Savage Chains: Captured

Savage Chains Captured An undercover operative Reyes is posing as a buyer to bring down an illegal sex slavery ring operating out of vampire BDSM clubs His mission to infiltrate the inner circle and destroy them from the i

  • Title: Savage Chains: Captured
  • Author: Caris Roane
  • ISBN: 9781466832923
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook
  • An undercover operative, Reyes is posing as a buyer to bring down an illegal sex slavery ring operating out of vampire BDSM clubs His mission to infiltrate the inner circle and destroy them from the inside out becomes infinitely difficult when he recognizes the prize attraction at a slave auction Angelica, the woman who stole his heart years ago Against his betterAn undercover operative, Reyes is posing as a buyer to bring down an illegal sex slavery ring operating out of vampire BDSM clubs His mission to infiltrate the inner circle and destroy them from the inside out becomes infinitely difficult when he recognizes the prize attraction at a slave auction Angelica, the woman who stole his heart years ago Against his better judgment, he buys her in order to save her from the club s brutal customers But now the woman who holds his heart despises him, believing he s one of the human traffickers he s out to destroy But can he tell his beautiful captive the truth and risk everything

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      115 Caris Roane
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    1. Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookA while back I read and reviewed Unchained, the last book in the Men in Chains original series I must admit, I was a bit disappointed. Enough that when I saw Savage Chains up on Netgalley, I almost skipped it. But face it, it's a Caris Roane book and I really like her style. I am so glad I read it because this one was really worth the read. Taking place in the Men in Chains world but very little (read that as almost none) interaction between the characters in [...]

    2. Angelica was living the 9 to 5 existence, taking care of her ill mother and craving more excitement in life. She had seen Brogan Reyes a few times and was intrigued by his demeanor and looks. One night she dressed in her fancy red dress and went to the club she had hoped he would be attending that night. When she saw him she summoned her courage to confront him, leading to a kiss and then his rude dismissal. Crushed she left the club but never made it home.Reyes is a vampire. He was taken into s [...]

    3. Originally posted at Butterfly-o-Meter Books on May 30th 2014:Fluttering Thoughts:Worldbuilding: The paranormal side (vampire society) was promising, and there were interesting lines drawn, but since this is part of a serial there couldn’t have been an overwhelming lot of worldbuilding done. What was done was interesting and promising.Characters: Angelica and Reyes were interesting, and at the cost of repeating myself, had potential. Sadly I didn’t respond at all to either of them, I didn’ [...]

    4. this copy courtesy of NetGalley on behalf of the publishers reviewing all 3 parts of this togethert a bad story. there were parts i really enjoyed and others i just didn't quite get for whatever reason. some things were a little superfluous to the story (his mother), while others could have been explored a little more (returning to "normal" life & her mother).a good enough read, but i don't thin I'll be rushing off to read the rest of the Men In Chains series.

    5. Combined review of Savage Chains 1-3I originally found this series on NetGalley and quickly snapped it up, Born in Chains is the first and is a unique and steamy vampire romance series. This review will be for all three Savage Chains novella’s that are quick reads and introduce us to Brogan and Angelica and the world of the vampire slave trade. They were all thoroughly enjoyable and I loved Brogan’s tough exterior but gentle heart towards Angelica.Angelica is an accountant at a big firm, but [...]

    6. ReviewFor several years I've read excellent books by this author that usually feature super sexy vampires and yes her paranormal stories are enthralling to read. Now with Savage Chains she has written an e serial that will be released in three parts initially and is set to capture an even wider audience for her work as the world of Slaves and BDSM collide. Captured is the first offering and it's an excellent beginning to what's sure to be something to get your teeth (or fangs!) into!Angelica is [...]

    7. Savage Chains: Captured is the first novella within the Men in Chains series that tells Reyes and Angelica’s story at least the first part of it. As the blurb says, Reyes is seeking to bring down a sex slave ring that traffics in both human and vampire slaves. As he is about to make his play to secure his entry into the group so that he can gain the access he needs to be able to dismantle the operation, he comes face-to-face with his worst nightmare the woman he cares for is up on the auction [...]

