Of Mistresses, Tigresses and Other Conquests

Of Mistresses Tigresses and Other Conquests Love can be an artCasanova was the most notorious lover in history His memoir describes his amorous encounters in intimate detail from seducing a nun in an elaborate boudoir watched by her lover to

  • Title: Of Mistresses, Tigresses and Other Conquests
  • Author: Giacomo Casanova Stephen Sartarelli Sophie Hawkes
  • ISBN: 9780141034836
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love can be an artCasanova was the most notorious lover in history His memoir describes his amorous encounters in intimate detail, from seducing a nun in an elaborate boudoir, watched by her lover, to frolicking in a bath with a beautiful girl and tricking an eccentric old lady of her jewels.

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      128 Giacomo Casanova Stephen Sartarelli Sophie Hawkes
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    1 thought on “Of Mistresses, Tigresses and Other Conquests”

    1. Tedious, florid, passionless. A very narrow tale in all respects, fortunately I didn't have to endure it for too long. Silver lining: i. Made a lovely skipping noise when I bounced it off my wall, melodic even. ii. Bloom luscious cover art.

    2. I liked the playfulness of Casanova's writing, but him jumping from one nun to another was just too abrupt for me and it got a little repetitive.

    3. I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this. Probably what was most interesting was how little he held back: sex positions are described in detail, including oral sex, and we're even treated to a somewhat worrying anecdote about his ejaculation. This was all probably more amusing than sensual, but I did genuinely enjoy Casanova's writing.What was also interesting was just how much of a romantic he was, and how truly in love he fancied himself to be. He proclaims that he is faithful to a woma [...]

    4. I must say, I didn't notice any tigresses. And "conquests" seems the wrong word. In fact, Casanova was not a casanova. (That's my pull quote.) He was more a victim than a conqueror -- helplessly in love with nuns. Casanova had a weakness for gorgeous women in clerical garb. Sample dialogue:"When M.M. appeared dressed as a nun, I cried out 'But in your saintly dress you astonish me. Allow me to adore you on the spot, my angel.'"'I shall don my lay attire at once. I need but fifteen minutes. I do [...]

    5. Just a snippet of Cassanova's memoirs, interesting reading. Love the use of language and the stories of love and mischief :0)

    6. A tiny extract from Casanova's autobiography, a short glimpse of the man whose name has become a synonym for "womanizer." And oh man what a man. At once so very fickle and intensely passionate. Embodies selective altruism to the fullest: would think nothing of risking his life for a girl in distress - as long as he found her pretty. Detests all who are (in his eyes) fools. Will unhesitatingly part a foolish friend with his money (for isn't it better to have a friend teach you this lesson than a [...]

    7. Of Mistresses, Tigresses and Other Conquests tells the tale of the infamous Giacomo Casanova - as told by the great seducer himself. He narrates his rather delicious and mischievous romps and affairs with many of his lovers. His amorous exploits are legendary, which is why it is a pity that the book leaves you hanging (wanting more). To be fair, it was an enjoyable read, but I would have hoped for a lot more intrigue, something scandalizing - befitting the lusty lothario. I suppose we have to ma [...]

    8. I'd like to read the full memoir after this small treasure from Penguin. I could just imagine Casanova scribbling his past misadventures and affairs at his old age. Those misadventures included in this small but memorable collection included his affair with a "nun", "nieces" and even old lady that he tricked. And yet I got the sense that he's more than just an ordinary playboy. In short, a very interesting memoir.

    9. Pretty self explainatory not only because of the title, but also because of what Casanova has become imortalized for. Very entertaining and risque. I found some parts where Casanova went into detail about his conquests a little shocking, and I can only imagine what the response would have been back in his time. I only wish that there were more stories included in this book!

    10. If you are curious about the life of the legend that is Casanova, read this, just don't blame me if you're dissapointed.The chapters in this book were quite randomly chosen, it seems, and there was hardly any context about the life of Casanova, so that you have to guess what is going on.It was interesting to get a glimpse of his life, but otherwise not really worth reading.

    11. Excerpts from Casanova's gigantic memoirs (which run to some 3500 pages). Fascinating vignettes of sexual conquest and profound passion, set against beautiful images of 18th century Venetian and Austrian luxury.

    12. I found this underwhelming. Casanova purports to be the 'loveable rogue' yet his exploits show him as conceited and calculating. The flow of text is staccato which does no favours for the readability of the book. Perhaps the extract is too short to do Casanova justice?

    13. Great little snapshot of the memoirs of Casanova. Well, I say that but I havent read the whole Penguin Classic. I expected it to be a bit more graphic than the selections were, but I was let down. But still, the things he wrote for the time were quite astonishing.

    14. A few extracts from Casanova's autobiography. Gives a short but sweet taste of his exploits, some of which were very elaborate! There were also a couple of explanatory notes, which were helpful and helped to connect the story together.

    15. Casanova is an utterly sexaholic, devious and manipulative but I guess it takes 2 to tango as these women are so immersed in his amorous pursuits.

    16. Hugely disappointing. This extract was disjointed and the writing was poor. I expected a great romancer but got a licentious con man.

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