Mended Savannah takes control Tired of all the lies and deception Savannah decides that she must face things on her own As she seeks to find out who she really is she still must deal with the fallout from he

  • Title: Mended
  • Author: J.L. Drake
  • ISBN: 9781680581546
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Savannah takes control Tired of all the lies and deception Savannah decides that she must face things on her own As she seeks to find out who she really is she still must deal with the fallout from her past Her fragile hold on her new life slowly gives her the confidence to move ahead What she really needs is right in front of her waiting for the right moment to proveSavannah takes control Tired of all the lies and deception Savannah decides that she must face things on her own As she seeks to find out who she really is she still must deal with the fallout from her past Her fragile hold on her new life slowly gives her the confidence to move ahead What she really needs is right in front of her waiting for the right moment to prove his love.

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      373 J.L. Drake
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    1 thought on “Mended”

    1. First my heart was BROKENThen it SHATTERED in tiny piecesAnd finally, i can say that my heart is MENDED!!!Hell, yes!!! That was the most wonderfull ending of this emotional ride!!!I love these books, i love the characters and the plotTo tell the truth, in this one i was a little bit afraid!!!After all this shitty things that happened to Savannah in the previous books, i was wondering all the time what lurks around the corner I was so anxious and so scared!!! I became a paranoid person!!!But than [...]

    2. RecapBook OneIn one word: Slow! 2 1/2 stars.Too many mundane activities, but the other plot points are substantive enough to get me to read onward. The mild-moderate believability problems in the plot are annoying, but there's enough rope that I decide to hang on for book two. Book TwoIn one word: better. 3 1/2 stars. Much better in the pacing department. Believability is better, but still somewhat problematic at times. The author is helping me climb back up the rope, and I'm hoping I'll get to [...]

    3. Absolutely loved this series! Savannah finally gets closure with everything in her past. Loved the ending super sweet. I will definitely read more from this author!

    4. Now that I have read all three of these books, gotta say I really liked them. The story was fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. You see the main heroine go from victim to strong willed. She meets her match with Logan and the cast of other characters you can't help but fall in love with. Would kind of like to see a continuation of this series with a story about Mark or Keith. Recommend it to all.

    5. illekitap/2017Çok severek takip ettiğim Kırılmış Serisi -Broken Trilogy- sonunda bitirmiş bulunuyorum. İlk iki kitabı okuduktan sonra ve 2. kitabın bitiş şeklinden sonra ilk düşüncem bu kitabın daha çok aşık atışmaları ve tartışmalarıyla olacağıydı ama yazar beni şaşırttı. Yine adrenalin yine olaylar bitmedi. Ama her olay bu kitapta bir son buldu. Tıpkı Savi ve Cole'un mutlu sonu bulması gibi.Evet evet evet azıcık kitabın mutlu son olduğunu söyleyerek spoi [...]

    6. Yes. YES. YES!!! It's such a bittersweet feeling. I never wanted this series to end because it's just that damn good. It stirred all my emotions. It fucked with my head. Kicked my heart, stomped on it and revived it all over again. This is such a perfect ending for Cole & Savi. I must say, I am so happy she met her new family—they may not be her family by blood, but they love her too much and they all consider each other as such. Nothing could even be more perfect than that. I loved how al [...]

    7. I can't believe we're saying goodbye to Savi and Cole! I'm going to miss them! Jodi did a wonderful job with this series and it was such an insane ride, I would totally take the ride again. When book two finished I'm pretty sure we all just wanted to grab Savannah and Cole and push their heads to get her like KISS AND BE TOGETHER FOREVER PLEASE lol, but this book was about healing. Savannah made a decision that was very understandable. You see her trying to be normal, she wanted to be free and n [...]

    8. 4 Stars!The story goes on from where it was left from the previous book. Unfortunately the writting was not so good as it was in the previous books. There were slow points and not correct facts (at least in my opinion). The most difficult part from me was that Cole felt so far away from the Cole I've met in the first book and I've missed him.Savannah was really nice and correct all way through the book. Although I don't agree with her way of thinking, at least not always, I have to say that she [...]

    9. I loved everything about this book! Their story couldn't have ended in a better way. I so want to live in that house with all the boys, Abbi and everyone else. I love the banter between all of them, it cracks me up every time and I can't wait to read Mark and Keith's story!! I loved Jake he was the perfect friend and just what Savannah needed on her road to find herself. And of course just when you think it's all rainbows and happy endings she throws in a twist and makes my poor heart stop!! I m [...]

    10. WHY????? Why does this story have to end? Oh Wow J.L. Drake you really did it with this trilogy! You had just enough of everything action, love, comedy wrapped in this. I want more and more! Thank you for taking me on the journey of Savi and Cole!!

    11. If you haven't read Broken or Shattered now is the time to catch up. I can't even begin to express how wonderful Mended is. J.L. Drake pours her heart into this series. I love the banter and the over all chemistry between the characters. READ THE SERIES YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED =)

    12. Fabulous Wow just wow Loved this series so much!!! This 3 rd book was perfect Loved the ending so much!!! Love Jodi she is amazing writer!!!

