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From Temptation Novel words Genre s Contemporary Romance BDSM Drama Erotica GayKyle Roth is no longer safe not from his lover not from his friends and especially not from himself Questioning the choic

  • Title: From Temptation
  • Author: Lynn Kelling
  • ISBN: 9781622340767
  • Page: 215
  • Format: ebook
  • Novel 110,000 words Genre s Contemporary, Romance, BDSM, Drama, Erotica, GayKyle Roth is no longer safe not from his lover, not from his friends and, especially, not from himself Questioning the choices that led him to a life of submission to the potentially dangerous Dominant, Ben Knox, Kyle sees no other way out than through old vices Just when Kyle assumes all hopeNovel 110,000 words Genre s Contemporary, Romance, BDSM, Drama, Erotica, GayKyle Roth is no longer safe not from his lover, not from his friends and, especially, not from himself Questioning the choices that led him to a life of submission to the potentially dangerous Dominant, Ben Knox, Kyle sees no other way out than through old vices Just when Kyle assumes all hope is lost he is saved by the persistence of an old enemy, Gabriel Hunter Worse yet, a secret past withheld from Darrek Kyle s friend and Gabriel s partner threatens to destroy them all M M For content labels and excerpt, see details on publisher s site.

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      215 Lynn Kelling
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    1 thought on “From Temptation”

    1. ALL ABOARD!Crazy Train, Part IIThe second book in the series takes the reader on another ride of incredibly hot sex and insanely messed up characters. Having read DELIVER US I can’t say I’m surprised by the trajectory of the story. In this book, we get to see Kyle and Darrek lives implode.Is there anyone in this book who is not completely fucking, batshit crazy? I like how the couples do it together, taking each other down liking drowning rats.Ben's borderline and teetering with rageKyle's s [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsI said I wasn’t going to read this and I meant it. But then the force of need-to-know got the better of me plus I had this little voice of evil temptation whispering, cajoling, tempting and coercing me to read further. You know who you are and yes, you better still be hiding! This book made me SO MAD!From start to finish it is a sickening mess of emotions for me. The most dominant one being rage then frustration and then comes sadness. Never, not once did I feel hope for this fucked u [...]

    3. “Sometimes I want to do the wrong thing.”Dark.Intense.Beautiful.This novel, where the hell do I start? It took my heart and soul, threaded it so intricately through a tiny needle, and used everything that I am to spell out oh, so, very, slowly: The one bad place, the only one “BAD place”— is your mind.Deliver Us. From Temptation. It’s not hard to make the connection between Kelling’s first novel, and her sequel. What is hard hitting is everything that comes between covers and back [...]

    4. This is basically a continuation of Delvier Us and really cannot be read as a standalone. As dark as the first installment was, this one is even more so.Going into this I had no idea what to expect, but was hoping to see a continuation of Darrek and Gabe building their relationship and working through Gabe's horrific past and it's effect on them as a couple. That being said, this book just devastated me. What comes out between the two main couples, D & G and Ben and Kyle, is even more horrif [...]

    5. I'm not a fan of BDSM but this series of Lynn Kellings (Deliver Us) and Jack L. Pyke's series (Don't) are a combined project and they are just fucking AMAZING. I have been pushed to my limit with these books and have felt WAY out of my comfort zone at times but there is a much deeper meaning behind these books which is fascinating and helped me push on through. Almost every **Trigger Warning** known to man is also in these books too so be forewarned but for once I approached this with an open mi [...]

    6. 3.5 stars rounded to 4Man, I don't know what I was thinking when I said I didn't know what to say when I finished Deliver Us because after finishing thisI REALLY don't know what to say!Holy cow. Okay. I'm still reeling. This book was completely different for me. In Deliver Us we learn about all the guys but mainly Gabe and Dare. We learn about Gabes past and how he grows from that. In From Temptation we learn about Kyles past and oh my Jesus. I never saw that coming in a million years. Kudos to [...]

