Loving a Fairy Godmother

Loving a Fairy Godmother Alternate Cover EditionOnce upon a Time in a Kingdom that was just a little twisted oh yeah and kinda far away Fairy Godmothers Rule Elf Kings drool and a Knight was having a bad time with a Drag

  • Title: Loving a Fairy Godmother
  • Author: Danielle Monsch
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 448
  • Format: ebook
  • Alternate Cover EditionOnce upon a Time, in a Kingdom that was just a little twisted oh yeah, and kinda far away , Fairy Godmothers Rule Elf Kings drool, and a Knight was having a bad time with a Dragon.Too bad he didn t realize the Dragon would be the least strange part of his dayFairy GodMOTHER As in female it s right there in the name With those divine dimples,Alternate Cover EditionOnce upon a Time, in a Kingdom that was just a little twisted oh yeah, and kinda far away , Fairy Godmothers Rule Elf Kings drool, and a Knight was having a bad time with a Dragon.Too bad he didn t realize the Dragon would be the least strange part of his dayFairy GodMOTHER As in female it s right there in the name With those divine dimples, killer blue eyes, and hard muscled body, no one s going to be mistaking Tiernan for a female anytime soon, but due to a wish gone wrong, Tiernan is now the only Fairy Godfather in existence Strangely, most Fairy Godmothers don t have a problem with this change in the status quo all except the one Fairy Godmother he d go and win a kingdom for.Organized, efficient, logical and happy with the status quo, thank you very much Reina never liked that Tiernan was allowed in the program After all, the FGs do not need a stubborn, infuriating, feckless male messing with tradition, and she wants him goneke yesterday Circumstances arise that might let her get her wish, but in a way even she never wished for.Tiernan s employment status is called into question and he is given the task of getting a woman named Cinderella a Happily Ever After If he doesn t, he loses his position as a Fairy Godfather and becomes human again Unfortunately, becoming human means becoming Dragon chow So Cinderella will get to the ball and get her Prince if he has to dress her down to her shoes himself, and he s bringing Reina along to help After all, who said only mortals should get a Happily Ever After

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    1 thought on “Loving a Fairy Godmother”

    1. Tiernan y Reina, han pasado décadas evitándose. Reina es la típica mujer que juzga a todos los hombres por los errores de uno solo, y Tiernan es bastante cute. No entiendo bien qué es lo que lo mueve tanto para estar tras ella todos esos años, pero hacia el final, cuando están juntos es casi lindo.El plus de Cenicienta fue gracioso. Si el resto de las historias son así, ya me tienen enganchada.

    2. Like other reviewer said, i have to mention, that this story strongest point its the basic concept of it: The idea of a fairy Godfather in a world of Fairy Godmothers.“Tiernan, you better prepare yourself, because you are going to cause quite a commotion as the first ever Fairy Godfather.”Unfortunately i didn't like the way it was executed. For starters, i didn't like the colloquial dialogues:“Could you cut me some slack considering the almost dying thing?”Reina also heard that she’d o [...]

    3. This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date: May 2, 2012Publisher: Romantic Geek PublishingImprint: N/AAuthor’s Website: daniellemonschMy Source for This Book: Gift from the authorPart of a Series: NoSeries Best Read In Order: N/ASteam Level: SteamyPet Peeves: Exhibitionism (Minor)Favorite Tropes: Unexpected Hero, Enemies To Lovers, Classics RetoldOverall, this was a fun, flirty take on an old classic, and I really enjoyed it. There was a [...]

    4. Danielle Monsch's imaginative tale of love and romance between a Fairy Godmother and the only Fairy Godfather has the perfect mixture of fairy tale, fantasy and a steamy romance. I was fascinated by the creative twist on fairy tale, which points out some of the human sides of the stories that get ignored or glossed over in children's versions; the issues of sex, physical attraction, and whether or not happily ever after can be had without something more than true love. I grew to love the relatio [...]

    5. I received this book from Netgalley as part of a multi-work collection (Once Upon A Fairy Tale: A Collection of 11 Fairy Tale Inspired Romances) in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Yup. Humans don't have blubber. Or humanoids. Whatever. He's not a whale shifter. DNF as of the second sentence. I think that's a land speed record. :|

    6. A sexy revamp of the old fairytales with a twist and this author does not disappoint. Plenty of the traditional tale is left in though the sexy undercurrents are more appealing to adult readers and it spices things up quite a bit. I loved her "Stone Guardian" and thought I would give these books a whirl but I am not really a huge fan of novellas. I really enjoyed this book and I am off to the read the others in the series now.

