ShutterGirl A NEW STANDALONE FROM CD REISSONE movie star on the cusp of greatnessONE broken girl who touched himTEN years to forget herA MILLION stories in Hollywood I am not hurt I don t need a second chance wit

  • Title: ShutterGirl
  • Author: C.D. Reiss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A NEW STANDALONE FROM CD REISSONE movie star on the cusp of greatnessONE broken girl who touched himTEN years to forget herA MILLION stories in Hollywood I am not hurt.I don t need a second chance with him, or a life I thought I had.While he was out forgetting me to become a movie star, I was building a career out of nothing A career as a paparazzi, but a careerA NEW STANDALONE FROM CD REISSONE movie star on the cusp of greatnessONE broken girl who touched himTEN years to forget herA MILLION stories in Hollywood I am not hurt.I don t need a second chance with him, or a life I thought I had.While he was out forgetting me to become a movie star, I was building a career out of nothing A career as a paparazzi, but a career For a foster kid who bounced around every home in Los Angeles, that wasn t easy.This camera is all I have.He s nothing to me Every time I take his picture and sell it, I remind myself that I did it all without him or his approval, his cinnamon smell or his clear green eyes He lights up the screen like a celestial body, but he s nothing but a paycheck to me.He can throw my camera off a balcony, and nothing has to change We can stay king and queen of the same city, and different worlds.Except this is Hollywood, and here, anything can happen.

    • ☆ ShutterGirl || ✓ PDF Read by ☆ C.D. Reiss
      313 C.D. Reiss
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    1. There is no question that I love Christine’s writing or that she is nestled comfortably in the list of my favorite authors. So going into Shuttergirl I knew that I’d get exceptional writing but this would be different from the erotic nature of the Songs of Series’ that preceded this release. Shuttergirl is a contemporary romance accompanied by a second chance love story that is set in Hollywood. Both sides of the city are revealed in this tale. The glamour, the blinding flash of the camera [...]

    2. LIVE! [ LINK]★★★★ ½! Shuttergirl (stand-alone) A paparazzi girl’s camera love affair with a Hollywood heartthrob, until he spots the girl behind the lens!“This is the story of one celebrity and as much as the city, he is mine.”Shuttergirl (stand-alone) is the against-all-odds love story of a Hollywood superstar and a paparazzi girl of the city. Together they are the Ying and Yang in what makes scandalous headlines, but also polar opposites in background and upbringing. A-list acto [...]

    3. 5 Tour De Force Stars * * * * *A Review in Two PartsThis reading experience hit me in two ways. The first was the solid, compelling story about two people who seemed to be so very different, yet when looked at closely and revealed had so much more in common than would believed. The second sensation was the remarkable way this was told by an author who transitioned seamlessly from one style of writing to another.I would like to talk about the artistry of C. D. Reiss just for a moment. There are a [...]

    4. Currently on SALE 99c for 1 week only! 18th - 24th January 2016A STANDALONE full length contemporary ROMANCE!It's Live! * US * UK * CA * (Check price before purchase)Shuttergirl is primarily a story about love, loving freely, without reservation or hindrance from the past or present. It's about taking a risk with your heart, a leap of faith for the ultimate prize. Shuttergirl is about letting love lead the way. Laine and Michael initially met at Breakfront School a number of years prior to th [...]

    5. I loved this book… it’s one of those that will stay with me for a very long time and I will be reading it again and again!!!Before I go into why this story touched me in the way it didlet me begin to say that the writing spoke to me…poetic, expressive, inspiring, emotional, lyrical, movingI could go on forever – absolutely beautiful!From the very beginning, I knew I was going to go on an amazing journey… Shuttergirl had so much going for me, most of all the two main characters…a Holl [...]

    6. 4.5 It's Always Been You Stars!(ARC provided by author)-I knew this city like a lover, and she'd whisper her secrets to me.Laine Cartwright aka Shuttergirl is a 25 yr. old woman living in Los Angeles. She grew up as a lonely foster kid constantly moving from family to family, & never feeling like she belonged anywhere or mattered to anyone, except for a guy named Michael Greydon she went to high school with. There was a time in her life that he made her feel special. They were friends, and h [...]

    7. 4.5 “O and W” STARSI will never tire of CD's writing. I must have highlighted more than two thirds of this book with its poetic and illustrative words that just brought this story to three dimensional life!! Her words evoke emotions in me and awaken my senses. I felt like I was the voyeur, the "pap" capturing every detail of this original, gritty and poignant tale. This was a departure from Christine’s other fantastic works -- a contemporary romance about star-crossed lovers that get a do- [...]

