Elixir The red plague has devastated the human race turning billions of people into zombies with red eyes and an insatiable hunger for human flesh The virus sweeps through the population so quickly a possib

  • Title: Elixir
  • Author: Anna Abner
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The red plague has devastated the human race, turning billions of people into zombies with red eyes and an insatiable hunger for human flesh.The virus sweeps through the population so quickly a possible cure is left to rot Seventeen year old Maya Solomon may be the only survivor who knows where it is But to reach the lab in Raleigh, North Carolina she will have to outrunThe red plague has devastated the human race, turning billions of people into zombies with red eyes and an insatiable hunger for human flesh.The virus sweeps through the population so quickly a possible cure is left to rot Seventeen year old Maya Solomon may be the only survivor who knows where it is But to reach the lab in Raleigh, North Carolina she will have to outrun the infected boy tracking her every step and cross into a city swarming with monsters.

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      222 Anna Abner
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    1. for more reviews visistThe Book Landers Title: ElixirAuthor: Anna AbnerGenre: YA zombie Review:I completely devoured this novel in one sitting (I think I read Elixir in a about 2 and a half hours.) The suspense was taut between the pages from start to finish--kudos to Abner for penning such a gripping book! I literally sat in front of the computer, glued to the monitor as I scrolled through the pages as fast as possible.The set up isn't drastically different from your typical zombie apocalypse s [...]

    2. This was an okay read, but it didn't suck me in.Maya wasn't a very bright character. She made loads of bad decisions, and at times i thought she had less sense than the child she was with!The storlyine in this wasn't bad, but it didn't suck me in. I like zombie books to have loads of action that has me at the edge of my seat. This did have action, but it defiantly wasn't edge of your seat stuff. Overall, Okay zombie read.

    3. I cannot get enough of zombies stories lately, and Elixir delivered my next fix perfectly! Anna Abner penned a unique story that left me wanting more of this series. Her writing flows so well, and this story pulled me in immediately. The characters in Elixir were a very dynamic bunch. Ben was my favorite one, because I was so intrigued by him. I'm dying to know what happens to him during the rest of this series! Maya is a great main character. I very much enjoyed following her journey and learni [...]

    4. (Read using Kindle Unlimited)This was an okay zombie story, but it dragged a bit for me.Maya was an okay character, but she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box. She seemed to make quite poor decisions, and didn’t always think clearly. How she didn’t get eaten by a zombie over the course of this book I don’t know.The storyline in this was alright, but it dragged a bit. I couldn’t quite believe the stupid decisions that Maya made (view spoiler)[ like stopping to go toy shopping, and try [...]

    5. A zombie virus infects most people on earth, but Maya is one of the lucky (or not lucky) survivors. She has to learn to take care of herself, survive, fight, trust people, etc.The novel isn't that long (about 200 pages I guess) so I read it really fast.I liked how Maya started off vulnerable (even bullied), but she slowly gains her girl power throughout the story. Ben was an unusual character. Since he didn't act like other zombies I knew he was special, but the things he does shocked me anyway. [...]

    6. Not a terrible read, but not fantastic either. A lot of little inconsistencies that snagged my attention.

    7. I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.Maya is your average typical seventeen year old who has gone through a lot in the past couple of years. She has a twin brother Mason who shot and killed their mother and was sent away. The story never told anything about the murder or why he did it. Because of her mother being murdered Maya hates guns and is terrified of them. Maya lives in a world where people are dying and turning into zombies after getting the 212R virus [...]

    8. 4 stars well I'm pleasantly surprised. I love the cover.I didn't expect a lot from this book but I enjoyed it very much. The red plague has turned billions of people in to "red" zombies. The Red referring to the red eyes. Maya Solomon is the daughter of an chemic working at the center of disease control. He is sure he has found the cure. The last time Maya talked to her dad he was working on it.While the outbreak is ongoing Maya's dad builds a bunker and she stays for 2 weeks on lock down forced [...]

    9. This is quite a short book (more like a novella, actually), so there's not too much I can say without giving much of the plot away.To me, this was kind of just a so-so entry to the world of zombie fiction. Let's do a pros and cons list.Things I liked: --the characters actually use the word "zombie", not "walker" or "chewer" or anything else trying hard to be clever--the main character, Maya, has been on her own since everything began, and she really, really likes it that way. She's not sappy or [...]

    10. Maya Solomon think she may be the only survivor of the 212R virus ( the red plague), a virus that turned people into red eyed human-flesh eater zombies. But, after she ran out of food and water and had to leave her bunker, she finds other survivors. They will help her get to her dad's lab to look for a serum that may be the cure to the red plague. An adventure is on the way with an unexpected surprise, Ben, a infected boy who seems to follow Maya everywhere she goes. Elixir is such s simple and [...]

