Squirrel Bait (Chip's Dollar Dreadfuls #1)

Squirrel Bait Chip s Dollar Dreadfuls Tonya the librarian has an unusual passion for books even for a librarian When her books are harmed she takes it personally When people turn up dead over damaged books there are questions to answer

  • Title: Squirrel Bait (Chip's Dollar Dreadfuls #1)
  • Author: ChipDavis Lynn Sposito
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tonya the librarian has an unusual passion for books, even for a librarian When her books are harmed she takes it personally When people turn up dead over damaged books, there are questions to answer When the killer is a weresquirrel, the questions become confusing There is a certain pretentiousness in classical literature Elegant writing filled with meaning bothTonya the librarian has an unusual passion for books, even for a librarian When her books are harmed she takes it personally When people turn up dead over damaged books, there are questions to answer When the killer is a weresquirrel, the questions become confusing There is a certain pretentiousness in classical literature Elegant writing filled with meaning both astounding and sublime This is not that Not horrific enough to be horror, nor humorous enough to be comedy, welcome to Chip s Dollar Dreadfuls There may not be any fundamental truths, but there will be blood much blood.

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    1. **** 4 Cranky Stars ****Gloriously silly and I say that in the best possible way. I've had a somewhat hectic schedule - filled with heavy reads, gut wrenchers and rippers, soul-destroying-stare-into-spacers.Squirrel Bait was not one of them. It was the palate cleanser and provided some much needed fun. It had me laughing at the dedication.Imagine a B grade horror movie - part comedy, drama, and tragedy. You get the cringe laughs and the 'oh no, they didn'ts'. This was that, but in book form.Our [...]

    2. versusthewriter.wordpressAs I am writing this post, I just realized that this is the first book I bought in 2016 that is not part of a series from previous year. In other words, I just broke my rule of no buying books for 2016. In my defense, I was waiting for this book to be release last year.This is a short story and is good if you’re looking for something not totally light but not totally serious either. And exactly what I need after reading all those super heavy stuff I was reading the las [...]

    3. This is not a genre I normally 1-click. Actually I'm not sure what genre this is in. I'm still sitting here scratching my head wondering what I have read- with a smile on my face. However I'm real glad I saw this book being advertised and read it. Sometimes it's good to step out of your normal genre and see what else is out there. Tonya is a librarian who absolutely loves her books. People that harm her books are injured or are killed by weresquirrels. Yes you read that correctly:) I found this [...]

    4. What happens when you let Chip Davis loose on a paranormal/horror/satire piece of work? Weresquirrels. Yes, you read that right, weresquirrels. And it’s just as silly as it sounds.I read Chip's previous book, Trail of the Raven: Haiti, and it was written not only for a younger audience, but with a much more serious and educational purpose. This little novella proves that Chip is perfectly capable of creating a good read, no matter the subject matter.What I Loved: The mere silliness of this boo [...]

    5. platypire/j-hooligan/s***3.5***​I had read the first part of the story on the author's blog last year, so I was pretty excited when I heard he was going to extend the story and publish it. The second I noticed it was published, I borrowed it from KU.As expected, I was quite amused in exactly the way a B horror movie should entertain. There was a whole lot of laughing and face palming going on while I read it.The reason for the lower rating is because the editing does need some work.This was an [...]

    6. 4 Platypires for Squirrel Bait by Chip Davis. Oh this was just great silly fun. In the essence of B Hollywood slasher movies, Chip Davis brings us Squirrel Bait. A group of weresquirrels who must protect the books in their local library by any means necessary. Spoiler alert, By any means, Chip Davis pushes the envelope with lots of glory blood and unique funny deaths. Psst, my favorite was when the character Riley kills off her ex. That was just AWESOME. Overall, this was just a fun quick read t [...]

    7. 4.5Ha! This was super fun to read! But, while being silly, it's also simultaneously very well written and flows smoothly; not an easy feat! Well done!Bob says: 4.5 Platypires!

