Rescued By a Lady's Love

Rescued By a Lady s Love Destitute and determined to finally be free of any man s shackles Lily Benedict sets out to salvage her honor With no choice but to commit a crime that will save her from her past she enters the hom

  • Title: Rescued By a Lady's Love
  • Author: Christi Caldwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Destitute and determined to finally be free of any man s shackles, Lily Benedict sets out to salvage her honor With no choice but to commit a crime that will save her from her past, she enters the home of the recluse, Derek Winters, the new Duke of Blackthorne But entering the Beast of Blackthorne s lair proves threatening than she ever imagined With half a faceDestitute and determined to finally be free of any man s shackles, Lily Benedict sets out to salvage her honor With no choice but to commit a crime that will save her from her past, she enters the home of the recluse, Derek Winters, the new Duke of Blackthorne But entering the Beast of Blackthorne s lair proves threatening than she ever imagined With half a face and a mangled leg, Derek once rugged and charming only exists within the confines of his home Shunned by society, Derek is leery of the hauntingly beautiful Lily Benedict As time passes, she slips past his defenses, reminding him how to live again But when Lily s sordid past comes back, threatening her life, it s up to Derek to find the strength to become the hero he once was Can they overcome the darkness of their sins to find a life of love and redemption

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    1 thought on “Rescued By a Lady's Love”

    1. I begin by saying that author, Christi Caldwell slays me. I say that in the most respectful and awed way possible. Since picking up my first Christi Caldwell creation in March of 2015 and quickly racing through everything she has written up to this date, I feel the need to let every reader I know about this remarkable woman who has this undeniable talent for writing historical romances that make my heart soar. RESCUED BY A LADY'S LOVE by Christi Caldwell is THE story I have been waiting for sinc [...]

    2. OMG! I'm a wreck. Christi, you cannot keep doing this to me. My eyes are red and sore now and my nose ish. You are my Guru!A most wonderful story AGAIN. Get your Kleenex at the ready ladies.

    3. What can I say besides I absolutely LOVED this story! Christi Caldwell has fast become a favorite author of mine. I've been reading historicals for over 18 years, and honestly, it's not easy to find an author who consistently writes great tales. Her tales are sweet and oh so romantic, and you just can't help but fall in love right along with the characters. I've yet to be disappointed by this author.This particular story was definitely one of my favorites. I'm a total sucker for the Beauty and t [...]

    4. Meh, fell short for me. I wanted more from the two main characters. More angst? I don't know. SOMETHING. Because I find it hard to believe that they are in lurve after less than a week, with most of that week having Derek be a total dickhead.

    5. So I have been waiting for this since Captivated by a Lady's Charm, we are finally going to find out the Duke of Blackthorn story and I am ecstatic that it is finally here.Lily Bennett has received nothing but pain from the Winters family and after being cast on to the streets by the man who promised to love her, only to be tricked into becoming a mistress to a man she learned to hate, but finally Sir Henry died and yet again Lily's chance at freedom has been stripped away from her. Now she is b [...]

    6. Once again, Christi Caldwell has outdone herself with deeply thought out and well written characters and how they can be transformed through the power of love and forgiveness. The third book in this series is the most complex character-wise. Three people's lives are intertwined. Three Wounded people. The Duke of Blackthorne - better know as the Beast of Blackthorne because of his horrible burns marking half his face. His war wound has turned him into a "monster" no one wants to be around - as mu [...]

    7. The Beast of Blackthorne. A monster even his mother couldn’t love. That’s the existence Derek Winters, Duke of Blackthorne, lives with. Feared by all, he is a self-imposed confinement in his home seeing no one but the few servants who have remained, his man of business, and his physician. Until. Until his sister’s sprite of a child, wise beyond her years, is placed under his guardianship. Until, the spirited woman, one who shows no fear in challenging him, shows up at his door applying to [...]

    8. Sometimes sweet, but a plethora of verbiageSometimes sweet, but a plethora of verbiage does not make this implausible plot make any sense. It reminds me of the old saying "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bs. "I love Christi's books, though I skip over the sex, since it adds nothing as a rule. But it seemed that the constant inner dialoguing that should have clarified their motivations only repeated the same, implausible situation. They fell in "love" so quickly the [...]

    9. I'll be honest, I didn't want to like Derek after his actions in the previous book with Prudence and Christian. But, I absolutely loved this book. A Beauty and the Beast esque story, of two people who are completely broken. CONTENT Violence - Moderate Language - Moderate Romance - Mature

    10. UniqueThis book is so different from the others in the series. It's filled with pain and loss but inevitably light and love.

    11. Wow! This book is simply amazing. If you never read a Christi Caldwell book, then your missing out. This is an instant Caldwell Classic!Lily and Derek's story was perfection. The story of two equally broken people who was beaten down by life. Who made difficult choices just to survive their scares and hurts. They each found the love they long thought out of their grasp in each other. Lily's story was heartbreaking. A young girl of 16 taken advantage of young nobleman. She is disowned and sent aw [...]