    11. I love zombie-apocalypse books. I see one and I want to devour it in one sitting. And this book was no different.Elixir is a book about Maya and her story about how she found herself in a zombie apocalypse.Maya is a normal high school student. Well, not really normal. Her twin brother did something horrific. Her mother is dead. So that just leaves her and her father. The news has reported that the 212R virus is spreading on the news but it hasn't hit their city yet. Her father, who wants her to [...]

    12. Very run off the mill Zombie/ Infected-YA-novel. Nothing new, nothing surprising, nothing challenging. The fact that is so short doesn't work for it since many things seemed rushed to me (don't get me wrong, I rather enjoy shorter works of fiction but they need to be done true to their format). The ending is the worst part since there is none, writing a cliff-hanger ending doesn't mean to cut the story at a suspenseful point but find a conclusion that will leave something open to explore next ti [...]

    13. 2.5 starsIn my mind there are YA books, and teenage books. YA are well written, enjoyable outside the age range of 'young', often tackling serious issues in a less full on way. Teenagery books are similar, but tend towards the 'Mary Sue' and the cliches, and anything close to real drama is handled too lightly - thus minimising any decent emotional impact.This fell into the teenagery area for me. Now I love my zombie books and read them pretty much how ever they come. Other YA books have tackled [...]

    14. This is an apocalyptic story about the 212R virus that turns people into flesh craving zombies without thought or feelings. As Maya starts her day with broken promises of a future, a dad that works for the CDC and shelter being built in the basement, she has to wonder how long it will take the virus to get to her town. Maya starts her days as any other by attending school. As the day progresses so does the virus and it finally takes a hold in their community. Maya’s dad is at work and no matte [...]

    15. This is the first book in the Red Plague Trilogy. It is a zombie series. A young girl finds herself alone after her father goes to work on a cure for a virus. The sick break loose as Zombies and she has to go into hiding to keep herself safe. Eventually she has no choice but to venture out. When she does she rescues a little girl from the zombies, ends up having a zombie following her and protecting her from other zombies, and meets a rag tag group that goes to help her look for the cure at her [...]

    16. How does a naive 17 year old girl with no survival skills and no fighting abilities survive in the zombie apocalypse? Also why is she our heroine? Why does everyone listen to her and do what she says? She keeps continuously making dumb decisions, and everyone just goes along with it. I have watched almost every season of the walking dead in addition to numerous other zombie movies, however, this is the first zombie book I have ever read. I didn't love it but the next 2, mostly the last book, in [...]

    17. I loved this bookI loved this bookIt started off as a movie I seen on the Syfy channel. As I kept reading it, I starting getting involved in the characters and couldn't what to find out what happened next. I'm looking forward to the next installment and will keep everyone posted to what happened next. Did Ben live after injecting himself with the cure, that was meant to save the world? I can't wait

    18. This book is exciting and filled with action right from the start. I like this book because of the quick pacing, the active verbs, and the first person narration. Zombies are awesome, and the story begins with Maya being torn out of her sleep by the sound of a chainsaw—Zombies and chain saws; that’s about as exciting as it gets. Maya is in for the adventure of her young life, and I’m happy to be tagging along with her. Abner has struck again!

    19. A well-written and entertaining first book in a YA zombie trilogy. The characters are well-rounded with flaws and strengths as well as interesting backstories. I particularly enjoyed some of the twists the plot takes, especially towards the end, and the cliffhanger had me going online to buy the paperbacks of all three books. This will be a series I'll read more than once.

    20. Free book with no obligations. Pretty much another YA zombie book. One unique zombie and some good characters. Obviously, a series. Some parts progress well, others are sporatic. Actually wasn't as bad as I feared and seemed to improve as it went along.Worth a shot.

    21. Great bookI loved this. It has a great story and great presentation. All the people are great. Not too crazy about where it ended but will save to buy the others as I can't stop reading this story. Ruby

    22. 2,5 stars.Well, the only thing I liked: Ben and his unusual zombie behaviour lol.Hiya I'd love to read more about him! My lovely zombie, Ben xD

    23. Love the ZReally good zombie book!! Just a little different from others but exciting and suspenseful and I'm ready for more!! Who is Ben!

    24. Very goodGreat story with excellent characters. Well written and not as graphic as some of the zombie books I have read. I like that.

    25. Quick readYa novel, but really interesting story. Characters are not perfect, nor ultra trained. They have to combine experience and skills to survive. Recommended

    26. AwesomeThis is a really good book, a really hard book to put down once you start reading. I read a lot of books and this is a new favorite. Got to get the rest in the series.

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