Spuds Newbery medalist Karen Hesse has crafted a heartwarming story set in the backwoods of Maine that glows with integrity love and true family values Ma s been working so hard she doesn t have much lef

  • Title: Spuds
  • Author: Karen Hesse Wendy Watson
  • ISBN: 9780439879934
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Newbery medalist Karen Hesse has crafted a heartwarming story set in the backwoods of Maine that glows with integrity, love, and true family values.Ma s been working so hard, she doesn t have much left over So her three kids decide to do some work on their own In the dark of night, they steal into their rich neighbor s potato fields in hopes of collecting the strays thatNewbery medalist Karen Hesse has crafted a heartwarming story set in the backwoods of Maine that glows with integrity, love, and true family values.Ma s been working so hard, she doesn t have much left over So her three kids decide to do some work on their own In the dark of night, they steal into their rich neighbor s potato fields in hopes of collecting the strays that have been left to rot They dig flat bellied in the dirt, hiding from passing cars, and drag a sack of spuds through the frost back home But in the light, the sad truth is revealed their bag is full of stones Ma is upset when she sees what they ve done, and makes them set things right But in a surprise twist, they learned they have helped the farmer contd.

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    1 thought on “Spuds”

    1. I really wanted to like this one more since I absolutely loved Hesse's Come On, Rain! but this one just seemed a little flat to me. The storytelling meandered a bit and it just didn't seem to have the vibrancy and zest of characterization of the aforementioned book. That said, it's a worthwhile story about hard times, family love, and maintaining honesty and integrity even in the face of self-sacrifice.

    2. This book is great for a lesson on poverty. The story involves a family that struggles to have food on the table every night. The children begin to sneak around trying to take potatoes, although they end up collecting stones instead. This shows students how difficult it can be for some families to afford food.

    3. I loved this author’s book Come On, Rain!, illustrated by the brilliant Jon J. Muth. That’s why I read this book.This one was just okay. I liked it, but it didn’t feel that special to me, even if I wasn’t comparing it with the other book.I love potatoes and thought they’d sound irresistible here; I’d been planning to warn potential readers not to read this on an empty stomach.The story’s language dialect didn’t appeal to me and seemed kind of stilted. The story itself was rather [...]

    4. This is a book about the three children of a single mother who is working overtime to make ends meet. However, they never seem to have enough to eat. The kids, Jack, Maybelle, and Eddie, decide to give her a little help by scavenging the neighbor's field of potatoes that he left after his harvest. Well, they filled their sack and went on their way. They were very disappointed when they realized that they had mostly collected rocks since it was dark. However, their mother made them return the sac [...]

    5. In this heart-warming story, three children are living with their mother in poverty. After watching their mom work hard, long hours, the kids feel they need to do what they can to help out. One night, after their mother goes to work, the children sneak to a neighbor's farm to take his potatoes that are left over from the harvest. As you may expect, this does not go as planned and the children learn a valuable lesson about honesty and integrity. This book is a great story to teach about poverty. [...]

    6. This book i about a family that struggles more so than most. The character are three children or different age groups and a mother who works very hard and sacrifices a lot to keep her children happy. The kids notice that their momma has been working extra hard lately, so they decide to go take the potatoes from their neighbors farm to help out their momma around the house, but when they get back to the house after they sneaky mischievous night, they notice something very strange about hose there [...]

    7. This story is about a trio of siblings. These kids are worried about their mom working so hard. So, the children sneak out in the middle the night, while their mother is working, to steal some potatoes from a neighbor. However, when the kids return home, they find that most of the potatoes are actually rocks. When their mother finds out what the children have done, she makes them return the potatoes and apologize to their neighbor. This story will be good to teach about honesty. However, there i [...]

    8. “And I knew right then, our ma, she loved us big, so big that love of hers could turn even three little spuds like us into something mighty fine.”A story told by children in country-style language. A tale of poverty, theft, humor, and a kind-hearted neighbor. The dim/dark artwork is creation of pencils, colored ink, watercolor, and gouache.

    9. I was worried that this book would encourage stealing. I've read several lately that think that lying is no big deal. Thankfully, it did not. I wasn't overly impressed with either the story or the illustrations, however.

    10. This would be an excellent choice in a writing lesson as an example of first-person narrative. It is also a nice example of voice, although some of the expressions used will be unfamiliar to students. This could also be used as part of a unit on character education.I'm surprised the setting wasn't more clearly stated since it is integral to the story. The illustrations help give clues to the time period by showing items like a woodburning cook stove, an old-fashioned washboard, and an older mode [...]

    11. Hesse, K & Watson, W. (2008). Spuds. New York: Press.Spuds by Karen Hesse is about a family of three kids who decide they want to gather potatoes from their neighbor, Mr. Kenney’s field. When their mother goes out to work the night shift, they head to the field. They sneak around the farm gathering potatoes and return how with three large bags full. Little do they know that instead they gathered stones. They become upset and their mother makes them go apologize to Mr. Kenney. Mr. Kenney t [...]

    12. In this book, three children decide that they are going to harvest all of the extra potatoes laying around in their neighbor’s field after they see their mother just scraping by to feed them every night. One night, when their Ma goes to work, the three children bundle up and head out into the field. Because it is night, they work quickly and quietly. When they got home, however, they dump out their sacks to find they have gathered rocks instead of potatoes. Ma got home, found out, and made the [...]

    13. Kelly Wiegand February 2, 2015EDL54500 Library Materials for Children and YouthTitle: SpudsAuthor: Karen HessePlot: This story follows three siblings as they set out to gather spuds from their neighbors field so they can have a feast. All goes well until they get home and have gathered stones instead of left over spuds from the harvest. When their mother finds out they are sent to apologize to their neighbor for intending to steal the spuds from his fields; however he turns out to be pleased wit [...]