    7. Another retelling. How do I find myself in these positions?Anyways, this one wasn't all that bad. The main dude seemed initially to be sincerely misogynistic ("Glad your priorities are straight, Fairy,” he growled, with not enough strength to lift his head, not enough strength to even raise his voice and yell like he wanted. His legs were numb, and blackness settled around the edges of his vision. “’Go this way,’ you said. ‘Trust me.’ I knew I should never have listened. Since when c [...]

    8. Loved this book! Such a nice new take on Fairy Godmothers and an excellent twist at the end although I wish there was more of the elf king

    9. i liked this one thsi funny , sweet and sexy the only thing i did not like is the Exhibitionism but is only like two times and it have a reason why do not mind me read it

    10. Given the number of times I've successfully chosen books with fairy tale tropes, I had high hopes that this one would sit comfortably in the "I need a Happily Ever After" category. I got my Happily Ever After (HEA), but it was so hurried that I had little time to savor it. I'll confess I tried reading this book a good three times before I could successfully start it. A rough patch at work, a few tough classes, and not enough time all contributed to the false starts I'm actually glad I kept tryin [...]

    11. Bueno, a decir verdad, el punto clave para comenzar a leer este libro fue la sinopsis, porque ¿se han dado cuenta de cuán extraña y al mismo tiempo llamativa es? Pues bien, la verdad es que yo pensé que toda la historia iría por el mismo estilo y aunque no fue así no me siento para nada decepcionada. Ya es verdad que algunos momentos son un poco locos, otros un poco serios, y demás; pero a mí en general esta mezcla me ha encantado y dejado con ganas de más. En esta historia nos encontra [...]

    12. “Tiernan is one of a kind. Beyond the divine dimples, killer blue eyes, and hard muscled body, Tiernan is also the only Fairy Godfather.”“Amongst Fairy Godmothers, Reina is the best. Organized, efficient, logical.”Tiernan is about to lose his Godfather status because of his lack of producing HEAs (Happily Ever Afters). Reina is sent with him on his mission to run interference in case the Fairy King tries to sabotage his mission to get Cinderella her HEA. Little do either of them know tha [...]

    13. ***available in the Once Upon A Fairy Tale collection***Tiernan is in trouble. His Fairy Godmother led him to the dragon all right, but said dragon caused him a mortal injury and the Fairy Godmother cannot stop feeling sorry for herself instead of helping himSo he makes a wish to be just like her, and he ends up being the only Fairy Godfather in the Faerie Realm, and in love with a fellow Fairy Godmother who'd rather see him gone.Thirty years later, Reina just might get her wish, since Tiernan i [...]

    14. Full review can also be found on:Paein and Ms4Tune’s Book BlogThis was a nice story! I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.I liked how it was the "Fairy Godfather" who helped Cinderella with her crisis of heart, because it's usually the women who are supposed to be the lovey romantic advice givers in stereotypical roles but in this story it fit Tiernan far better than Reina. He had very wise words for her that I think everyone should follow.I also enjoyed the slight differences to the C [...]

    15. 3.5/5Mon avis en FrançaisMy English review I was very curious when I saw this novel. I must say that the mix between fairy tales that we know and godmothers were bound to be interesting. I did not know what format it was, but I was surprised to see that it was a fairly short novel, but it’s also nice because we can read the whole thing pretty quickly.This story highlights two stories in parallel. First, we have the story of Tiernan revolutionizing the world of fairies as it’s only reserved [...]

    16. Cute. Fairytale remade for adults, but still has some nods to the "classic" Cinderella story.Tiernan is a Fairy Godfather because of a wish he made. He now works with the Godmothers and one in particular wishes he were anywhere but with them. Reina isn't a fan, she would rather they had stuck to tradition instead of allowing a Godfather to enter their ranks. Despite her dislike towards him, he still has the eyes for her. They are forced to work together on a very special and important HEA case i [...]

    17. Title: Loving a Fairy GodmotherAuthor: Danielle MonschPublisher: Liquid Silver BooksPublication Date: 2011ISBN: 978-1-59578-808-5Genre: fantasy romanceLength: novellaBuy LinkHeat Level: sensualOther: n/aReviewer: Brecken StevensDate: October 12, 20113.5 StarsWhen Tiernan made the wish to be a fairy godfather, he had no idea what it all meant. Reina, one of the head fairies never warmed up to Tiernan, but maybe that’s because she secretly lusted after the unorthodox fairy. Affirming Tiernan amo [...]

    18. The knight, Tiernan end ups with an incompetent Fairy Godmother, who gets him killed by a dragon. When’s he’s dying, the only way she can save his life is to grant him a wish. What does he wish for? Well, Tiernan wishes to be a Fairy Godfather. There has never been a fairy Godfather before Tiernan. But the Fairy Godmother’s don’t’ mind, they are smitten with him, all except Reina. She continues to push for his relocation. When it looks like Tierman may finally have to leave the Fairy G [...]

