Burning Offer

Burning Offer The anonymous invitation that someone slipped under my door promises Just for meeting a man downtown in a public place no questions asked There s no catch I ve checked A banker vouched for the

  • Title: Burning Offer
  • Author: Aubrey Parker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The anonymous invitation that someone slipped under my door promises 1,000 Just for meeting a man downtown, in a public place, no questions asked There s no catch I ve checked A banker vouched for the offer, the funds, and the wealth of my unknown host I just have to show up And given what s gone wrong in Miami, I m desperate for money A man I can t stand I can maThe anonymous invitation that someone slipped under my door promises 1,000 Just for meeting a man downtown, in a public place, no questions asked There s no catch I ve checked A banker vouched for the offer, the funds, and the wealth of my unknown host I just have to show up And given what s gone wrong in Miami, I m desperate for money A man I can t stand I can make than I ever imagined, Daniel Rice tells me, if I agree to take part in a competition But Daniel doesn t impress me, with his tailored suit and silver cufflinks, with his big hands and callous manner If Daniel is Trevor Ross s right hand man, I don t even want to hear about Trevor s little contest It doesn t matter how rich Trevor is Daniel is a brute and a bastard, and for some reason he seems to hate me Everything in me screams to run away, no matter how much I m secretly drawn to Daniel So why am I still here A proposal I can t believe Daniel is like an addiction, chipping away at my resolve, piece by piece Just get into the limousine Just get on the private plane Just fly to an airstrip at the foot of the largest, most luxurious estate I ve ever seen Just stay the first night, then another Tell no one where I ve gone, or why At each stage, they offer money, easing me into the competition with all the other girls I just wish it was only the money keeping me here An offer I can t refuse I only need to stay here in this place to make all that I need I don t even have to participate like the other girls do There are twelve of us, but alliances were forming before I arrived There are the three hired men, each one hotter than the last There s Trevor And Daniel who the rules say I must stay away from But I can t Daniel tells me I m his, not Trevor s or anyone else s He says he owns me I hate the way he talks to me But I can t resist him, no matter the penalty The rules say I can leave whenever I want But for some reason, I don t Desperate times call for desperate pleasures The Burning Offer is the first volume in the 4 book Trevor s Harem series, and Aubrey Parker s hottest, edgiest story yet.

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    1 thought on “Burning Offer”

    1. Definitely not a usual story of a millionaire-in-suit who wants to get the woman. Or maybe, is it? I do not really know, because it's still one huge mystery. And even if it is, he doing it in a completely twisted way.About the plot: From the beginning Bridget is pulled in the game. At the concert meets a man who never should know who she is, and with whom she ends on a fast quickie. Her life takes even stranger course when she gets anonymous invitation promises $1,000. She is desperate to earn a [...]

    2. Finally Bridget's story!!!!!! If you read the Inferno Falls Series like I did, you were impatiently awaiting Bridget's book. We were left with an itty-bitty cliffhanger that introduced Burning Offer - and I just HAD to know what was happening.Burning Offer starts off with a mysterious man seducing Bridget - a man who knows far more about her than anyone should. But it isn't until she investigates the mysterious offer that she sees him again. Daniel. For $1000 all she has to do is show up. But th [...]

    3. 3 to 3.5 stars.This is an intriguing read which slowly reveals itself although be warned its a cliffhanger and the first in a series of four books but they're on KU.It opens with Bridget who's received an invitation, no stamp or return address: You Are Invited 2 p.m April 17th Castleview Hotel Private Conference Room C $ 1,000 Paid For Attendance, No Strings Attached * Bring A Day Bag * We know Bridget needs money but we don't know why and then while she's out she's approached by Alexander who k [...]

    4. We see that Bridget is hiding something from Brandon and will do anything to help Linda. With an invitation for a meeting for $1000 to talk Bridget goes back and forth and finally takes the meeting. When she meets Daniel not for the first time he offers her more money. Needing the money and having no one she wants to get involve she takes Daniel's offer. Going to Trevor Ross house to compete in a contest to win a lot of money and another prize which Bridget needs more then ever after hearing som [...]

    5. This book was better than I even expected. I really liked how the story built on mystery. You had to keep reading to reveal even the smallest piece of the puzzle. Aside from a few strange scenes with one of the main characters, it was excellent. I'm already looking forward to the sequel. Five glittery stars for this romantic erotica read!

    6. I want to say is a definitely a 3 star rating only because the beginning I was so confused on what was going on. I didn't understand it was pile after pile of confusion for me but I kept reading anyway. I would continue to read the rest of the books but I could hold off from it for now.

    7. Burning Offer ( Trevor's Harem book 1 ) Aubrey Parker ( 5 Stars ) Bridget grew up in foster care having to deal with Horrible situations and now a little older and hardened to everything , she still has to take care of others responsibilities that are not her own. Even with her day job as a Voice actor and moonlighting side job as a phone sex operator . she still can't get by, so when she gets an invitation slipped under her door offering $1,000 just for meeting a mysterious stranger in a public [...]

    8. Disturbing the only way I can think of to describe Burning Offer by Aubrey Parker. It is kind of an x-rated version of tv's The Bachelor, where a bunch of tramps are brought together to vie for the prize: matrimony and a big paycheck. Of course, with the television series, there are usually one or two decent, nice girls who are really deserving of ending up with a decent, nice guy, but is the proposed husband-to-be really all that decent or nice if he is willing to sit back and pit one suitor ag [...]