    12. Amazing tale of two lost souls redeemed by loveThis was an amazing story of two lost souls who were redeemed by the healing power of love. Derek the new Duke of Blackthorne was injured in the war. No longer the handsome carefree young man he once was, he hides in his home from the stares of those who would label him a monster. Angry and hurt, he becomes the angry monster everyone says he is, feeling cursed by the loss of his family. Lily, ruined by the previous Duke of Blackthorne's brother and [...]

    13. Lilly Bennett has lived a life based on survival. Cast aside by a man that promised her his love and shunned by her family, she becomes a mistress to an elderly gentleman. Now he is gone and has left her with nothing. When approached with a proposition, she has no choice. Not only would she finally be free of being under any man's control, but she would finally have revenge on the family of the very man that brought her to this desperate state. And so she enters the home of Derek Winters in the [...]

    14. Rescued by a Lady's Love by Christi CaldwellLords of Honor Series Book ThreeDerek Winters, the 8th Duke of Blackthorne is a bitter young man. After being scarred during the war and having people think he looked like a beasthe started to act like one as well. Growling, snarling, and yelling at his servantsaring most away. Including the governesses and nursemaids who care for his unwanted ward.Lily Benedict had once been a country vicar's daughter. How life had changed in the past eight years. She [...]

    15. First of all, Christi Caldwell continues to put me awe. Ever since the first book, and Rescued by a Lady's Love was NO different. Ms Caldwell is my go to for comfort in regency. Rescued by a Lady's Love is #3 in her Lord's of Honor series. I admit with our previous introduction to Derek Winters, Duke of Blackthorne, aka: 'the Beast' I wasn't sure how Ms Caldwell was going to make us fall in love with him, and was curious about who the heroine would be who would see past his physical and emotiona [...]

    16. RESCUED BY A LADY'S LOVE by Christi Caldwell is #3 in the "Lords of Honor" series, but can be read as a stand alone. Once again, Ms. Caldwell has written a emotional and powerful tale of love, redemption, loathing, passion and romance. Can two tortured and wounded hearts find their HEA, along with the peace and happiness they crave? Beautifully and masterfully written to capture the readers heart and soul. Stays with you long after the last page. Ms. Caldwell never fails to disappoint me, and I [...]

    17. The story had so much potential to be good especially if you love a beauty and the beast theme especially with a twist (both are wounded not just beast) but the writing is absolutely cheesy and uninspired. The more I think about this it probably deserves one star.

    18. What a beautiful job of writing a very touching story. I knew from the first chapter that Christi had put her heart and soul into this story. This is a very dark story about Lily and Derek who have both been broken for many years. I loved this story because you were always waiting for the next chapter in their lives. They both suffered so much at the hands of others that you will not want to stop reading until you find out what their future holds.This is a very intense story and you will cry so [...]

    19. We meet Lily Benedict a woman that has seen more sorrow than joy. She is thrust into the house of the Duke of Blackthorne the family she despises with all of her being. This story was emotional gripping with hatred, self loathing, love, passion, redemption and such overall connectivity to the human soul it will leave you fulfilled for ages. Lily takes you through her inner turmoil as she struggles with her past as the horribly disfigured Derek Winters bares his wounded soul. The writing was so m [...]

    20. I have to say that I was really enjoying this book and planning on giving it a wonderful review, right up until the end. The characters were complex and flawed. There was a lot of growth and then things got ridiculous. I mean, Lilliana is a decently strong character, through to the end. But Derek becomes ridiculous. His lines at the end are stiff, awkward and sappy, which is almost incredible. And then the end scene with the St. Cyr's is utterly silly. It needed several more pages of conversatio [...]

    21. Coffee and chocolateWhat could be better?This book. Tears, a few laughs, something worse than suspense. You always know who the villain is, but not what he will do next - or who all works with him. Typical of this author, the characters range in development from fully colored photographs to black and white, to mere outlines, suggestions of people. Their interactions are at once simple and complex. The introduction of a small child adds an element of poignancy that more than once brought tears to [...]

    22. I am a huge Christi Caldwell fan, so when this book came out I had to have it. Christi continues to write fascinating characters and stories that keep me riveted. I love a good tortured hero beauty and the beast theme. This fit the bill perfectly. I didn't want this beautiful novel to end. Can't wait for more from CC!P.S. I loved the guy on the cover too :)

    23. You can't go wrong with a Christi Caldwell book. Full of emotion and such real characters. I've been wanting Blackthorne's story since he was first introduced, because I love the tortured hero. I love watching the layers peel away until you get to the core of their being. And Christi does it magically. As always I highly recommend this one!

    24. Christi never disappoints!This book is amazing! Christi has once again written a masterpiece. If you are looking for a new favorite author, well, you just found her. The depth of Mrs Caldwell's characters is something long missing from romance novels. This story is about flawed people working together to conquer the past. Two thumbs way, way up!

    25. I like how this story played out for our Duke. At times the descriptions got a little long but overall an enjoyable story.

    26. I love Beauty and the Beast. Any variation of that storyline has me hooked! I loved it from the start to the end. I would read this again!

    27. Another great Christie Caldwell novel.Good read with well defined characters. A touch of mystery that adds depth and increases my interest. Kept me up late into the night.

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