    19. Tiernan is the only Fairy Godfather in the business. Thirty years after his wish has made him the only Fairy Godfather in the business, the Elf King has ordered him to produce an HEA or be returned to his human form, which is seconds from dying! Reina is assigned to assist him in reaching the HEA for Cinderella, but not to interfere. After thirty years of waiting, Tiernan is ready to win two HEAs.This was a re-spun telling of the classic Cinderella story with more of an emphasis on the Fairy God [...]

    20. Oh my! A HOT very original retold Cinderella Fairy Tale! I'll never think of Cinderella the same again! Danielle Monsch's imagination truly knows no bounds! I was totally blown away by her story-telling and the tale's twists and turns left me in awe!This book introduces us to Tiernan, a knight, who is in the process of dying thanks to his incompetent fairy godmother. She grants him one last wish and his wish is to become a fairy godfather. He is granted that wish and interns under Reina, who obv [...]

    21. This is the seventh story in the Once Upon A Fairy Tale: A Collection of 11 Fairy Tale Inspired Romances anthology; that I got from NetGally for review; and it’s one of the better ones so far. I’m still not in love with it, because it’s another one that just feels too much like a contemporary romance. It’s about a knight who wishes to be a fairy godmother [this comes about in a strange way…]. He then has to help out Cinderella with the help of another unwilling fairy godmother. It’s [...]

    22. This was a great read! Danielle Monsch weaves a tale that wraps the reader in her world. Her views on the godmother/father story are interesting and a breath of fresh air. The way she bypasses the typical fairytale world and thoughts is engaging. I really liked Tiernan and Reina’s journey! If you’re looking for a different fairytale that will leave you hot for more then you’ll love this book! Fairy Tales and Ever Afters: (twists on fairytales) LOVING A FAIRY GODMOTHER Tiernan/Reina) LOVING [...]

    23. I really struggled over whether to give this a three or a four. So it's actually 3.5.The bad: It was a concept that didnt grip me. The fairy godmother land isnt gone into enough to make you care and I nearly stopped reading a couple of times.The good: It's well written, I definitely got that Tiernan was a man we all want, you cant help falling for him. Reina is also very likable and it's obvious how they both feel.Overall, I just wish I was a bit more smitten than I was. I liked the ending very [...]

    24. Excellent read!Parts of the story felt rushed, but even at novella length it was complete. Handsome knight, stubborn fairy godmother. Absolutely fun, with the right amount of drama to keep it interesting.A few typos, things like an instead of and.The only bad note, the characters used a short hand and while it only took a minute to figure out, if they had started them in Tiernan's perspective the explanation could have been included.Over all excellent story, I would highly recommend this.

    25. Very interesting short story from a Fairy Godmothers POV. I really enjoyed this and cannot wait to read the rest of the series. The only thing I didn't like is that it was too short and because of that I was a little lost in the beginning. I didn't realize that Tiernans training took 30 years and that he had feelings for Reina the entire time. The sex was great and I really liked both characters. I also loved the Cinderella twist.

    26. Delightful new spin on fairy godmothers - I really liked the whole bunch but most of all our dynamic duo here, forced to work together and save a fairytale princess from her sad sad fate, with hilarious banter and very romantic in-betweens, lovingly pictured in a world of dreams and rainbows with big emotions and quite some twists. I love fairy tales, especially when they are all grown up and play with what I knew as a child so perfectly as it is done here. Can't wait to read more!

    27. The author has created a charming and fun fairy tale world that captivates readers with sassy fairy godmothers and deep romances. The story is full of passion and serious issues but with a little fun and a twist on the everyday fairy tale. I was completely enchanted from the very beginning of the story and I can’t wait to read the next one.4 ½ STARS See my review of Fairy Tales and Ever Afters, Books 1 & 2 at:/review/show

    28. I love a good twist on an old tale, and this remix of Cinderella was wonderfully done. Introducing a Fairy Godfather is a unique twist on the fairy role in the story. The naughty bits may be too much for some audiences, but they were working into the plot so well that they were not merely afterthoughts or there just for the sake of steaming it up. I enjoyed reading this story, and look forward to reading more from this author.

    29. I got this in the Once Upon A Fairy Tale box set. This was a nice spin to the fairy tale genre in general. A knight (in not so shining armor) has an imbecile for a fairy godmother so his last wish is to become a fairy godmother himself. I really enjoyed this and look forward to seeing more in this series from this author.

    30. This was such a sweet and sexy short story that the dissonance between the dialogue and the time period did not bother me like it usually does. It's the first tale I've read in awhile that I finished with a smile on my face and that alone is worth 3 stars. That I'm looking forward to another tale from Danielle Monsch? Another star.

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