Crosshairs They thought the nightmare was over Intern Jill Raney and the man she loves obstetrical resident David Levine barely escaped death at the hands of a madman on the steep roof of an old part of the ho

  • Title: Crosshairs
  • Author: J.A. Schneider
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They thought the nightmare was over Intern Jill Raney and the man she loves, obstetrical resident David Levine, barely escaped death at the hands of a madman on the steep roof of an old part of the hospital The awful scene, captured by overhead news choppers, became a media obsession, run horrifyingly over and over Jill and David are now reluctant celebrities and thThey thought the nightmare was over Intern Jill Raney and the man she loves, obstetrical resident David Levine, barely escaped death at the hands of a madman on the steep roof of an old part of the hospital The awful scene, captured by overhead news choppers, became a media obsession, run horrifyingly over and over Jill and David are now reluctant celebrities and the targets of every wacko who wants to share in the attention.Including a killer Someone who begins venting his fury at their fame by his hideous assaults on women assaults which Jill and David discover are also death threats to them, and to a 6 month old baby who has yet to be born.Their predator is clever Haughty Leaves cryptic clues to taunt them and the police, who are at a loss He knows how to leave no physical evidence behind No prints, no fibers, no eyewitnesses.Jill and David must still return to their exhausting hospital duties, knowing that any psycho can just walk into a hospital Friends beg David, who is a crack shot, to carry a gun, but he doesn t What s the use he asks A doctor s back is always turned Instead, Jill and David join forces to become detectives on their own, helping the police in ways that even forensics experts never imagined working frantically to uncover an unspeakable secret that dooms their fate and that of a sweet faced, unborn childunless they can put an end to an obsessed killer s twisted quest.

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    1. Just when obstetricians Jill Raney and David Levine think their nightmare is over, they realize that a crazed maniac is targeting them for revenge. He's raping women and leaving his mark on them as sickening messages to the famous pair. So once more, they team up with detectives to solve the mystery and find the lunatic before he finds them and before he can hurt anyone else--including innocent little Jesse (who was conceived in a Petri dish and developed in an artificial uterus). This story wil [...]

    2. I was given both of these books as a gift for an honest review and what a wonderful gift it was. Crosshairs takes off right where Embryo ended. Jill and David are trying to recover from the terror they experienced on the rooftop of the medical center. Jill is suffering nightmares and signs of PTSD. Soon she discovers the nightmares may soon become reality. The terror Jill and David experienced has thrown them both into the public spotlight, and into the path of a madman. They try to resume norma [...]

    3. I have been wanting to read book 2 since I finished book 1 lol. Ok, it took me a few days to read it after I finished my previous book. But I could easily dip in and out of this book and knowing I will follow the pace.It carries on from where book 1 left off. Jill Raney and David Levine are on a few days sabbatical due to the previous trauma (read Embryo to find out). They are shoved straight into the media attention as soon as they come back and STRAIGHT into danger all over again.I guessed who [...]

    4. With the conclusion of Embryo, Intern Jill Raney and Obstetrician David Levine were finally safe; their nightmare was over, the maniac was dead and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. But were they safe? With Jill and David on three days leave to recuperate from the trauma, they reluctantly returned to work feeling drained, tired and in need of more time off. This is where Embryo 2 commences, so the two stories blend well.Bombarded by crowds of waiting media and onlookers as they tried to e [...]

    5. By: J.A. SchneiderPublished By: J.A. SchneiderAge Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:"Embryo 2" by J.A. Schneider was a wonderful sequel to 'Embryo' that turned out to be another good mystery thriller read. The author did a wonderful job with all of the twist and turns in the 'fast paced medical suspense and thriller.' You will find from this read again trying to figure out who this guilty person was. Truly all of the characters were so well developed and captivating only [...]

    6. Incredible thriller that will leave you breathless!!Again, this book deserves so much more than the regular 5 star rating!!! Embryo 2 is a follow up book to the characters and storyline of EMBRYO, and equally just as good. While Embryo 2 is a shorter story than the original book, the suspense and action are again gripping and non-stop. Just like the prequel, the characters are ones you will love and root for, and the plot will keep you guessing till the end and suspecting everyone along the way. [...]

