Not Quite Perfect

Not Quite Perfect Serial temp worker April Johnson is nothing like her wildly successful brothers She doesn t have an Olympic gold medal She doesn t have millions in the bank from a tech company she founded as a teenag

  • Title: Not Quite Perfect
  • Author: Gretchen Galway
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Serial temp worker April Johnson is nothing like her wildly successful brothers She doesn t have an Olympic gold medal She doesn t have millions in the bank from a tech company she founded as a teenager She doesn t even have a place to live, not since her boyfriend sneaked off in the middle of the night skipping out on the rent, his three legged dog, and her Now forcedSerial temp worker April Johnson is nothing like her wildly successful brothers She doesn t have an Olympic gold medal She doesn t have millions in the bank from a tech company she founded as a teenager She doesn t even have a place to live, not since her boyfriend sneaked off in the middle of the night skipping out on the rent, his three legged dog, and her Now forced to move back home with her mother and grovel for a job from one of her brothers, April decides it s past time she got serious about her life.Zack Fain, on the other hand, has been too serious for years After losing his wife to cancer at the age of twenty six, he s done nothing but work on his consulting business But when he meets April at a new job, he forgets he s a humorless suit who never gets emotionally involved She makes him laugh, she turns him on, and he begins to wonder if it s time he broke a few rules.Although April refuses to get stuck in yet another dead end relationship, Zack isn t like any of the guys she s dated before This could be the real deal This could be serious.But is either of them ready for the kind of serious that lasts a lifetime

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      371 Gretchen Galway
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    1 thought on “Not Quite Perfect”

    1. You really root for the main characters, also spoilers! Lots of spoilers!I really felt a strong bond with April since in a way her personality is a bit like mine. She's more artsy and talented than I but there are aspects of her personality that resonates with mine. I feel her pain, her triumphs, her ups and her downs. I really wanted her to succeed in her life. I know this is a chick lit and a romance book, so of course there are steamy bits, but it's also sort of a coming of age story. April i [...]

    2. Although I haven't read the first two books in Gretchen Galway's Oakland Hills series, Not Quite Perfect (#3), has a cute cover that caught my attention and I decided to give it a try. This book worked well as a standalone. It centers around the changes that take place in the main characters's lives. April Johnson, a serial temp worker, has to go back home and live with her mother when her boyfriend leaves her. She feels like a failure because her older brothers, Liam and Mark, are successful an [...]

    3. Nicely written contemporary romance I didn't have high expectations, it was a freebie at my time of purchase on kindle, but I really enjoyed thisCharacters were likeable:April - strong female lead, artsy, fun, past her teens and certainly not virginalZack - hot, geeky, intelligent, not too alpha-maleThere were no love triangles, there were a few sex scenes but it didn't take over the whole story it's also part of a series but can be read as a standalone I knocked it down because it was a tad cli [...]

    4. Thumbs upThumbs up for this third book in the series . Easy read enjoyed the characters looking forward to number four

    5. Overall rating: 4/5Summary: April is a mid-twenties perpetual temp who’s recently had to move back in with her mother. With a bit of sneakiness, she lands a job at her brother’s company where she meets the quite serious Zack, and they fall in love (duh).My Thoughts: I quite enjoyed myself with this one. This romantic comedy was actually funny, so that’s always a plus. There a couple plot clichés, but I was able to overlook them because this book ultimately made me grin in a really cheesy [...]

    6. Story of April (Liam and Mark's sister) and Zack, the consultant hired by FITE to help troubleshoot issues. And there are issues.April agrees to help Liam by working in the art department half time and being nanny to Merry the other half.A and Z are immediately attracted to each other but each think they should away from the other since they work together. And of course things get complicated.April needed to get herself together and I would have also liked to see her stand up to her mom, and her [...]

    7. I've got a major soft spot for the geeky hero. On the other hand, the flibbertigibbet heroine is usually a deal-breaker for med yet this heroine really grew on me pretty fast. The story was funny and fun and sweet all at once.

    8. April Johnson is having a really bad day. Her coward of an ex, ran off on her, rent and their three legged dog in the middle of the night. Now forced to move back with her mom, April must face that it is time she built a real career as opposed to the serious temping she's been doing since graduating college. Too bad her very successful brother won't hire her. That is until her talents as a baby whisperer blows him away. Bargaining for a second job in his company, April must now prove herself to [...]

    9. Not quite perfectI've read and enjoyed the previous Oakland hills books so was really looking forward to April's story. While the story pulled me in, the romance itself fell flat for me. It took a while for me to even believe April felt anything other than attraction to Zach. At least Zach's feeling were more apparent, but they were both so non expressive, plus getting to know each other seemed mostly off camera, so I was neither convinced their feelings were more than lust nor sure how April kn [...]

    10. Im a chick lit lover so i though is a nice book ,cute romance story I didn't have high expectations i mean i readed it when i had a knee injure so i had a lot of time to kill , april and zack are characters quite likable, and their story is quite quirky has many cliche stuff but is enjoyable. it was ok ,but the thing is i didn't get some of the characters like Liam and some others from the company but is a light reading.

    11. I much prefer happy books where love is perfect. Since this story isn't about perfect love, it didn't really move me. The end was so strange. The romance was tedious. The girl's family situation was strange. I just didn't connect with the characters. The writing was fine, I just didn't like the story or characters.

    12. This story was about a fun, spunky girl April, who never seems to measure up to her families expectations. She moves back home with her mother, and manages to get her brother to give her a job at his clothing company. April begins to flourish. When she meets Zack, the consultant hired to help grow the business, things get interesting.

    13. Great book!!!My first book to read by this author but for sure not my last!!! I started reading and couldn't stop until the very last page!!! A great story with so much humor!! I love books that make you laugh out loud but maybe have few tears also. But by the end I am left with a happy feeling and so glad I discovered it!!!! Now I can't wait to reached others!!!!!

    14. I have to give this book four stars because I liked it so much more than I thought I would. It was funny, April and Zack are original and relatable andwell, let's just say ZACK. **all the heart eyes**

    15. 3.5My favorite in the series. Read my quick review of the whole series here:heroesaremyweakness.wordpress

    16. Cute as can beCute. Funny. Sad in parts. Strong knit family. Smouldering passion. Seriously, what more could you possibly ask for in a book.?

    17. SweetI enjoyed this book very much. I enjoyed the setting in the #San Francisco Bay Area and all the love stories included.

    18. I enjoyed this one sooo much more than the first two! I loved seeing the more fleshed out side of April and the way she and Zack got together!

    19. At times, book blurbs can be utterly wrong like in the case of this book. I found myself reading a lot of contemporary fiction this year because of Kindle and one thing that I noted common for a lot of this genre is that every book gets classified as a romance novel. This was less of a romance and more of a coming-of-age story of a seemingly old 28 year old woman. I believe we can start new ventures and fail at them at any point in our lives but it becomes difficult more so for women. This story [...]

    20. Utterly enjoyable. Although the book is part of a series, you can read this as a stand-alone; which I did (yay for great free finds :D )

    21. I was hoping this book would make me fall in love with the characters, but I just never connected with them. It was a cute and fun story, but there was no real suspense, no real oomph. Just okay.

    22. Very enjoyableI liked the storyline a lot. Good characters and well written and well edited. I gave it only 4 stars because of the way too graphic, too constant sex. The main characters spent half of their time either thinking about explicit sex or having it. The plot was excellent. I am an adult. I know how babies are made. I don't need the details. I skipped those and still enjoyed the book.

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