    8. 4 STARS! ★★★★"She was a vortex. I’d avoided getting swallowed up in her once, and now, more than ever, I needed to avoid it again."Having read and loving her Songs of Submission series, CD Reiss certainly doesn't come by as a foreign name to me in the erotica genre. Jonathan Drazen still remains as one of my top favorite dominant alpha-male and she never disappoints with her sensual reads that are intense yet emotional. While ShutterGirl is a departure from her usual writings and ventu [...]

    9. Even before we had a title or a cover I have been hearing about this secret project. Being the inquisitive/nosey person that I am I couldn’t wait to find out more. Sometimes with books the hype overshadows the story, that is definitely not that case here.At first glance we see a paparazzi and an entitled celebrity, but we quickly learn there is so much more than meets the eye with these two. Laine Cartwright is a damaged girl, but she is also incredibly strong. She has taken all the “disadva [...]

    10. 4 Flashing Stars. Laine and Michael knew each other from the past, but life threw them apart for ten years.Now he’s one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors, she’s one of the best paparazzi in the business that always get the best photos. When life gets them on the same way again, can they have a second chance or this time their lives are too different? This book started out a little slow and I have to confess that in the beginning I was having some trouble connecting with the story. But [...]

    11. 4 Love Conquers All StarsFalling in love, being in love and losing love are never easy. It stays with you and lays dormant, sometimes you can forget and sometimes you are given a second chance. ShutterGirl is a second chance love story.Michael Greydon is Hollywood royaltyand Lanie Cartwright is a paparazzi.The two are suppose to be like oil and water- they are not suppose to mix. But they knew each other a long time ago in high school. They had a connection but it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn [...]

    12. 4.5 Oscar starsI hereby introduce a brand new shelf (the Perfect Title) dedicated with love to this book!This is a story about first love, second chances, predetermined and redefined futures, ambition, the media and a city. LA, and mostly Hollywood, is a living, vibrant element in the story. Maybe it’s what connects these two or separates them, maybe it’s their lover, maybe it’s the missing mother figure who embraced in its fold the heroine, Laine, and whispered its secrets.Michael, the he [...]

    13. Title: ShuttergirlSeries: StandaloneAuthor: CD Reiss Release date:May 16, 2015Cliffhanger: NoHEA(view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]CD Reiss is known for her seductive and steamy erotica. No one can dispute she's at the top of her game when it comes to that genre. However, if you're looking for another erotically fueled story in Shuttergirl, you won't find that here. This is a straight contemporary romance standalone. In fact, the sex content is actually really minimum. But don't let that dissuade [...]

    14. I can't wait to share Shuttergirl with you!This book is my first contemporary romance. It's hot and steamy, with an intense second-chance love story. It's got all the CD Reissness you have come to expect, without the spankings ;)ONE movie star on the cusp of greatness broken girl who touched him.TEN years to forget her.A MILLION stories in Hollywood.

    15. Another great read by C.D. Reiss. The flawless writing style you've come to love from her but with a totally different story that true to form, pulls you in, urges you to turn the page and find out what happens next. BUT here's the kickeris story is different than her typical MO. ShutterGirl is about a second chance at love from the person who saw the real you way back when, even when you couldn't face yourself. C.D. brings that grit you expect but this time it's done differently and in such a w [...]

    16. DNF @42%I'm just not connecting to the writing or the characters. It's a case of personal tastes and unfortunately it's just not working for me.

    17. Halfway through, I just wanted this book to be over, so I could move on to the next one. There were good moments but there were few and far between. There were too many inner monologues and not many dialogues. Too much telling and not much showing.I liked the aspect of Hollywood in the book, though and liked that I got to see what it's like to be a paparazzi and a Hollywood actor. Other than that, this was so boring, I was nearly snoring to death

    18. S = Second Chance love for him & herH = Hollywood divides themU = Unforgettable charactersT = Tantalizing connectionsT = Tormented individualE = Electrifying chemistryR = Riveting storytellingG = Grabs you page by pageI = Irresistible authorR = Recommended to everyoneL = Love conquers allWhat more can I say about C.D. Reiss and her unbelievable talent; nothing, I can't explain it the way some can, so I hope this non-review catches your attention ;pFor more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways [...]

    19. What can I say about CD Reiss' books. They are so well written. Flawless interwoven story telling and great characters with so much depth. One of my favorite things is her heroines, they are not whiny or Wishy washy. They are strong , confidant and intelligent women. Laine is no exception to that. Her past isn't perfect, in fact it is flawed, some might say ugly. Michael on the surface is an adorable actor from the perfect family , living the perfect life. Well we know that nothing and nobody is [...]

