Hope in the Land

Hope in the Land When Henry Edison turns up in Lancaster County to survey farm women about their domestic contributions during the s the last thing Amish housewife Gloria Grabill has time for is the government ag

  • Title: Hope in the Land
  • Author: Olivia Newport
  • ISBN: 9781634096553
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Henry Edison turns up in Lancaster County to survey farm women about their domestic contributions during the 1930s, the last thing Amish housewife Gloria Grabill has time for is the government agent s unending questions Gloria s hands are already full with a farm to run alongside her husband, a houseful of children, and an English neighbor, Minerva Swain, who has beeWhen Henry Edison turns up in Lancaster County to survey farm women about their domestic contributions during the 1930s, the last thing Amish housewife Gloria Grabill has time for is the government agent s unending questions Gloria s hands are already full with a farm to run alongside her husband, a houseful of children, and an English neighbor, Minerva Swain, who has been trying Gloria s patience for forty years Gloria s oldest daughter, Polly, wants nothing than the traditional path of an Amish farmer s wife, but everything she does seems to push Thomas Coblentz further away While the Great Depression shadows the country in gloom, can Amish and English neighbors in Lancaster County grasp the goodness that will sustain hope

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    1. I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. The simplicity in the story-line was very welcoming. Farm families living through the depression in the 1930's. Love the font size that Shiloh Run Press puts out!

    2. The time of this book is the 1930’s and takes place in Lancaster Pennsylvania, but it could be anywhere in the U.S it is depression time, and the also a sever drought, dust bowl.College educated Henry Edison has secured one of President Roosevelt’s WPA jobs, and glad to work. His car dies as he arrives at the Grabill Amish home, and they open their doors to him. The family takes him under their wing, and especially Polly helps him with his fact finding.We also meet the Swains, the Grabill’ [...]

    3. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1936, Ernie had rolled up his shirt sleeves and was scrubbing his arms all the way up to his elbows. Minerva's stomach sank. "We're going to the Grabills' for lunch." Ernie flashed a grin. "Did you invite yourself again?" "It was Marlin's idea this time." Minerva is the English neighbor and Gloria, the Amish homemaker, and the two have never gotten along. The two women attended school together as youngsters and they didn't get along then and they still don't get a [...]

    4. I did not read the first books in the series, but enjoyed "Hope in the Land" as a standalone novel. Henry Edison has a WPA job to survey farm women about their domestic contributions. Although the last thing she has time for is helping Henry with his questions, Amish housewife Gloria Grabill takes Henry under her wing. The story revolves around Gloria's busy family as they farm and raise their children next door to an English family, the Swains. Even though their husbands are the best of friends [...]

    5. In Lancaster County, it is the time of the Depression during the Thirties. Hope in The Land by Olivia Newport is mainly about two Amish families: the Grabills and the Swains. The Grabills are the biggest family of the two. What makes the novel interesting is the relationship between Minerva Swain and Gloria Grabill, how people lived through the Depression and the values of the Amish in their community. Growing up, I lived only a couple hours from Lancaster County. So I felt a bit homesick rememb [...]

    6. I don’t often read Amish fiction, but I have thoroughly enjoyed Olivia Newport’s Amish Turns of Time series; the historical component adds depth and complexity, as does the interaction in the community between Amish and English characters. Each story is unique and set during different periods of time, helping to sustain my interest and coming back for each new book.One of the best parts about this book, and this series really, is the interaction between English and Amish characters. And Miss [...]

    7. Hope in the Land by Olivia Newport is the fourth book in an Amish Turns of Time series. It is 1936 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (in the midst of the Great Depression). Gloria Grabill runs a busy farm. Gloria and her husband, Marlin have many children to support as well as their cousin, Lillian (who is indeed a trial) who is currently staying with them. Then Henry Edison arrives. Henry is a new government employee with the WPA (Works Progress Administration) and they are conducting a survey [...]

    8. I was intrigued by the subject of this novel because it was set during the Great Depression of the thirties. My parents were raised during this time but under different circumstances. My dad's family lived in town and struggled for every morsel of food put on their table. My mom's family lived in the country and had a farm and grew their own food, like the Amish families in this book. The hardships were still there but they always had food on the table.Henry was fresh out of college, working for [...]

    9. Just like the title suggests, in the midst of the Depression era there is always hope in the land. This story contrasts each of the characters lives and how they live through the hard times. Gloria Grabill doesn’t fear providing for her family as she lives off the land as an Amish farmers wife. Minerva Swain has lived as an almost spoiled modern day wife with luxuries no longer afforded by her husband. These two women not only live as neighbors, but have known each other for 40 years. Ever sin [...]

    10. A Joy to Read!Ever since reading my first Olivia Newport book, Accidentally Amish (Valley of Choice Book 1), I realized that the author writes a very different type of story. One of the main differences is that Ms. Newport’s writing is outside of the box. None are a cookie cutter format, which maker her writing very refreshing. Her series, Amish Turns of Time, is a wonderful series, and Hope in the Land is a great addition to it. The author incorporates a history lesson into a story of hope, r [...]

    11. I had a bit of difficulty "getting into" this story but this seems to be the norm for me with this author's works. However, once I got into the story a bit I found it to be a well-written and very interesting read. The setting of this book is Depression-era Lancaster County and the story revolves around a study being conducted on the farm wives of the area and how they contribute to their family. I have never read a story like this and found it very interesting. It was neat to see how the famili [...]

    12. I enjoyed reading “Hope in the Land” by Olivia Newport. This novel is set during the Great Depression near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It involves the farms of an Amish family and an Englisch family. Henry Edison is sent to the area by the WPA to survey farm women about how they are coping with the Depression in their home life. It is obvious that no one has money, but it is very interesting how each family goes about their business during this time of great deprivation.The Amish family [...]