    7. ★★★★☆I'm giving this 4 stars, while I can't say that I 'really liked' it (GR's 4-star explanation) it was well-written and kept me on the edge through this harrowing tale. I didn't read book 1and if it's anything like book #2, I probably wouldn't have gotten to book #2. There are situations and characters from Deliver Us that I'm missing the story on but I got the gist of DU. I'm going to have think and ruminate about this book for a bit before I come to a conclusion. I think the coupl [...]

    8. I’ve sat on doing this review a few days and I honestly still don’t know how to rate this read. This is probably more of a part 2 to the first book although this book focuses ma lot from Kyle’s point of view but there is also plenty of Gabe-Derek. I loved Kyle and Ben in the first book – they stole scenes for me. I went into this book thinking it was going to be their turn at an HEA and I’m not really sure where I am at at the close of the book. This book was more of a continuing story [...]

    9. Review to come. Wow im torn confused hurt angry. This book did me in. Cried so many tears. Broken all of them in one way or another.

    10. This series is amazing. So great to read the second in the series and actually like it better than the first. Such great characters, and they are developed so beautifully throughout these two books. Kyle absolutely broke my heart. While I didn't like or trust Gabriel in the first book he becomes even more unlikable and untrustworthy in the second book - really well written character. Pacing is amazing, the way the author moves from different POVs is incredibly well done. Absolutely loved it & [...]

    11. This installment seemed to be darker than the first book, even though the content was similar. This is mostly about Kyle's journey, and the secrets that are causing him harm. There is so much in here, it is hard for me to write a detailed review. This is not a romance. It is hard and dark. There is love, but it is twisted and causes pain. The men in this book are severely damaged and in the middle of self realisations. If HEA is a requirement for you, this is not the book for you.Trigger warning [...]

    12. I will do a more detailed review at a later date as and deleted my last review.I love Lynns books and she gave me my number one BBGabriel.Gabe is a complicated Dom but when he's needed he is there as Kyle needs him in thisThe relationship between them changes and Gabe comes to Kyles rescueDarrek (Gabe's sub/lover) broke me in this one but they all come together as the family that they areBen does his best with Kyle and although this is a hard read the way it is written is perfect and just keep [...]

    13. This is going to be another of those, 'where the hell do I even start?' reviews.I totally and utterly devoured this book, having met these men in the first book, I dove right into this one and literally couldn't put it down.There were secrets to be revealed, and my god once you opened that particular can of worms they went everywhere.Kyle is struggling with his own demons, to battle the secrets from not only his past, but also that of his best friend, Dare. On the surface everything seems okay. [...]

    14. My Review:This book could easily be renamed Fifty Shades of Messed Up. WowI had no idea. And you know, as I sit down to write this review, it occurs to me that there's virtually nothing I can say that isn't a spoiler.This book is truly Kyle's book. He's on a serious downward spiral, but no one knows why. They just know that he's a danger to himself. As the book unfolds though, it becomes apparent that Kyle is hiding way too many secrets and he is not a guy who can do that. It's literally killing [...]

    15. Kyle and Ben, Dare and Gabriel, oh these poor souls. Kyle and Dare have quite the past, and it comes to a head in this story. They struggle to get past the issues, while, at the same time, Kyle is dealing with the aftermath of his previous Dom. Ben and Gabriel try their best to do what's best for their respective partners, but it sure isn't easy.This story is a bit darker, what with Kyle and Dare's past coming to light and the aftermath when Dare finally remembers it all. Poor Kyle has held a lo [...]

    16. The boys are back and the drama is thick. Lynn Kelling altered her characters's personalities to continue the series. Kyle who was fun and a man who knew who he was and what he wantedBen and delicious pain. So now he's afraid of Ben, what-the-what? Trance and Gabriel kept most of their integrity but overall it was a train wreck but I could not not finish it. There was a sad ending in my opinion and that was a bummer. They all found love but with best friends who can't see each other because one [...]