    8. Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★Angelica has decided that Reyes is the one for her and will stop at nothing to have him. With that in mind she goes to a bar that he normally frequents on Friday nights. The attraction is their between the two of them so why does Reyes discourage taking it to a more intimate level? As Angelica is leaving the bar she is kidnapped by a sex slave ring and held as a prisoner until she is to be auction off. Reyes has been working to infiltrate the exclusive sex [...]

    9. Being the primary caretaker for an ailing mother and holding down a full time job is a lot for Angelica to handle, so when her Aunt drops by to give Angelica a break she takes the opportunity to take a walk on the wild side. Deciding it's time, she propositions Reyes offering him one night of passion he'll never forget. No strings attached. Reyes is on a mission. A mission that doesn't include any sort of relationship with a naive sweet little girl like Angelina though he's tempted. Unfortunatel [...]

    10. *I received an ARC of this book courtesy of St. Martin's Press, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review* 3 starsAngelica is ready to shed her boring habits and life and go after what she really wants, the elusive Brogan Reyes. When she finally finds the courage, the evening does not go as planned when he rejects her. Feeling disappointed as she leaves the club, she never expected to be kidnapped and sold into an underground sex slave ring. Reyes turned away the one women that has capture [...]

    11. This story was short (90 pages) and to the point with a cliffhanger that comes out in June 2014. Reyes has always had feelings for Angelica and Angelica has had for Reyes. One night, Angelica was stolen by one of the largest, cruelest slave trade organizations known; the same organization that Reyes has tried to bring down for decades. Reyes is pretending to be a slaver with a major underground slave trade/human trafficking organization. The night he goes to his first auction, is the night he se [...]

    12. This is part one of a series of three novellas I really liked this more than I thought I would and I'm all about the bad guys getting it in the end so I definitely need to continue on to see how this plays out in the next two installments. This does contain dark content but it's very fade to black. I don't mind dark content but at the same time I don't necessarily want it explicitly described so this story is working for me so far This is a secret hidden society of vampires who buy and sell huma [...]

    13. Angelica decides to let her hair down a bit and go after the man she can't stop thinking about. Unfortunately not only does Reyes reject her, but she ends up kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Imagine her surprise when it turns out the vampire (yes it's a vampire underground sex ring) that buys her at the auction is Reyes. The bigger surprise is that Reyes is actually undercover in the underground trying to take them down. He's saved her life just by buying her, but the trick will be if he can [...]

    14. I have to admit that I requested this book because of the cover. I’ve followed Gary Taylor for a while now and couldn’t resist. :) Savage Chains: Captured is not a story that I would have normally picked based on the storyline but I was hooked right away and easily finished in a couple of hours. The two main characters were very well written and with the sudden ending, I immediately pre-ordered Scarred and Shattered to continue the story. Can’t wait to dive in!Thank you Caris and St. Marti [...]

    15. Angelica knows what she wants and she wants one night of great sex with him and tonight is the night. She has dressed to kill and is ready to seduce him. He turns her down and sends her home but she decides that she is not ready to give up but on the way back in she is abducted. Days later she is auctioned and guess who is there. Yep you guessed it sadistic Vampires that want human women. Angelica knows that her world will never be the same, but wait she see's him and she is disgusted and he kno [...]

    16. Brogan Reyes is a man that not many people know about. They all speculate but Angelica only sees a man she wants to spend the night with. However Angelica doesn't and can't understand what type of man Reyes really is and why he keeps coming to the club. This book is interesting. You have vampires, a man on a mission to exact revenge on not just the person who almost destroyed him but the slavers who are still currently stealing and killing people. This book was good I will more than likely pick [...]

    17. Brogan Reyes is a former sex slave who is determined to take down the female who chained him as well as the entire sex slave ring kidnapping and torturing humans. Enter Angelica who wants to change her boring life by coming out of her shell and asking a man out. Brogan Reyes is that man. Unfortunately the night she approaches him, she is kidnapped by slavers. I don't remember what happened in which installment so I'm just going to say that I read the three of them back to back to back. Yeah it's [...]

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