    8. celebrityreaders.wordpressI have yet to be disappointed in this author. A fact I am very glad about. In this guesome parody, Chip takes us on a hilarious journey into the paranormal, where books are coveted (as they should be) and the penalty for vandalization (is that a word?) is high.First, I should point out the blurb is fantastic. I had the honor of beta reading this book and the surprising pleasure of having my name used as a character as well. My view might be a bit skewed because of that, [...]

    9. 3.5 starsAs you can tell by the title yes there are Squirrels aka Weresquirrels. Sounds a little funny but reading this book makes me realize that Squirrels are a little terrifying. Tonya runs the library and loves her books. It's almost like their her children in some way. I mean it's odd but people love certain things. Suddenly, all these people start dropping like flies and there was a sighting of a squirrel! OK, so this isn't my normal read. I was asked to read it and give it an honest revie [...]

    10. Read this review and more at The Bohemian Housewife BlogOH BOY. This book was everything I thought it would be and much more. If you don't know who Chip Davis is, you're missing out and probably don't follow the weekly confessions over on 'Indie authors and book blogs' Facebook page. He is just hilarious; this book made me laugh out loud more than a few times. It reminds me of my favorite B Movie-flicks. I feel like I'm Tonya at heart because I get more than angry if someone destroys my book o [...]

    11. This is a quick read with a fun, bizarre twist. I've read Davis' work before and enjoyed it, and Squirrel Bait was no exception. Fast- paced and somehow at once light and fun as well as violent and a smidge gory, this book was a delightful change from my usual reads.Librarians and weresquirrels are on a mad mission to keep the library books - and one certain book in particular - safe from those who mishandle them. The hooligans who dare to destroy a book are swiftly dealt with.In short, this boo [...]

    12. Well, I'm sorry to say that this one was definitely not for me but I can see how others will like/love it. I loved Chip's previous book but I had to stop reading this one quite a few times and take a break to see if it was because I was not in the mood to read this kind of story. Unfortunately the type of story was just not my kind of read. The names used in the story I recognized which was cool. Also the story had a lot of funny moments that I enjoyed. There is also blood, gore and violence and [...]

    13. Short, quick-witted and dangerous, just like a squirrel!So far removed from this author's first book and so funny! A quick, entertaining read. I would say it was 'tongue in cheek' humor, but it was more teeth in cheek, to be honest. While I am not a fan of horror and blood-and-gore type stories, I am a fan of the old B horror movies and this would have made a perfect one. I'm looking forward to the next books in this Dollar Dreadful series, as much as I am looking forward to the next Trail of th [...]

    14. There is no review worthy of this book. I have tried to come up with one since I first finished reading it. It made me laugh out loud. It has all the elements of a great story and it is one I’ll be rereading many times and recommending to everyone. It not only has were-squirrels, but were-squirrels that protect books, what could possibly be more perfect, especially from this author. Talk about freaking brilliant! Davis has written a delightful dollar dreadful and I impatiently await the next i [...]

    15. Attack of the killer squirrels!This was a short romp into a hilarious fantasy world. Curses, were-squirrels, librarians, book thieves, a wedding; what more could you ask for? If you take it for what it is, a silly read meant to entertain, you will certainly enjoy it as much as I did.My only real complaints were editing issues and maybe getting to know the two main characters a bit more before the bloodshed began.Were-squirrels!

    16. Do you love books? I mean really love them.re them the point that you would almost be willing to kill someone that deliberately damages them?How do you feel about squirrels?Have you a sense for the ridiculous - the utterly ridiculous?If your answers run to Yes, I don't mind them and of course you should read this bookwelly if you are ok with blood and gore too.I don't believe I read it. Chip Davis is a sick man.

    17. "Udderly" AmazingI can't unread this. It's taken an hour and a half of my time I can't get back and I wish it had been more! When is the sequel??Fast-paced rhythm and turnabouts that keep you on your toes, this story has much potential for sequels, prequels, and any other -quels! Fantastically silly/serious, the amount of tongue-in-cheek makes only *typing* this review possible.I want to know more about the "Slenderman" in the book and his deathly hallowed book!!

