Silent Scream

Silent Scream Even the darkest secrets can t stay buried forever Five figures gather round a shallow grave They had all taken turns to dig An adult sized hole would have taken longer An innocent life had been taken

  • Title: Silent Scream
  • Author: Angela Marsons
  • ISBN: 9781909490918
  • Page: 315
  • Format: ebook
  • Even the darkest secrets can t stay buried forever Five figures gather round a shallow grave They had all taken turns to dig An adult sized hole would have taken longer An innocent life had been taken but the pact had been made Their secrets would be buried, bound in bloodYears later, a headmistress is found brutally strangled, the first in a spate of gruesome murd Even the darkest secrets can t stay buried forever Five figures gather round a shallow grave They had all taken turns to dig An adult sized hole would have taken longer An innocent life had been taken but the pact had been made Their secrets would be buried, bound in bloodYears later, a headmistress is found brutally strangled, the first in a spate of gruesome murders which shock the Black Country.But when human remains are discovered at a former children s home, disturbing secrets are also unearthed D.I Kim Stone fast realises she s on the hunt for a twisted individual whose killing spree spans decades.As the body count rises, Kim needs to stop the murderer before they strike again But to catch the killer, can Kim confront the demons of her own past before it s too late Fans of Rachel Abbott, Val McDermid and Mark Billingham will be gripped by this exceptional new voice in British crime fiction Watch out for from D.I Kim Stone A Detective hiding dark secrets, Kim Stone will stop at nothing to protect the innocent Silent Scream is the first book in the series watch out for EVIL GAMES coming soon.

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    1 thought on “Silent Scream”

    1. I've been struggling to review this one as my feelings are all over the place. This book was disturbing and horrifying, just the way I seem to like them. While it kept my attention throughout, I had to read this in pieces as I wanted to pace myself on the graphic details and content matter. I loved the character of DI Kim Stone. This plot was complex and layered like an onion; as I kept reading I kept peeling away new levels to the individual case and to what I assume is part of the continuing s [...]

    2. Angela Marsons has produced a complex mystery thriller with many unique and distinctive characters. We are soon introduced to Detective Inspector Kim Stone who has no ability to hide her feelings. She demonstrates persistent stubbornness, is extremely pushy, and barks orders to her team expecting them to jump straight away. When a female has been found dead in a bathtub, it’s just the beginning of baffling murders all taking place within a short period. As each victim is assessed, Stone’s te [...]

    3. A traveling sister read with my 2 favorite Canadian sisters (Norma and Brenda)!A wonderful start to a very successful series from Angela Marsons. We had a great time trying to stay one step ahead of all the twistswe weren't very successful! But had so much fun along the way with our midnight chat sessions (2am for Brenda)!Before we reached the end we were already queuing up book 2!!For our full traveling sister review please visit Norma and Brenda's blog:twogirlslostinacouleereadi

    4. Footsteps.I followed them back to this first book in the DI Kim Stone series. I've lined all the rest up like jagged stepping stones. They are beckoning to me.This is heavy-weight subject matter presented here, but it is Angela Marsons driving the bus. She will lay it all out on the table without the overkill of muck and mire seeping into your socks. You get it. You know the depth to which the human mind can transcend. This is Marsons' debut novel, but you already feel the vibration of something [...]

    5. This is just an unbelievable debut thriller by British author Angela Marsons. Her book reads as if she has been writing best sellers for years. The action as well as the intrigue starts up immediately. And I mean immediately, as in the prologue! Eventually we are dealt several murders occurring both 10 years previous and in the present. We are gradually introduced to a large cast of characters, all fleshed out to some extent making it easy to keep them straight. The protagonist, DI Kim Stone, ha [...]

    6. In part this book's series of crimes reminds me of Agatha Christie's ABC Murders. I understood how frustrated the cops were, including resident heroine Kim Stone, about how they aren't able to apprehend the murderer yet they need to discover the next body to have fresher clues.In a scenario that would make Anita Sarkeesian nod, a series of murders occur, those of a lot of women who are the victims. Will Detective Kim Stone solve the murder and stop a sicko from perpetrating a myriad of cruel mis [...]

    7. I sucked up every word of this brilliant novel, it intrigued me from the word go. I love it when I get a book that I can get lost in and read in one sitting, this was one of those. It's a good start to 2015 for this crime loving book lover and reviewer!Many crime novels are a bit same-same if you know what I mean, it's kind of hard to add elements that make it stand out from the rest on the shelves. Where I think Angela Marsons managed to do this is with her intense characters, especially Detect [...]

