Saving Maverick

Saving Maverick Maverick Jansen and Kelsey Sullivan fall into a complicated game of PR strategy by day and searing passion by night where they both find a new meaning to fast and hardRIKE ONE Days before the biggest

  • Title: Saving Maverick
  • Author: Debra Elise
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 197
  • Format: ebook
  • Maverick Jansen and Kelsey Sullivan fall into a complicated game of PR strategy by day and searing passion by night where they both find a new meaning to fast and hardRIKE ONE Days before the biggest game of playboy pitcher Maverick Jansen s career, his brother is killed in a horrific car accident Determined not to let his teammates down, Mav pushes through his grief oMaverick Jansen and Kelsey Sullivan fall into a complicated game of PR strategy by day and searing passion by night where they both find a new meaning to fast and hardRIKE ONE Days before the biggest game of playboy pitcher Maverick Jansen s career, his brother is killed in a horrific car accident Determined not to let his teammates down, Mav pushes through his grief only to lose control of his signature pitch and the series STRIKE TWO Still dealing with the backlash of his once adoring fans, Maverick learns his team s owner plans to move the ball club to small town America During a night of hard drinking Mav rails against the move to Hicksville while a fan records the entire tirade His career takes another hit when the video goes viral right before spring training Kelsey Sullivan, Media Consultant, is hired by the team s owner and her childhood friend, Thomas Scott, to help restore Maverick s image and find a way to get his mojo back As the daughter of a former minor league ball player who walked away from her and her unstable mother, Kelsey breaks her main client rule no male athletes to help her friend and gain a coveted position with the ball club STRIKE THREE, or Persuaded to pretend they re a couple against her better judgment, Kelsey and Maverick begin dating as a last ditch effort to secure his place on the team, fix his public image and prove to an unstable groupie who s begun posting doctored photos on the internet that he s taken In order to convince Kelsey what they have is than just soul shattering sex, Maverick digs deep, overcoming his commitment phobia and unexpected news to prove to Kelsey love can save them both Can Kelsey bury her long held belief that a bad boy baseball player isn t the happily ever after type so they both can make the call of a lifetime.

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    1. When the strikes happen on and off the field…“You can’t pick and choose who you love or who melts your panties.”…and sometimes that means a relationship that is very, very complicated. That is exactly what Maverick Jansen, pitcher extraordinaire, and Kelsey Sullivan, PR guru, find themselves in. These two cannot catch a break at all. Besides both coming with a trunk-full of baggage, their current situation couldn’t be less likely to encourage a romance between them. They try to be pr [...]

    2. Having been privileged to read the ARC of this sports romance, I am thrilled to say it's a fabulous debut for author Debra Elise. Full of sexual tension, angst, heart-felt romance and laugh-out-loud funny moments. With action like this, no wonder baseball is America's sport!

    3. Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsIt’s baseball season and what a way to start off Spring Training. A bad boy, hot baseball player and the woman that could either bench him or have him pitch a perfect game. Yep, here we go with the baseball euphemisms.Maverick was one hot mess. Since his brother’s death, the loss of the big game and moving the team to some podunk town, whiskey has been his friend, lover and coach. Add that to lying to the new owner and trainers a [...]

    4. Wow, what can I say about this book that doesn't make me sound corny? I'll admit that at first, I was a little hesitant. The story line sounded very interesting to me, however, I am not a huge fan of sports or baseball. But let me just say, I'm pretty sure this book has peaked my interest a bit. From the first chapter you are reeled in by these characters. They are so well written and so complex, not to mention the fact that they have some issues in their pasts that makes you very curious as t [...]

    5. I’m not entirely sure how I feel after Saving Maverick. I enjoyed it, but there were some parts that confused me. The story kept my focus and I liked reading it, but I just felt like something was missing as I was reading. I don’t know exactly what… but there was something missing. The plot was a little predictive, but after reading so many romance novels, you start to understand how the plot goes. I do love a happily ever after though. I was confused about some of the writing though. Thro [...]