    9. a-reader-lives-a-thousand-liveTitle: Burning Offer Series: Trevor's Harem (#1) Author: Aubrey Parker From: Review Copy Genre: Romance, Erotica Release Date: 2nd February 2016Challenges: Winter COYER 2015-2016, 2016 New Release Challenge Links: - When Bridget gets an invite under her door saying she can have $1000 for just turning up to a meeting she decides to go. When she gets there she sees that it's the same man that found her the night before; Daniel. Daniel knows how to push all Bridget's [...]

    10. I’m not entirely sure what to say about this book, and I don’t have to worry about giving away any spoilers because I have absolutely no friggin’ idea what the hell is going on. All I know is that Bridget is competing against eleven other women in a sexual contest aimed at finding a wife for the billionaire head of a sex toy company. But is that all there is to the contest? Who’s in charge? Is it Trevor, Daniel or someone else? Bridget doesn’t know, nor does she care; she only plans on [...]

    11. Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good book this was also my first time reading this author. Bridget is in a bind and needs money to help out her family. Working various jobs including a phone sex operator who led her to meet Alexander/Daniel. Daniel is your typical alpha male who gets what he wants and decides when he wants to take it he is the tall, dark tattooed skin, bad boy. When she receives an invitation for a meeting, where she will receive $1000, just to show up, she goes back and forth, [...]

    12. This is a review for #1-4 books, it's best to read them together, because each one (except the last) ends abruptly in the middle of an event and the next just picks it up, no intro or anything. It's one book literally split up in 4 parts.I went into the series completely blindfolded. I didn't know what to expect there was the "dark" tag as well, which is usually a warning sign I won't like the book. But I went into it anyway, boy am I glad I did.This was amazing!! Loved loved loved it.Some of yo [...]

    13. This is so, messed up. I mean it was good, but it was rather creepy at times. I wanted so badly for them to fall for each other instead of it being some weird messed up demanding kinky fuckery. I wanted more of a foundation built for them, theses stories are always better when love is found.

    14. Just a warning, this ends on a cliffhanger! I'm confused but definitely intrigued by this first book. There are a lot of questions you won't get answered by the end of this book, which was brilliant of the author cause I really wish the second book was available now to keep reading.

    15. I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. I'm baffled, curious, annoyed at the cliffhanger ( only because I hate them lol). It's far from a typical millionaire gets a girl type book. There's not enough details to really get to know the characters yet just enough to want to know more. I'm curious to find out if Daniel knew Bridget from one of the many homes, some of his thoughts make it seem such is the case but then others lead me away from that thought. Soo many questions. Unfortunately I [...]

    16. I'm a fan of the authors so was excited to read this when I read the synopsis. Sounded very mysterious. This was an interesting story that confused me in the beginning and throughout. I later learned that all these people that were brought up have their own stories so I felt a little out of the loop. I didn't really enjoy Daniel. He came off rude, demeaning, and aggressive to me. But I can see where things may change for his character in the future, maybe. Fun idea, just not for me. If you're a [...]

    17. This is the first book I've read from this author and it certainly won't be the last! Wow. Steamy. Mysterious. Compelling story of choices you wouldn't ever see yourself making yet do because it's necessary. Bridget's life struggles come through in her persona, interactions with others. Daniel is the man I think we all want to hate but he does something to make you hate that you like him. Can't wait to dig into book 2!

    18. 3.5 stars. I wound up liking this book, but it was written in a confusing way. I kept thinking that I should know these billionaires they kept talking about, and that I was missing key things in the story. But the author just wrote it that way and would talk about it later. The characters knew, just not the audience. I really want to find out who Daniel really is and how Bridget is going to get herself out of her predicament.

    19. On the fenceI must admit I spent most of this book in a confused state. Finding myself reluctantly re-reading portions to make sure I didn't miss something. Maybe that's what the author intended? Either way, knowing it was a cliffhanger, it still left me wanting to know how this would play out but at the same time not in a rush to do so.

    20. I am so hookedThis book was mind blowing! I cannot believe the twisted sense of morality, or the catty b!*=h that has start with Bridget! God I hate a villainess. Makes me wanna hit someone! Couldn't put it down and I am starting the next! Oh and did I mention, I voluntary read this to give an honest review! You don't want to miss it!

    21. I didn't expect to like this book, the characters are not nice. That being said, I am very curious about the program, what Alexa is up to, if Bridget will continue to be difficult, and how the heck karma gets Kylie. Looks like I'll be sticking with the series.

    22. SatisfyingBridget is introduced to us in the Infernal Falls Trilogy. From the moment I read her, I loved her. This is her story and it unfolds in a very unique way. I can't get enough of this series, hangover worthy!! Highly recommend!

    23. Couldn’t stop reading I couldn’t stop reading this book. I thought I’m not gonna like this book that I started reading it and ended up buying the second book

    24. This was an interesting story that confused me in the beginning and throughout. I never connected to the main characters. Won't be reading the next three in this series.

    25. DisappointedI had to make myself keep reading this book,I thought it would get better. Then when I get to the end and it leaves you hanging. Very disappointed.

    26. This book hooked me. It’s mysterious in a way but sexy and different. I’ve never read a book like this before and can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

    27. Not having read any books by Aubrey Parker before, I wasn't aware that Bridget had appeared in other books previously (Inferno Falls series). This is the first in a series known as Trevor's Harem. My enjoyment of the story wasn't in any way impaired by not having read the previous books that Bridget appeared in.Bridget receives an invitation that offers her a $1,000 dollars just for meeting a man, in public with apparently no strings attached. This is a carrot that is dangled in front of her. Is [...]

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