The Elevator Mechanic

The Elevator Mechanic Quiet elevator installer Joe Taylor craves stability in his career but not in his personal life Casual sex suits him and when he meets fitness center owner Bill Evans at a mall where they are both w

  • Title: The Elevator Mechanic
  • Author: Serena Yates
  • ISBN: 9781632166180
  • Page: 395
  • Format: ebook
  • Quiet elevator installer Joe Taylor craves stability in his career, but not in his personal life Casual sex suits him, and when he meets fitness center owner Bill Evans at a mall where they are both working, they agree on no strings attached weekend hookups Both men have fought hard to escape their pasts and are afraid to commit, so the agreement works well for themQuiet elevator installer Joe Taylor craves stability in his career, but not in his personal life Casual sex suits him, and when he meets fitness center owner Bill Evans at a mall where they are both working, they agree on no strings attached weekend hookups Both men have fought hard to escape their pasts and are afraid to commit, so the agreement works well for them at first But when the sex gets hotter by the weekend and a deeper connection forms, Joe and Bill wonder if a relationship is feasible, especially since Joe s work makes it impossible for him to settle down Joe must consider his changing priorities and decide if he can take a risk on something beyond the physical.

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    1 thought on “The Elevator Mechanic”

    1. Generally when I review a book, I start off with a two paragraph blurb. I'd focus on one character per paragraph, touching on what makes them tick while giving an idea of the plot. For this book, however, I'm finding it impossible to stick to my usual style.First off, there's little to no characterization to speak of. Little sets the two characters, Joe Taylor and Bill Evans, apart. Ms. Yates all but forgot to give them personalities and backgrounds. They're cardboard cutouts lamely occupying pl [...]

    2. Published today, this is the first book in my series of 'Workplace Encounters'. Inspired by men meeting at work - but definitely staying away from the so-called office romance. This series will look at all types of workplace, even the occasional office may play a role, but the 'romance part' is guaranteed not to take place there.I hope you will enjoy reading this book, and its future sequels, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    3. I found this story alot of fun. The characters were interesting and not the type of people who would necessarily get together. That intrigued me as did the level of research and the detail it took to make the characters and their occupations believable without going into to much detail. The sex was hot but didn't overshadow the rest of the story. For a fun few hours, pick up this story.

    4. So many random things that stuck in my head on this one, so let's play with bullet points--* My first Serena Yates book. There shall be more.* I'm willing to bet no one's read a story about an elevator mechanic.* Yates did her homework on that role - she included a lot of interesting info about the job of installing elevators, but not too much info. She kept the setting real without an info dump.* At first I didn't get into the characters or their relationship, but I couldn't say where that chan [...]

    5. This was a nice quick read with characters that I really liked. I love to see a character like Joe, that really learns something about himself from his relationship and applies it to his life. He becomes a better person. I would have loved to know the outcome of his lawsuit, but seeing him stand up to his asshole boss, Donald, was enough to really show me how much his time with Bill has affected him.A really good story that covers quite a bit of ground for it's short length. With novellas, I oft [...]

    6. I really liked the overall plot. I thought the concept for this story was really interesting how it was based off blue-collar workers. I've never read a story about an elevator mechanic and it was quite interesting reading about the little details given on how an elevator was built. Joe, who is the elevator mechanic, doesn't have that much sexual experience. In his line of work, you can't really be gay so he satisfies his occasional needs at clubs every couple of months. Bill is an owner of a fu [...]

    7. 'The Elevator Mechanic' by Serena Yates is about Bill and Joe, two men with shaky pasts, devoid of the love and support everyone deserves. Constant disappointment and ridicule caused them to retreat into themselves and avoid commitment, which effectively denied them what they needed most—a fulfilling relationship of love and trust.Both characters showed tremendous personal growth by recognizing that when it came to each other, their fears were unfounded. They went from mistrusting, insecure me [...]

    8. Rereleased today, The Elevator Mechanic is he first of the Workplace Encounters books to be published by Dreamspinner Press. It is the story of quiet elevator installer Joe who doesn't think he needs a relationship, and experienced fitness trainer Bill, who falls in lust with Joe at first sight - but isn't looking for more than a casual encounter either. When things get hot, then hotter between them, they both reconsider their optionsWorkplace Encounters is inspired by men meeting at work - but [...]

    9. Wow. This story with amazing guys, super hot sex and a dramatically different setting from Serena’s other works was a wild eye opener for me. I love mechanical things and the fantastic info Serena included was terrific and added just the right amount of grounding reality. The steaminess and sexual energy just blew me away. If this is just the first of Serena’s “workplace” stories, I am panting for the rest of the series.

    10. 3.5 starsThis is the first book by Serena Yates that I read. The good things: I really LOVE how the characters are about blue-collar workers. It's refreshing to read about an Elevator Mechanic and an owner of fitness facility. I don't think those occupations are frequently used. I also enjoy how the story is taken from both men's point of view. Of the two, Joe is the one I enjoy the most because he has this trait that is adorable, like blushing or his wanting to explore new ways in love making. [...]

    11. This story is formulaic. Boy spots boy and their eyes meet; boy later meets boy and they have sex; one of them gets fired and the other one helps him out; and on and on until they prepare to ride off into the sunset together. It should probably be in the Nifty Erotic Stories archive, where it would be a standout for its grammar and spelling, even if the sex isn't as well written as that found in many stories on Nifty.The dialogue is choppy, probably because it isn't connected to the action. It m [...]