    20. 4.5 starsWhile ShutterGirl is a bit of a departure from CD Reiss’s more sensual writings, her foray into the contemporary romance genre has all the hallmarks I’ve come to expect from CD’s work: superb writing woven with complex characters and a captivating plot. This is an alluring second-chance love story about two completely opposite people who dare to fall in love.Michael Greydon was born into a life of privilege. The son of two famous actors, he grew up Hollywood royalty. Rich, talente [...]

    21. ”This is the story of one celebrity, and as much as the city, he is mine. “I nearly went in this book blind and that's the best feeling EVERI should do it more often ^^I first knew the book as #TheHollywoodProject, then I read the blurb but it doesn't say much. You could not expect the kind of book it is with this blurb and IMO it's better this way.As I want others to experience it the way I did, you could guess I won't tell you much about the plotIf you've read other books by CD Reiss, you [...]

    22. I've been craving a good stand-alone for a while now. Funny how when I get one I want more, but that’s truly a testament to CD Reiss’ writing.Laine Cartwright is a paparazzi and L.A. is in her blood. The city itself the only true home she has ever known. After her single mother was sent to prison, Laine was put on the never-ending merry-go-round of foster care. Families changed, friends came and went, but her city is ever constant. It’s very streets are her solace and her camera her friend [...]

    23. Title: ShutterGirlSeries: StandaloneAuthor: CD ReissRelease date:16th May, 2015Rating: 4 "shutterbug" starsCliffhanger: No HEA:(view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]My favourite thing about CD Reiss' ShutterGirl was the ShutterGirl herself, Lanie. She's the embodiment of the underdog. The hard working, unsung hero who was dealt a shitty hand in life but with sheer will, determination and a refusal to quit, ultimately finds her Hollywood ending.“The camera? Fuck the camera. She’s got something ex [...]

    24. 4.5 - 5 Stars!!Another unexpected and fresh story from CD Reiss. Shuttergirl is a bittersweet, second-chance love story that is at once sweet and poignant and gritty as well. The City of Los Angeles is as much of a main character here as Laine and Michael and adds a dark and gloomy undercurrent to the themes of the book. CD Reiss' City of Angels is not the shiny, glamourous world we might see on TV or in the moves or glossy magazines, but instead is a gloomy city of darkness beneath all the glit [...]

    25. 2,5-3 starsPersonally , I hadn't read before a book about paparazzi- celebrity, so this was a unique theme for me and because of that I was intrigued. I'm afraid, sadly, that even though it had a lot of potential , it felt like it was lacking.I didn't feel connected to the characters and I wasn't enchanted by them , plus the cutting of the sentences was something that irked me.This was my first read by Christine, but it won't be my last. Copy was gifted in a giveaway by C.D. Reiss. Thank you so [...]

    26. dnf 53%The writing was good, the characters were interesting enough, but I didn't feel passionate about anything in the book. Unfortunately, it did not hook and excite me. I couldn't feel the chemistry between the hero and heroine. I gave it a fair shot, but I had to let it go.

    27. 4.5 Lights, Camera, Action StarsWow, what a totally unexpected, yet amazing tale from my fave author of spankings and dominant gingers! C.D. Reiss comes strong with this standalone tale of love between a man and woman whose connection is deep yet so wrong, or is it?What good could possibly come from the pairing of an up and coming A-list Hollywood heart-throb and a smart, street bred paparraza? While their pasts are not foreign to one another, their present day is nothing less than worlds apart. [...]

    28. 5 "Make Me Real" Stars!!!Scroll down for review.Shuttergirl is the kind of story I love best - the sweetness and pain in between the cracks of big, bold lives. Laine and Michael are on opposite sides of the camera in L.A and they share a past that's as much fantasy as reality. To an outsider they're all wrong for each other, but their connection can't be cast aside. And so a tough girl with a fragile heart and a golden boy who's made a career out of putting his desires last are reunited. CD Reis [...]

    29. For the most part, ShutterGirl was a second chance romance out of thin air. The relationship between a hollwood superstar and a paparazzi lacked excitement. I couldn’t connect with both MCs from the start.Likable characters? No.I particularly dislike how Lanie’s backstory as a foster child was written and the reasoning behind her self-destructive behaviors at age 15 and 16. Plus, some serious issues involving Laine’s dark past were shallowly resolved. An underdeveloped storyline. Cheesy Os [...]

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