    13. Kommen wir zur Rezension vom letzten Buch der Broken Reihe. Ich mache ja so etwas nicht sehr oft, wirklich alle Bücher einer Reihe hintereinander zu lesen, aber bei dieser Reihe konnte ich einfach nicht anders. Vom ersten bis zum letzten Buch ist man wie gefesselt. Und Bedingungslos verbunden bringt endlich das heiß ersehnte Happy End für Cole und SavannahHTUNG SPOILER!(Wer die ersten beiden Bücher der Reihe noch nicht gelesen haben sollte, sollte ab hier nicht weiter lesen)Nachdem Savannah [...]

    14. Better than book two and but not as good as the first. I don't really like the storylines where everyone misunderstands each other emotionally and then checks out of the relationship. I get Savannah needed therapy but it was a bit much some of the antagonists scenarios were meh. court room drama was okay. Sex was hot, the relationship news was awesome, The new best friend was cool and Keith walking her down the aisle was great. I could get into the series with Keith and Mark finding their ladies [...]

    15. 4.5 Stars!Review by Jen HagenI love Cole Logan. I feel like if I was in jr. high I would be writing our names together complete with hearts and swirls along with practicing writing Mrs. Cole Logan in every margin of every page. In truly a rare occurrence in a book, I never once found a reason to be mad at the male character throughout the entire book. He redeemed himself 100 times over from the ending of Shattered where he broke both Savannah’s heart and mine as well. Savannah is beginning her [...]

    16. A beautiful readA wish to be normal. But nothing ever goes the way she wants it to go. Her entire life was a lie. But now she must choose how to mend herself. Cole is her glue, holding herself together. But he is her Prince and protector. Life without him is no life at all." “Savannah, I’ve been in love with you from the first moment I saw your picture. It just took me a while to realize what that feeling was.” His free hand runs down my temple. “Your eyes are so beautiful, it’s as if [...]

    17. As the title alludes to is the mending of the horrors that Savi's life has become. She has moved out. Gotten a job. But not before Logan jumps the gun and ends things. Both too pig headed to admit this isn't what either wants.With Logan ending things, Savi forces herself to cut herself off from those she loves and those that have come to love her. When the courts come calling to testify vs the American. Vs her best friend. Her teetering edge of stability is risked once again. When she faces the [...]

    18. I never thought this craze that I've been wrapped up in the past three days would come to an end. Between my near death experience (not breathing while reading book one), to wanting to shake the heck out of Savannah (the girl made me shake my head so hard, I had a headache), to REALLY wanting to hurt Savannah (but I still love her), this is a rather bittersweet ending. This book ties up all loose ends, wraps up nicely with a neat big, red bow and a happily ever after (about damn time!!).While mo [...]

    19. Oh dear sweet 8lb 6oz baby Jesus! Where do I start? This book was everything I ever hoped it would be and more! No spoilers in this review, because it would truly take away from your experience when you read it. You will fall more in love with Cole (I know, I didn't think it was possible either, but trust me on this) and watch Savi grow in to who she was destined to become. I surely hope that this isn't the end of Blackstone because I not only fell in love with Savi and Cole, but Mark and Keith [...]

    20. 3.5 Stars for the seriesThis was a good conclusion for the trilogy, even with the slightly annoying heroine. I really enjoyed the plot, and the suspense and damsel in distress trope worked for me. There were some plot holes and farfetched aspects throughout the series, but it was still intriguing and a quick read. All in all I was entertained and I would definitely pick up another book by this author. I hope the next book has better editing. There were so many mistakes that should have been pick [...]

    21. I've definitely been invested in the Broken Trilogy. I loved books 1&2 and Drake didn't disappoint with Mended , It was so good! The suspense throughout the books was REAL , it had me pulled in the whole time .Cole was even HOTTER in this book, Mark & Keith were just as fun and lovable. Jake oh he was a perfect addition and Savanna Savanna I liked that she was real . She could be weak and unsure at times but not afraid to stand on her own and find her way and Awe I just lOVED that she an [...]

    22. Still, not as great as the first, but I still loved it! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wanted a little more conflict. I was hoping for and expecting something scandalous from both Christina and Roth and I didn't get it. I think Christina trying to get into Savannah's head and Cole having to use those letters he saved would have made for a good story. I also wanted Roth to try and find the house to add some more action. With that being said, I'm a sucker for a happy ending [...]

    23. I'm still shocked about book two This one was a little more sad not as exciting/crazy like the first two books. But I saw that as a good thing! I was starting to feel so bad for savannah I love Mark!!! He's sooo cute and hilarious I love the relationship between him and savannah it's so hilarious I couldn't help but wish I had a mark in my life. And cole, so alpha male. Can't get enough of it. Great ending to the trilogy.

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