    14. I discovered this book browsing in our library at school. It's a story of poverty, and young children trying to help their hard working mother. While their mother is at work, three children go late at night into a neighbor's potato field to pick up potatoes so they can have a good meal of spuds. All the ingredients are here to have a great conversation about honesty definitely being the best policy. When the children get home, they discover they've mostly picked up rocks and very few potatoes, b [...]

    15. I think one of the most interesting elements of this book is the use of illustrations to help display the setting of the book. at no point in the story does this book mention anything about what time period it is set in, but immediatly i imagined the characters living in the early 1900's. The colors and detailing is what leads me to this assumption. The colors are more of the darker, earthy, dulled tones of browns and dark greens that give the pictures and old, dirty vibe. Also the kids are wear [...]

    16. Three children steal out late at night to pick potatoes from a neighboring field. They want to help their mother who has to work every night. They spend hours picking potatoes only to find that most of what they've picked is rocks. When Mother finds out what they've done she orders them to march back over to the filed to admit to the farmer what they did and return the stolen potatoes. When the children arrive back at the farm and tell their tale, the farmer laughs and tells them that they are w [...]

    17. Genre: Historical FictionCopyright: 2008"Spuds" follows 3 young children and their mother during struggling times. With no father, the children's mother must work long hours to provide for her family. The children devise a plan to help their mother out, but end up surprising themselves more than their mother.This story was okay. I would have liked a little more background about the families situation. I can only assume the story takes place during the Great Depression. The illustrations are good [...]

    18. A story about a family down on their luck. Probably historical fiction based on the pictures but very timely in these uncertain economic times. Children trying to help their hard working mother - no father is mention, sneak out in the cold dark night to glean spuds from a neighbors newly harvested potato patch. They come home to find a harsh surprise awaiting them not to mention mom is none to pleased to hear that they did not seek the owner's permission to look for the left over potatoes. The p [...]

    19. Even poverty and hunger doesn't mean wrong equals right. When their mom leaves the house to work the night shift, Maybelle, Jack, and Eddie creep into a neighbor's potato field and fill up three huge sacks of taters, hoping their mama will fry them up into something delicious. But when the children finally come home, they find the 'spuds' in their sacks are rocks and stonesd mama walks in, asks what they're doing, and grounds them for stealing. Kindness, forgiveness, and neighborly-sharing is wh [...]

    20. This book does an excellent job of creating an historical atmosphere that is so real it feels as if the reader is right there with the three kids in the potato field, picking potatoes from the plowed ground in an attempt to make things easier for their overwrought mother. Karen Hesse's use of distinctive voice is sound, too, completing the experience and making this the very good picture book that it is.

    21. I found this story a little difficult to read. A somewhat boring story of three kids going to get potatoes from the neighboring farm at night, only to discover in the light of day that they harvested rocks instead. Their mother forces them to own up to their thieving ways to the owner of the farm and he says that next year they can keep any spuds they find and thanks them for clearing the rocks of out his field.Okay illustrations.

    22. I wasn't a huge fan of this book. The story line was interesting in that it deals with stealing for a good cause which is a complicated issue. However the books itself was difficult to read due to the use of slang, short sentences, and what I'm assuming is supposed to be a drawl of some sort. The images in the book were interesting and very detailed which I did enjoy a bit. I probably wouldn't read this to my class because of the stealing concept and it just isn't a book I liked.

    23. "Spuds" is a story of three children on a mission to gather potatoes from Mr. Kenney's field. One thing that I don't like about this book is that it teaches an early story about stealing spuds from someone else. The lesson at the end is simply not to steal, and Mr. Kenney forgives the three children. Overall, this was not the best book I have read.

    24. A depression era set story of children attempting to help their hard working mother provide food for the family. Under cover of darkness the three children set out to glean the remaining potatoes left after the harvest of the field. A good old fashioned story of taking responsibility for one's actions as well as assisting one's neighbors.

    25. i'll read any book about potatoes. it's an ethnic thing. but, ultimately, this book is much too wholesome for me. it's cute. the illustrations are pleasant. the girl child is named maybelle. but even the final theme of "eating potatoes brings families together" was not enough to redeem it in my eyes.

    26. Although the kids had good intentions sneaking into Mr. Kennedy’s potato farm, they came to realize that stealing wasn't the right thing to do. With an apology to Mr. Kennedy the children were able to help on the farm and earn potatoes without having to steal them. This story shows that if you steal all you will end up with are rocks.

    27. Newbery medalist Karen Hesse has crafted a heartwarming story set in the backwoods of Maine that glows with integrity, love, and true family values.Ma's been working so hard, she doesn't have much left over. So her three kids decide to do some work on their own. In the dark of night, they steal into their rich neighbor's potato fields in hopes of collecting the strays that.

    28. I loved the old-time feel of this book. It combined the culture of years past with an understandable plot. The kids are trying to help make ends meet, but they go about it by trying to steal potatos from a nearby farm. They get them home and turns out that most of them are rocks. The farmer ends up allowing them to do this more often and take potatoes because they get the stones out too.

    29. Good story to use to teach children to be honest. The children in this story dig up potatos from thier neighbor when times are rough. Then end up with a sack full of rocks and thier mother makes them apologize to the neighbor. Good story line and illustrations.

    30. Children think to help their mother by stealing potatoes from a neighbor's field but they harvest rocks and shame instead. Neighbor turns out to be very nice when they confess their crimes.Written with a dialect - might be a stumble-trip for readaloud.

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