    17. This is such a sad story. I don't have the words to describe how I'm feeling. I do know that I'm just really sad.

    18. I really agonized over this book. I found it very harrowing. Several times, I nearly stopped reading. At certain points I found myself crying and shaking my head at the characters. The four of them Gabe, Dare, Ben and Kyle are so f***** up, its unbelievable.I am not into the BDSM lifestyle and so have only the concept of it as it is written in books, however, these people seem to believe it is ok to have sex with whomever they want. At one point Gabe needs to submit to Ben and Trace, it of cours [...]

    19. As much as I loved the kink and the characters in the first book, From Temptation was an upsetting disappointment. This is the problem with "sequels" - in books or in movies - there are places the author takes the story and the characters that, as much as I wanted to read more about them, I didn't enjoy or see coming. Whether that's because the author didn't plot this out when writing the first or because I liked the leads as monogamous, I'm not sure.For example, I just didn't buy that Gabe(view [...]

    20. So much agonyI really wish I could hate these books. I hate the horrible things that I had to read about. It is now so difficult to figure out who I should feel the worst for and who I should be really upset with. The interactions of the characters are depraved and bizarre, and even though there a lot less BDSM, there's still major kink. And somehow this author makes it all work so that it's okay! I just have to remember that this is fiction and fantasy BDSM. No reality is ever implied.I have to [...]

    21. 4-5 stars I have a hard time rating this one TBH. The first installment in this series was fantastic so I was expecting great things. Fact is, this book was equally riveting and had me completely engaged the entire time. However, the subject matter in this book was extremely hard for me to read. Not so much the content alone but the way it related to and affected the character involved - some connections were revealed others were established and I had a hard time with that. I'm hoping there are [...]

    22. Oh. My. Stars. I’m not even certain where to start. I wasn’t certain where things were going to go this time, but I thought I had a clue. However, even I couldn’t have predicted what actually happened. This is a stunner of a tale, and I vacillated between abject sadness and raging fury over the course of the book. This is a dark tale, raw and gritty, and you’ll either love it or hate it. I’m definitely in the camp of the former. It doesn’t end in an HEA, and it doesn’t particularly [...]

    23. This was a confusing mess. I wish I could say it was a mess I enjoyed, but it wasn't. It took nearly 60% of the book to even get the storyline down in my head. The four main characters were never anything they were supposed to be. They wavered back and forth between who they were supposed to be and what they actually were. To me, they just seemed like a bunch of oversexed men that had zero self control. I'm usually the first person that when someone says, "More sex," and I say, "Yes, please." Th [...]

    24. Well, this is on my list because when I start a series I usually finish it. But it's not at the top, because from the reviews it sounds like Kyle is written in as a completely different person from the last book and it just sounds painful to read. I don't need my fiction clear-cut and uncomplicated, but I don't like the characters coming back as different characters all together. He was pretty happy in the last book with issues they were working on together but I can't judge without reading it. [...]

    25. Very confusing. Theres three couples in the storyline, but two are the focal point, Ben and Kyle. BDSM is the theme with some switching amoung the couples. You have a Dominate and a Submissive with rapes in their past that are making their sex lives and partner lives difficult. The three Dominates are fast friends that sometimes Dominate for each other if called for and submissives that are called to Dominate. I believe the underlying factor here is linesose that overlap and those that are drawn [...]

    26. Well I did NOT expect that !! This was, yet again, another amazing story from Lynn, and even though it's predominantly about Kyle & Ben's relationship, Gabe and Darrek both play massive parts in the storyline too. Yes, Trace & Micah are also involved but nowhere near as much as Gabe & Dare. Again this was fantastically written and pulled me in right away. There were, as usual a LOT of emotions and angst and one helluva twist too !!Absolutely love it !! FANTASTIC !!!

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