    8. I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture.All I can say is that this crime novel, “Silent Scream” by Angela Marsons was amazing, and I was very surprised to see that this was her debut novel. As an avid reader of crime, suspense , mystery, psychological thrillers, I will say that this is the BEST novel in this category that I have read this year. If I hadn’t had other obligations, I would have read this novel in one sitting.A headmistr [...]

    9. Amongst my friends I have only seen good comments on this author's books so I had to give her a try, starting with the first book in the series of course. And it was excellent.I took to the main character, Detective Kim Stone, immediately. She is feisty and smart and never lets anyone score a point over her. Her offsider, D.S. Bryant, is her perfect foil. I enjoyed their friendly dialogue especially since there is no romance involved to mess things up!The mystery is good and ends up quite convo [...]

    10. There's a dangerous and deadly pact of old and the day of reckoning is coming.Detective Inspector Kim Stone (I like her) is on the hunt for a ruthless killer in this multi-layered, multi-crime mystery novel, and the clues being unearthed have become personal. Having a common bond with the victims, D.I. Stone is determined to seek justice regardless of the consequences.While not exactly what I would define as a "thriller" Angela Marson's debut novel was certainly enthralling, fast-paced and a wor [...]

    11. After reading books five and six in this series and loving them, I'm finally getting chance to go back and start at the beginning. DI Kim Stone and her team are investigating the bathtub drowning of a headmistress. Almost immediately, a man is murdered in his home. Both victims were previously employees at Crestwood, a children's home which is now abandoned. I like that the mystery manages to combine the current plot while providing a way for us to learn about Kim’s backstory. Kim herself had [...]

    12. Love the twists and turns in this one that Norma, Kaceey and I never saw coming. Great fun choice for a sister read that I absolutely loved reading with them! Traveling sister review with Norma and Kaceey can be found our sister blogtwogirlslostinacouleereadi

    13. Silent Scream (D.I. Stone #) by Angela Marsons is a 2015 Bookouture publication. I noticed this series was very popular on , so naturally, I had to see why everyone was so keen on it… well now I know!This British thriller is, believe or not, a debut novel! So, I am doubly impressed by how well the plot is crafted, with the well timed pacing, and how the author made this jaded reader gasp out loud on more than one occasion. When a headmistress is murdered and it is discovered she had ties to an [...]

    14. Is the fear of getting caught what really masquerades as a person's conscience?D.I. Kim Stone has a predilection for fudging the rules of law enforcement. She has a tendency to buck authority, but the results she gets are what saves her bacon. Some of the niceties are going to fall by the wayside as she works her cases, she can come across as rude, cold and without emotion, but the compassion is in there, buried deep. You can rest assured of one thing – she is relentless and will not stop unti [...]

    15. EXCERPT: PROLOGUERowley Regis, Black Country, 2004Five figures formed a pentagram around a freshly dug mound. Only they knew it was a grave.Digging the frozen earth beneath the layers of ice and snow had been like trying to carve stone but they’d taken turns. All of them.An adult-sized hole would have taken longer.The shovel had passed from grip to grip. Some were hesitant, tentative. Others more assured. No one resisted and no one spoke.The innocence of the life taken was known to them all b [...]

    16. Traveling Sisters Review by NORMA, BRENDA and KACEEY!!SILENT SCREAM (DI KIM STONE #1) by ANGELA MARSONS is an action-packed, tense, fast-paced, and a suspenseful thriller with lots of surprising twists and turns along the way that kept us all reading and guessing right to the very endLENT SCREAM opens up great and caught our attention right away but then got a little weighed down for us with the array of characters that had us a little confused and struggled somewhat keeping them all straight. H [...]

    17. A most excellent read! Draws you in and doesn't let go. This is the first of a series, and I was intrigued by DI Kim Stone, and her team, from the start, growing to love their tenacious and relentless efforts to bring justice to those who have been lost. The story line was completely believable and continued to draw me in all the way to the brilliant finale. The forensic evidence adds tiny details that bring a true crime feel to the story, also adding some crucial clues needed to solve the case. [...]

    18. DI Kim Stone is called to a scene of a crime. A woman has been found murdered in a bathtub and the murder seems to be linked to a body that is discovered a little while later buried at a former children’s home. Kim Stone and her team must figure out who is behind the killing and why before more people die.I had some trouble getting into the story, mostly because I felt a bit weary when the cops were introduced, they seem to be the usual bunch, a wish cracker, best friend, and the technical one [...]