    13. Hope in the Land written by Olivia Newport, is a very interesting look on the Great Depression. The story centers on an Amish farm and a English farm pointing out the different ways they handle living during the depression.The Grabill's, the Amish family, put all their hope and faith into producing what their family needs in their land. They are very thirsty and use the barter system to help them get by with very little money. The Swain family also work the land but Minvera has a compulsion to o [...]

    14. Travel back to the time of The Great Depression of America in "Hope in the Land" by Olivia Newport. The setting is in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where Amish and Englishers coexist as neighbors. We meet Amish housewife Gloria Grabill and her large family. The Grabills all run the family farm as a team working off the land.We also meet English neighbor, Minerva Swain, who has at lot to learn about the state of the economy and her family's farm. Minerva has also been trying Gloria’s patience [...]

    15. This is an Amish lifestyle story with a bit of a difference - it's set in the Depression, and documents a time when Amish and Englische alike were finding times difficult. The story revolves around the family and community where Polly Grabill lives. Polly is the eldest daughter trying to play her part in the running of the family farm, but not really cut out for the farming life. Their Englische neighbours, the Swains are struggling to keep their business afloat, though wife Minerva doesn't appr [...]

    16. I was SO disappointed when I finished the third book in Olivia Newport's historical Amish Turns of Time series. What a treat to discover she isn't done adding titles yet! And I think Hope in the Land was the best book so far.I must admit, I couldn't help but love Gloria and despise Minerva - there, I got that off my chest! The rest of the characters are pretty realistic with both positive and negative traits. And Lillian is too self-absorbed to be anything but comically aggravating; we all know [...]

    17. *My Thoughts*Yay! Hope in the land was such a perfect addition to the Amish Turns of Time series. I absoultely loved how Olivia seamlessly blends Amish & English life! I found myself loving and disliking characters in every page, and I wished it would go on even longer.Her writing is superb! I've always adored learning about our country's history, both the good, and the bad. Olivia did a wonderful job blending her chapters into a beautiful story. The historical aspects were amazing and inspi [...]

    18. This is one of those subtle kinds of stories that creeps into your heart. A hope-filled respite that left me longing for simpler days. Gloria is at the centre of it all, dispensing compassion and wisdom (most of the time) as she nurtures her brood and looks beyond the needs of her own family. Her one nemesis is Minerva and, frankly, I can totally see why! (insert the sound of nails scratching on a blackboard -- the woman is that annoying!) I've always been fascinated by the Depression era as a h [...]

    19. A wonderful story about the government's survey program of the Amish to find why they are so more productive than others. Henry is the government agent; he's a simple man who lacks common sense and requires so much help from the Amish themselves to do his task. Poor Henry! Polly is one of the Grabill daughters and is wise, efficient, great at organizing, creative and in love, she thinks. Minerva is the most irritating character; so full of herself, a shopaholic to the extreme, and feels she is a [...]

    20. Can 2 different families pull together?Hope In The Land was such an interesting story. It is only the second Amish historical that I've read – and one of only a few novels set during the Depression. One of the things I really liked about this book was the way Olivia Newport didn't idealize or romanticize the Amish or the Depression. Everything from Gloria and Minerva's 40 year competition, Polly's struggles with finding her place in life, Henry's determination to make even low paying job work [...]

    21. Olivia Newport transports you back to the 1930's when our country was struggling to survive the Great Depression. Let Newport take you back in time to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we will meet Amish women Gloria Grabill and her English neighbor Minerva Swain.As both families are faced with the challenge of providing for their families, Gloria seems to have a better sense of what she must do to help her family through this time, while Minera appears to be having a difficultly figuring it out. If [...]

    22. This is my first book that I have read by Olivia Newport. I will definitely be reading more of her books.Hope in the Land takes place in the 1930’s during the Great Depression. I really liked this Amish fictional book. This book really kept my interest! I really like how the characters are so realistic and enjoyed learning about the different Amish families. Polly was my favorite character in the book. She is a very kind, friendly girl and really smart at Math. I felt like I could relate to Po [...]

    23. Hope in the Land takes place during the depression. Henry, a government agent, shows up in Lancaster County to survey farm women, Amish and English, about their domestic contributions during this hard time. The book opened my eyes to the self sufficiency of the Amish and how they survive and will continue to survive during hard times. There is a lesson to be learned from this book. I enjoyed the book and did not predict the ending which was a pleasant surprise. I look forward to reading more boo [...]

    24. Hope in the Land by Olivia Newport is the fourth book in the Amish Turns of Time series, but can be read as a stand alone. Olivia blends Amish & English life in the time of the 1930's Great Depression. Olivia does a superb writing of our country's history. She blended the chapters into a beautiful story of amazing, unique, and inspiring historical aspects and romance. I was given a copy for an honest review.

    25. Hope in the Land is quite a bit different Amish historical that I have read. I have always enjoyed reading Depression era novels, but have never read one involving an Amish story. I found that to be unique and refreshing personally. I enjoyed the characters and setting and, of course, the era. This is my favorite of Olivia Newport to date. 5 stars

    26. When I first picked up this book I had the impression that this was a good author and I would enjoy this book. As I continued it just didn't hold my interest. I think the writer has a lot of potential and perhaps the busyness of my season of life played in to my lack of enthusiasm. I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying this book but it wouldn't be on my list of recommendations.

    27. Delightful story of being humble and not live above your means. Set during the great depression. One supplies for the family and the other tries to live above their means. When push comes to shove the later must come to terms and be humble. I very teaching story.

    28. An excellent read. If we would all help each other thru the hard times as the Grabill family did--what a wonderful world it could be!

    29. totally different book than I usually read, but it opened my eyes to what really happened during the great depression years.

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