    7. This is the second in the Embryo series and the action flows smoothly from the end of Book 1. There is enough background provided that it could be a stand alone novel, but I would not recommend that as the reader would miss so much of the good stuff. Once again the action and suspense are non-stop and continue to make a good medical thriller. Jill and David return to work several days after the ending of Book 1. In that book the work and experimentation of one crazy doctor were brought to light. [...]

    8. EMBRYO 2 is the continuation of the wonderful story we read in EMBRYO. We follow along with the hospital intern and resident, Jill and David. After a few days rest to recover from the turmoil caused by a crazy doctor, the two are back at work. Now being treated like celebrities, they are being fussed over by both fellow doctors and patients. Things are hectic as they attempt to find some normalcy. To further complicate things, a victim enters the hospital bearing a cryptic message, the first of [...]

    9. After being hooked on the first 'Embryo' I had to read the second. I wanted to see where David and Jill's relationship went and what new adventures they may find themselves in. Needless to say, J.A. Schneider did not let us down!After the terrible excitement ends (in the first Embryo) we find the loving couple taking a few days off before returning back to work. The two are now famous and even their co-workers are acting weird. Patients are coming in just to see them and as if fame isn't bad eno [...]

    10. This is #2 in the Embryo series, and continues the story of Jill, an intern at a teaching hospital, David, a resident at the same hospital, and Jesse, an embryo created in a petri dish by a deranged fertility research doctor in a secret attic lab, and currently growing in an artiricial womb that was removed from the secret lab to the NICU of the OB floorof the hospital. Joining the cast of characters are Jill and David's colleagues from EMBRYO , much of the same hospital staff, and a few new cha [...]

    11. SCHNEIDER NAILS IT AGAINWhen you see the covers of Embryo and Embryo II you know you are looking at something special. These are first novels for new author J. A. Schneider, who has done a spectacular job with both of them. That would be impressive enough but the fact that they are medical thrillers and that she is not a physician just knocks it out of the park. (However, her long time husband is a physician who has shared many harrowing hospital cases with her.)I loved Embryo. Embryo II is well [...]

    12. We left Jill and David thinking it was all over. They fought the good fight, saved countless lives and yet…even still with lack of sleep the ever so curious Jill has found a way to get them into more trouble as she finds herself the target for another plot of evil. While I read I began to wonder why she didn’t just find another internship, move away start fresh. Instead she braved the elements with her beloved David once more as women began to be brutalized and sent to the ER with messages o [...]

    13. Wow! I really loved Embryo so immediately started this one the second I finished reading it. The plot restarts exactly where Embryo left off which made the book flow nicely into the next sequence of events.The main characters feature again in Embryo 2: Crosshairs and it was great to see them all develop more as the story progressed. This book had my heart thumping many times, again it took a lot to tear me away from my Kindle. There were some truly scary parts in this book (I don't think I'll ev [...]

    14. Fast Paced And Brilliantly Written!Ms Schneider has done it again! After the heart-racing read of "Embryo", the first book in this series, Embryo 2 : Crosshairs, does not fail to disappoint. Fast paced and full of continual intrigue Ms Schneider successfully transports her readers into a realm of medical drama that easily competes with such writers as Chricton and Cook, although Ms Schneider is a far superior writer than the latter author, her concepts and ideas are an easy match for Chricton lo [...]

    15. I loved book 1 and I liked this one a lot too. This is not at all a stand a lone novel, Id recommend reading book 1 first then the rest. Sometimes saying the plot was a little scattered in this one, but I thought the plot overall was good and kept with the energy of book one. The criminals and the characters were nicely written. If you are a fan of medical thrillers this is for you, otherwise I will say a lot of medical terminology will be redundant and not easily understood. If you know a littl [...]

    16. I loved this book! It was a sequel to Embryo and although I didn't think it was possible, this book was even more exciting! It is a very fast paced medical thriller, packed full of suspense.The author gave me a copy of the book to read and give an honest review. I can tell you this is a book that is now selling for $2.99 and it is worth every bit of that and more!The plot keeps you wondering with the twists and turns that the author has added to make me read late into the night. Sleep, who needs [...]