    6. I got to say the idea for this book was goodbut something was lacking for me. The plot is cliched at best. I couldn't bring myself to like Kelsey at all. The worst part is the she make assumptions about him that they are most often totally wrong. Maverick seems like a great guy and goes through a lot to finally convinces Kelsey to let him in.

    7. Maverick Jensen is his own worst enemy and one night when he is drunk and is complaining about his baseball team being moved to a “Hicksville” town in Idaho, his rant is captured on video and has made all of the media outlets. Now he must deal with this and with the loss of his brother in a car accident. Once in Idaho he is surprised to find Kelsey Sullivan has taken on this client for a friend but now has also broken her one main rule falling for a professional athlete. When things begin to [...]

    8. This review was originally posted on Ticket to AnywherePlace(s) Traveled To: Pineville, IdahoFirst Line(s): Maverick Jansen woke to the sound of a jackhammer tearing down his hotel room door.If you know me then you know a couple things, namely that I like New Adult and that while I may not be a big sportsing fan in real life I do adore a good sportsing book. With that in mind one would think that SAVING MAVERICK would be a book that is right up my alley. Especially when you toss in a bad boy in [...]

    9. **You can see this full review and more at Book Briefs: bookbriefs**Saving Maverick is the first book in the new adult Outlaws of baseball series by Debra Elise. I love the bloomsbury spark line, but for some reason I was under the impression that it was for more young adult line of books, but this was most certainly a new adult romance. I am really excited that the spark line is branching out into (or maybe has always done) new adult romances as well. Saving Maverick is a really yummy first boo [...]

    10. ** ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ** Who doesn't love a book with sports, hot sexy men, romance and crazy drama.Debra did an amazing job in combining all my favorites in one book. It was a good read.Maverick Jansen has been struggling with his career as a Pitcher for the Outlaws. After an accident left him on the Disabled List he has been unable to work his was back to where he used to be. Now the media see him as a man with a drinking problem and a man whore. After his boss and [...]

    11. I am such a sucker for sport romances! I really enjoyed this book by Debra Elise. I enjoyed the chemistry between Maverick and Kelsey. The book flows well and it is entertaining through the eyes of the sports world. I thought the wrinkle of Kelsey and Maverick "having to date" was great. My only slight issue with this book is that Kelsey is forcefully like "no, I don't want to date you" but completely turns the switch. That could just be me, but overall I thought this book was really enjoyable!

    12. Maverick had quite the panty melting lines, “would you be wearing lingerie? If yes, you can call me anything you want.” That damn grin appeared again and her lower half went liquid." Maverick is always willing to accommodate with what his woman wants, “you don’t sound too sure about that, baby. I mean, I aim to please. We could go back to my place and finish what we started.” I really liked this book, Maverick was a good guy.

    13. Loved Kelsey & Maverick and the sparks between them! Since I am a huge baseball fan this was an enjoyable story about a player, his love of the game and then his love for a beautiful, intelligent woman. The characters come alive with their personalities, passions and vulnerability. I felt as if they were/are people I have known in my own life. Set in the beautiful area of northern Idaho you not only care about the characters, but the scenery itself comes alive. I highly recommend it!

    14. Do you like sexy baseball players? Then Debra Elise's debut romance Saving Maverick will not disappoint. After an accident leaves him on the disabled list, Maverick turns to drinking and women and earns himself a reputation as a womanizer. Enter Kelly Sullivan, PR pro who is determined not to let her feelings for him get in the way of her job. Their attraction is instantaneous, undeniable and forbidden. If you like sexy sports romances, check out Saving Maverick!

    15. DNF'd at 32%I think I was thrown by finding this title in the Bloomsbury Spark imprint but the story did NOT read NA at all. It was more of a contemporary adult romance story with a lot of heated moments between the two protagonists. And with moments like 'nipples brushing shoulders', I couldn't go further in their "dance" sorry :(

    16. Cute, fun read. A little nonsensical at times and too slut shame-y/I'm-not-like-the-other-girls for my taste, but fun for what it was.

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