DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense

DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense Joyce Carol Oates is renowned for her rare ability to illuminate the mind s most disturbing corners Seattle Times That genius is on full display in her new collection of seven feverishly unsettling wo

  • Title: DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense
  • Author: Joyce Carol Oates
  • ISBN: 9780802126528
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Joyce Carol Oates is renowned for her rare ability to illuminate the mind s most disturbing corners Seattle Times That genius is on full display in her new collection of seven feverishly unsettling works, Dis Mem Ber and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense.In the title story, a precocious eleven year old named Jill is in thrall to an older male relative, the mysteriJoyce Carol Oates is renowned for her rare ability to illuminate the mind s most disturbing corners Seattle Times That genius is on full display in her new collection of seven feverishly unsettling works, Dis Mem Ber and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense.In the title story, a precocious eleven year old named Jill is in thrall to an older male relative, the mysterious, attractive black sheep of the family Without telling her parents Jill climbs into his sky blue Chevy to be driven to an uncertain, and unforgettable, fate In The Drowned Girl, a university transfer student becomes increasingly obsessed with the drowning murder of another female student, as her own sense of self begins to deteriorate In Great Blue Heron, a recent widow grieves inside the confines of her lakefront home and fantasizes about transforming into that great flying predator unerring and pitiless in the hunt And in the final story, Welcome to Friendly Skies, a trusting group of bird watchers is borne to a remote part of the globe, to a harrowing fate.At the heart of this meticulously crafted, deeply disquieting collection are girls and women confronting the danger around them, and the danger hidden inside their turbulent selves.

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    1. I really want to thank Mysterious Press, Joyce Carol Oates and NetGalley for an opportunity to read this collection.  This is my  first brush with Oates and I hoped it would prove indicative of how well I might like her writing.    It delivered!   I let these stories of which there are seven roll over me slowly as I snuck them in between other reads.    Started during a particularly turbulent period in my life, I got side tracked after the first couple of stories, but when I finally fo [...]

    2. 3.5★I was so looking forward to reading these stories, knowing how popular the author is, but I’m afraid none of them lit much of a spark for me.Most are narrated by a girl or woman, all of them seemingly negatively affected by what other people have said about them. The characters are certainly peculiar enough that the reader is never quite sure if perhaps some of those other people are right.The first is the title story “Dis mem ber”, about a girl who’s flattered by the attention of [...]

    3. I’ve always wanted to read a Joyce Carol Oates book but never have until now - and I’m not encouraged to read any more! Dis Mem Ber and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense is a collection of seven horror short stories, none of which are especially good. The title story is interesting in a morbid way - it’s about a pedo killer, narrated by a little girl who sorta knew him. The dark details of the murders grabs your attention for its shock value but it’s not at all a great story. The Cra [...]

    4. Oh my, this is surely a collection of some creepiest, scary and utterly horror like stories I have read, some blood curdling ones, this author surely knows how to highten your minds senses.Each one had a unique tale to tell that riveted me to my seat.This author takes dangers that surround us and use them against us.Boy oh boy, great stories here.

    5. Dis Mem Beris an excellent collection of stories previously published elsewhere. The only threads they have in common is that they are all from a woman's point of view, (except for WELCOME TO FRIENDLY SKIES!), and they are all unsettling. My favorite had to be the first story, DISMEMBER, in which a young girl narrowly escapes what could have been a nasty end. HEARTBREAK was the story of two sisters, one beautiful and the other, not so much. Sometimes jealousy can get out of hand, before we even [...]

    6. Sin alcanzar la excelencia, Desmembrado me ha parecido un conjunto bastante sólido de historias que diseccionan el lado tenebroso de lo cotidiano, una incursión incómoda en los bajos fondos de la naturaleza humana que explora la capacidad de los inocentes y los desprotegidos para obrar el mal sin remordimientos. En las historias de Desmembrado, la presencia masculina se erige en ocasiones como un elemento de contención que protege a niñas y adolescentes de cuantos depredadores merodean a su [...]

    7. This is a collection of short stories published in various magazines by Joyce Carol Oates over the past couple of years. Many are dark with horror floating just under the surface. You can read as much or as little into them as you like. Oates writes with so many layers I'm sure I missed as many metaphors as I found. The short story Dismember is one of my least favourite stories in this collection. It is a story of abduction and control, of horrors no family wants a part of but cannot always avoi [...]

    8. This collects together seven short stories by JCO, all published elsewhere in 2016. The first six work together very well, reflecting and refracting themes of violence and diseased minds in family or neighbourhood settings. Images of dolls' faces reappear, often in different contexts, adding to the atmosphere of unease and menace - sometimes for explicit, often for more oblique reasons. JCO's trademark twisting of the 'ordinary' ('It's an ordinary evening. (But why then was she so frightened? Th [...]

    9. This is a selection short stories by Joyce Carol Oates. Some are disturbing, some are just plain scary. All have to do with the unknown These are the ones I found most memorable DIS MEM BER ---What happens when a young girl brushes elbows with a serial killerTHE CRAWL SPACE --- When her husband dies, she begins visiting the home they once shared. The new tenants invite her in they hav found some boxes in the crawl space that belong to her or to her late husband. What she finds in the crawl spa [...]