    12. The Elevator Mechanic by Serena Yates was one hot quick read.There’s something about blue collar workers that is enticing. Joe is the more effeminate of males, possessing keen intelligence and intuitive skills for his job. Unfortunately, he lacked the self confidence to stand up for himself. This is the same characteristic that had Joe sitting on the sidelines of love.Until he meets Bill, an entrepreneur with dreams and plans of his own. Both men have issues from their childhood that make them [...]

    13. Terrific Start to a SeriesOriginally published in 2011 and reissued in 2015, this is the first in a series of blue-collar type romances between men who lust after men but may not want to fall in love. If they are all as good as this one, and as fast to read and enjoy, Ms. Yates is going to have a blockbuster series on her hands--but IMHO the publisher would be wise to retain the original cover of the book to bring out the perfect depiction of the MCsThis one involves Joe Taylor, an elevator mech [...]

    14. Hard to believe but I have never read anything by Serena Yates. I chose The Elevator Mechanic considering many positive reviews, and I'm happy to say that I'm not in the least bit disappointed. Her writing is flowing, smooth and it kept my interest until the very last page. Both characters, while having some minor insecurities, are strong, loyal, and very right for each other. I adored the tender and caring side of their relationship and savoured the sizzling chemistry, and I definitely apprecia [...]

    15. The story is interesting, but that's all. Both main characters did pull me into the story but it was to simple. I didn't get the feeling for them at all. I started to ask myself, what was the past of each of them, but that's I guess was not relevant or important. You get the picture of "now" and what was in the past, what troubles and hurt both of them went true, was not actually explained, what I definitely missed. The couple is good together and they have that instant chemistry, but the plot c [...]

    16. Whilst having lunch one day, Joe looks up across the Mall and see a pair of legs followed by a gorgeous body descending the stairs instead one of the vacant stores. When the two make eye contact Joe runs off.A few days later, the men meet each other again in one of the local gay bars.They agree to a weekend thing with no strings attached. However, after Joe is injured at work, that resolution doesn't last long.There really wasn't a lot of story here but there was a lot of sex.If I am honest, I f [...]

    17. 3.5 not bad starsThis was a sweet little read. Not too deep, not too well written but still cute and kinda hot too.Shy Joe notices hot Bill right away. A casual run-in at a gay bar leads the way to a "no-strings" relationship that soon blossoms into more.Joe's boss was not a very believable character CEO of a big company could be that assholish and get away with it.

    18. Another wonderful story from Serena. She is now permanently on my "must read anything new by" list of authors.

    19. A great start to the Workplace Encounters Series. Both characters were endearing with their insecurities. Loved the unexpected kinkiness of both men. A fun sexy read.

    20. Wonderfully written story. I loved the interaction between the characters as their relationship deepened. I am excited for the next book in the series.

    21. The concept of a series of novellas revolving around workplace encounters definitely intrigued me and I was curious to see where Serena Yates might take it. 'The Elevator Mechanic' was absolutely delightful and I adored meeting Joe and Bill. Joe is so cute with his shy nature and easy blushing, while Bill is super hot in his confidence and appeal. I would have loved getting a little more background on both of them, but overall this story was exactly what I needed tonight. Some very hot loving, b [...]

    22. The Elevator Mechanic is a story which portrays the journey two men take as they open their hearts to accept love into their lives. Joe Taylor is an understated man with a past that has caused him to seek stability and to steer clear of any form of rejection of confrontation. Bill Evans is a man who wants to start up his own fitness center and to be his own boss. Both men are afraid to make connections that last beyond a one-night-stand, but all of that changes one Friday night when they meet up [...]

    23. This is my first Serena Yates book, and while it was interesting, it didn’t have a lot of depth. There were things I liked a lot and things I found shallow and a bit lacking. I do need to say that the cover almost kept me from reading this book; I’m sorry but it has to be one of the worst covers I‘ve ever seen. I liked that both characters were blue-collar workers, so there’s no Cinderella story of finding the rich prince overnight. Joe was an elevator mechanic; he works hard every day a [...]

    24. 3 star review by AmberThis was such a sweet story with deliciously dirty elements here and there. Serena Yates is a “new to me” author and I’m very happy to have read this book.Joe Taylor is as blue collar as it gets. He works in trade as an elevator mechanic. The job itself is strenuous and taxing but on top of that it is very dangerous. It’s enough that he is always protecting himself while on the job but lately he’s been playing babysitter to a hot shot on his crew who thinks he doe [...]

    25. This was a really light and fast read for me and overall, I did enjoy it. I really loved Joe and Bill's characters, two blue collar workers who meet while simultaneously working at a mall construction site. This story, however, some niggles that really stood out for me that kept me from rating it higher. The big one is the dialogue between Joe and Bill outside the sex scenes. Instead of allowing the characters to show their feelings/thoughts throughout the flow of the story, the characters simpl [...]

    26. Joe has a low self-esteem and not much experience being a gay man. He’s had some bar encounters but no real relationships. He works construction installing elevators and escalators for a diabolical boss who only wants to cut corners.Bill is a personal trainer who is opening up a new gym (in the mall Joes is currently working on) and also has a low self-esteem. Bill doesn’t want a relationship because he’s too busy trying to prove himself with his new gym.Bill meets Joe at a club and the tw [...]

    27. A casual meeting becomes a deeper relationship for Joe and Bill. None of them is looking for anything beyond a few moments of pleasure, but there's an atraction growing between them and, even though there's isn't much stability in their lives, they find themselves actually caring for each other. This book begins mostly with a focus on physical contact and atraction, and so, sex is a massive presence along the story. There is, however, a story behind both men and, as their relationship grows to s [...]

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