    17. This is a continuation of the story from Embryo. It can be read independently, but I would not recommend it. In Embryo 2, Drs. Jill Raney & David Levine return to work after the events of Embryo. They face their daily turmoils as well as a new yet connected stalker.Aside from one section of text that repeated itself early in the book (not sure if that was a download or editing error), I enjoyed this book more than the first one. Either it was me knowing the characters already or they actuall [...]

    18. The author manages to create another intriguing story line involving David and Jill. The pacing and plot line came together nicely. It's easy to see why the third installment has just been released. I found the first book a bit more engaging, but this installment is worth the read, especially since I want to know what's going to happen to the baby

    19. This is the second in the Embryo series – this book to me is just “so-so”. I enjoyed the story line but I thought the dialogue was stilted and forced. I am not planning to finish this series. The female lead is again getting herself in trouble and again finds herself and David the target of another madman. Creepy premise, just could not get over the dialogue.

    20. I received this book for my review and I highly recommend it. Jill and David along with their friends Seem so real and the action is intense. You can really see this happening Great Job, J.A. Hope to see more story line with Jill, David and Jessie!

    21. Embryo2: Crosshairs,J.A. Schmidt's sequel to Embryo is action packed and extremely fast paced. Part of the time I was sitting on the edge of my seat. And the whole book I was analyzing the characters trying to figure out who dunit. Great read.

    22. Another roller coaster ride! This second book is just as good as the first! Just when Jill and David thought their troubles were behind them, they find out it isn't over yet. Highly recommend reading both of these books, you won't be disappointed!

    23. Good book. Like part one of this book, it definitely holds your attention and I found myself reading really fast because I wanted to see what happens next.

    24. This is a very good part 2 of the Embryo series. After Rainey and Lavine get back to work at the hospital, getting in to a normal routine is tough. Especially with all of the attention they are receiving from the media. Then they start getting crank letters and messages. Then the threats start, and one is not kidding. The book gets intense in some areas. That makes it a very good read.

    25. Five 🌟Another great Randy & Levine Thriller. It will keep you on the edge of your seat at times. Well written. I enjoyed discovering the bad guy at the end. I had guessed wrong! I love it when they fake me out on the bad guys! Thanks!

    26. There are a lot of strange italics in this one. By that I mean that there a lot of seemingly randomly italicized sentences. Normally, I can tell if that sort of thing is meant to be an inner monologue or just emphasized speech, but for some reason it strikes me differently. It really could be meant as emphasized speech and it's just not how I read it or it could also just be a formatting thing in the Kindle app I'm using. If the first one had similar italics, I didn't notice. It didn't detract f [...]

    27. Embryo: Crosshairs picks up almost immediately following the events of the first book. A media firestorm, fallout at the hospital, the fate of the embryo, and a deadly loose end ensure that this second volume is as gripping as the first.Crosshairs adds a strong whodunit element to the tension and handles it admirably, with enough redirection and mystery to keep you guessing until the end. If you're looking for a fast-paced, absorbing mystery thriller, you've got it. The author has mastered keepi [...]

    28. Someone is intent on finishing what he started, and none of it good. Embryo 2: Crosshairs by J.A. Schneider is a medical thriller with a very current day twist involving in vitro fertilization and other medical miracles. OB resident David Levine and intern Jill Raney share more than a romantic relationship as they are pulled into a psychotic web of unstable colleagues and crazies. Indeed, Levine and Raney are fighting for their lives, as they both don detective hats to help local police and hosp [...]

    29. Madison Hospital would never be the same. After the horrors experienced by the OB/GYN staff, no one was expected to forget any time soon. Their first day back, Dr. Jill Raney and Dr. David Levine, wanted to just ease back into their schedule. It was not to be. A rape victim came in and scrawled on her skin was a message just for Jill and David. Then a second rape victim came in and a third. It was clear someone was out for revenge. Once again Jill and David are piecing together the puzzle to fin [...]

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