    19. There are great reviews written by my friends about this book already. I am a little late to the party, but they were so right to keep recommending this series to me. Excellent start to a new series with a great lead character and supporting cast. Loved the plot and resolution. This will definitely be a must buy and continue reading for me. On to the next book!

    20. ENGLISH (segue recensione in italiano)I really didn’t like the main character. I found her as unpleasant because she’s too fake. She seems coming out of a recipe: 1 cup of rhetoric, mixing it with 1 cup of defiance, some pseudo-humor, a teaspoon of immaturity… and there you go! These things could be a good cocktail, but if you make the cocktail without skills, you could throw it up just like it happened to me. A very fake character, without even a bit of genuineness. At least, this is how [...]

    21. 5 Plus Suspenseful StarsFive figures formed a pentagram around a freshly dug mound. Only they knew it was a grave. Digging the frozen earth beneath the layers of ice and snow had been like trying to carve stone but they'd taken turns. All of them. An adult-sized hole would have taken longer. The shovel had passed from grip to grip. Some were hesitant, tentative. Others more assured. No one resisted and no one spoke. The innocence of the life taken was known to them all but the pact had been made [...]

    22. So these days one of my very favourite things to do is try out new Crime fiction. I especially like it if it is the start of a series. And I like it even MORE when you get one as good as this and know that you will probably have many happy reading experiences ahead of you.In “Silent Scream” we meet Kim, Detective and a bit of a loner, for good reason. She is a brilliant character, flawed as it seems detectives need to be but in a way that makes her very intriguing. When a brutal murder is di [...]

    23. First of all, let me say how I loved the cover, it was very apt for the books story line.How I loved DI Kim Stone, I found her focused, dedicated, harsh for good reasons at times and a quirky sense of humor at times which came out now and again in her working relationships with ones she had to rub alongside of.What first appeared to be a sort of straight forward case lead into deeper and darker minefields which I loved.Each person that was attached to the case was very real in my minds eye, so t [...]

    24. I'm pretty late coming to this series and I'm really glad I finally got around to it. DI Kim Stone is likeable, flawed and driven. She was one of the highlights of the book and I'd be happy reading more in the series because she's so different and interesting. The storyline is multi-layered and that's what gives this book the edge. There's a complex story which is rooted in terrible crimes against girls/children in the past, which took place at a Children's Home. Then there are murders in the pr [...]

    25. Detective Inspector Kim Stone wasn’t to know that the death of a school headmistress in a violent and brutal manner would be the beginning of a run of never ending and horrific days which had her trying to keep her own past from coming back to her. With her dedicated team by her side, they began an investigation which shocked even the most hardened on the force.Within days there was evidence of bones at the site of an old and derelict children’s home; when the Professor’s continued rejecti [...]

    26. I was given an advanced copy of the dubut novel Silent Scream by Angela Marsons by Netgallery in exchange for an honest review. Wow what a start to a writing career, this book was not only a great read but paves the way to a great series with the strong lead character D.I.Kim Stone. Like a lot of good lead characters Kim's life is full of a troubled past and plenty of attitude. It's a quick read because you won't want to put it down, this novel is full of action, lots of twists and turns that ke [...]

    27. I enjoy many sub-genres of crime fiction, but recently, I have been especially fond of British police procedurals with an emphasis on psychological insight and suspense. Author Angela Marsons’ extremely strong debut and start to the D.I. Kim Stone series, Silent Scream, fits the bill perfectly.The plot of Silent Scream concerns the demise of individuals affiliated with a now-defunct home for abused, abandoned, and neglected girls. Why are these specific people dying? It would seem that the dea [...]

    28. A really nice new acquaintance that was another top tip from my friends. I read this during a house-sitting week that contained horse caring and riding and driving and late nights with barbecues and lots of wine. And stolen 10-minutes bursts of reading. Keeping my interest up (and the fact that I kept the story straight in my head) is a real quality mark on this first in a series. A great and quite complex character gallery (including a very interesting and sometimes likeable heroine) and a ver [...]

    29. Brilliant,couldnt put this book down a lot of killings and kept me on the edge of my seate way they were murdered was gruesomed the killer tells there part of the story.hooked want to read more from this author.good crime book.

    30. boy oh boy just finished this late last night what can I say this was a disturbing read for me as to the content of the plot I was chilled to the bone when the details of the dead girls came out I couldn't believe what I was reading. Miss Marsons I apologise for not rating you a 5 for this brilliant piece of work you had me right in from the very beginning the topic was raw & well written I fell in love with DI Kim Stone loved everything about her especially her being a foster child it made [...]

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