    18. A fun read, which does what it says on the tin, funny, gory, and still manages to have really characterful characters in it. I really enjoyed it, can totally recommend and might just recognise a character or three. So much fun. I actually liked the leading character a young librarian with no clue of what really awaits her in life!!  Won't say more or there'd be spoilers. Where's the next one Chip Davis?

    19. If you're a little sick and twisted, then this story is for you! So much fun! So much gore! So many books! ;) It's a fast read, and I could not put it down.

    20. this is probably the MOST hilarious book I've read, ever! I mean, really, were-squirrels and drama. who would have thought this would provide comedic relief? so funny! so true!!! I absolutely LOVED this foray into alt-shifter fiction!

    21. So, I kept hearing about this book. Chip Davis is a notorious presence on a Facebook page I often frequent (usually on Thursdays) so I went ahead and finally purchased and read his short novella, Squirrel Bait.This is the story of a library. Well, sort of. You see, when people damage the books in the library, librarian Tonya gets very upset. She doesn’t go into homicidal rages, no, she just becomes very emotional. Her books are her precious. I’m not sure what’s wrong with this town Tonya l [...]

    22. Oh my. That's pretty much what I have to say here! Squirrel Bait is basically like a really bad horror movie, and intentionally so. You know the ones that are so ridiculous that you find yourself laughing even as you watch people on-screen get slaughtered? And then of course you begin to question your humanity. This is that, in book form. Though, in defense of the weresquirrels, if someone hurt my books I may be tempted to rip their throat out too, so there's thatEven with all of the blood and c [...]

    23. Squirrel Bait by Chip Davis is the first book in his "Dollar Dreadfuls" series. I must say, if you do nothing else, read each page, from front cover to back cover. You will thank me for it!Tonya is my favorite character. I think that is because to some extent, I am the same way with my books that she is with hers. DON'T MESS WITH THEM! At one point, a punk kid has torn a page from one of her books and Steve, cop and her love interest, asks if she is ok. Tonya says what I would, "I'm fine" she si [...]

    24. HystericalThis is such a fun read! So many of us have read about shifters and were-this and were-that, but never in my born days or imagination have I read about weresquirrels! And to top it all off they love books!! Now, this book is not called a dreadful for nothing!! It has some groaning moments and some lovely bloody moments---yes, blood. If you love squirrels I will warn you that it may be upsetting, but it really turns out great at the end. This has, in my opinion, some imagination that is [...]

    25. Honor your local library,And forget about squirrel-proof bird feeders. You don't want to get a were-squirrel angry. They can, however, be quite funny when not raining death and destruction down on their enemies, as you will discover if you read this fast-moving, somewhat gory, somewhat bitter-sweet, but mostly amusing story.

    26. Squirrel Bait by Chip Davis is seriously the most hilarious book I have read so far in 2016. There is gore, action, but all in all Squirrel Bait will chase the clouds of gloom away. This is one of those books that when you are having a bad day, you just have to pick it up and re-read it to remind yourself that it is okay to laugh and smile. I seriously hope that this is made into a movie. It reminds me of those horrible cheesy slasher flicks in the early ‘70s or ‘80s. I will definitely recom [...]

    27. Ah, what to say? I want to call this a sweet little romance between a librarian and a policeman. It is, sort of, if you disregard the vengeful weresquirrels who wreak havoc on all who make the dire mistake of messing with Tonya’s books. This is a book of contrasts, sweet women, vicious weresquirrels, romance, gore. It works, somehow. And it works well. I loved the story. It’s short, but well-planned. Scary, but sweet and funny. I’d recommend Squirrel Bait for anyone who wants to read somet [...]

    28. So worth readingChip Davis has written a highly amusing story about weresquirrels. Certainly not a creature I ever thought I'd read about but alasI have now and I can't regret it. Highly amusing and I recommend to anyone who wants a giggle

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