It has a decent rating in and because of it I was expecting to be a more well thought out book. Sadly it wasn't.Where it fell short to me: The storytelling doesn't follow a good arc. There are dramatic scenes that could have been betted if the author introduced the characters or circumstances earlier Many of the descriptions and backstories are said after important events. This is almost the same as the previous point. The character keeps running into imp [...]

    17. The different characters are well written and have depth to them. Over the course of the books they develop in a comprehensible manner and new characters are added to the cast.The plot was very well executed and had me turn the pages one after another.The writing was descriptive and concise with few info dumps. At first the world seemed to be a pretty standard fantasy world but Baker developed it layer by layer integrating new lore, races and attributes.All in all, a very good and definite recom [...]

    18. Writing is a little loose. Continuity is off. At parts, things just show up unannounced that should have been stated up front (a scene is ending where a black cloth is removed, and the way it is written gives the expectation that the cloth was described and written about previously, yet does not appear anywhere). Very little character growth. Needs more work.

    19. I do enjoy a good epic fantasy and Baker does the genre justice. An excellent read. Looking forward to entire series.

    20. I've finally finished re-reading all seven books in this series. The author has a tremendous imagination, and used it to do very complex and detailed world building and character development. That's why I give the series as a whole three stars. But there are several things I really don't like.1) "gods" in the story are basically people with more magic than wizards. This is too far from the reality of the Christian God for me.2) All seven books are filled with bad writing: grammatical errors, som [...]

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