    10. This is a collection of previously published stories, that are both dark and delightful. My favorites were as follows. In my opinion the best was definitely saved for last, as I laughed my way through the final story “Welcome to Friendly Skies” while thinking yes I have flown on this over booked plane, no seat left for you? stuff yourself in the overhead compartment. A dark satire that filled me with dread and giggles. I also enjoyed the first story "Dismember" though poor Jill should have c [...]

    11. Short stories have always been a mixed bag for me. I've only read a few compilations outside of Stephen King and even with him, I find myself not as engaged or pleased with most of them. Done right, short stories can pack a huge punch and is probably one of the hardest writing styles to accomplish. Presented with the chance to read Oates for the first time and read a collection consisting of mysteries and suspense, how could I pass this up??There are 7 stories compiled into less than 250 pages. [...]

    12. I have always had a great appreciation for Oates' writing. The fact that she writes so much at such a high quality amazes me even more. However, her stories don't amaze me as much as her writing does. This book is a collection of short stories all containing a mystery at the heart of each story. While not a fan of horror, I do love good mystery and gothic stories. But all of these had more horror and weirdness to them then I prefer. There is some humor, but it did not sit well with me in these s [...]

    13. JCO is one of my writing idols. There are several stories in this collection that will haunt me.Longer analysis to come!

    14. It looks like Joyce Carol Oates, clearly a voracious writer, is putting out another short fiction collection close on the heels of the superlative The Doll-Master. Dis Mem Ber and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense collects all her published short stories from 2016. That entails seven in total. The last collection was fully titled "The Doll-Master and other tales of terror". This new collection is correctly titled as tales of mystery and suspense as the horror aspect is toned down significant [...]

    15. Varios relatos, distintos entre si pero con un elemento en común No cuento nada más para no desvelar mucho pero me han resultado muy interesantes algunos de ellos. El último, dentro del dramatismo me ha parecido de un humor negro excelente!

    16. For all the carrying on people do about "how prolific" Joyce Carol Oates is, the fact remains that she gets it right 80 percent of the time. While the other 20 percent may induce considerable eye rolling, she most certainly has one of the best ratios of quality to productivity. I enjoy her side project mystery stories, and I found this collection slightly stronger than last year's Doll Master and Other Tales of Terror. Full disclosure: she is also one of my favorite novelists of all time.

    17. Dis Mem Ber is another good set of creepy and unsettling stories from Joyce Carol Oates. The seven stories gathered here were all published elsewhere in 2016 and form a very good collection.The stories feature some familiar Oates character types: controlling and domineering husbands, damaged and traumatised young women, a self-deluding student who may or may not have stumbled on something sinister and so on. Each story, some told in the first person and some in the third, portrays convincing cha [...]

    18. An excellent collection of short stories! I love Oates' talent for telling deeply unsettling stories that stay long with you after you're finished reading. Some recurring themes are women and violence against them, the rivalry between siblings, and death. She effortlessly combines the mundane with the mysterious and magical and delves deeply into the human mind. But beware! What you find there is definitely not beautiful. I also like her straightforward style with its elliptic sentences that are [...]

    19. This book is great. My two favorites were "The Drowned Girl" and "Welcome to Friendly Skies." "The Drowned Girl" uses the mysterious death of Eliza Lam (the girl who drowned in the water tank of The Cecil hotel in L.A.), or a fictionalized version of it, rather, as a foil to the hardships faced by young, lower to middle class women in American colleges. That it does so tastefully and movingly blew me away. "Welcome to Friendly Skies" makes what happened on that United flight seem not so bad. It' [...]

    20. A fairly enjoyable short story collection from J.C.O. that delivers the goods, but also fumbles and drops them on occasion. Full review to come.

    21. Another fantastic collection from Joyce Carol Oates. This one is dark, disturbing, and evocative.

    22. Joyce Carol Oates is probably my favorite author that I hate to read. Her stories are skillfully wrought gems that leave me needing to watch cute kitten videos on YouTube. "DIS MEM BER and Other Stories of Mystery and Suspense" is no different from her other short story collections in that respect.Oates' short stories are often tragedies pulled from the headlines, and feel like her attempt to gain an understanding of the human factors that might lead to such an outcome. These explorations are bo [...]

    23. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.3.5 stars. I don't read many short story collections (Stephen King's aside) but I found the majority of these stories intriguing. All are mysteries (except the last, which was pretty funny!) and some are pretty creepy. I thought the first one, DIS MEM BER, was particularly well done, with excellent characterization for such a short story. But "The Drowned Girl" didn't hit the mark for me at all. I had a h [...]

    24. Joyce Carol Oates is an accomplished writer- an American treasure. This collection of seven previously-published short stories is okay, but not her most memorable.

    25. When I saw DIS MEM BER by Joyce Carol Oates I knew I needed to have it - short horror stories? Obviously that's going to be something I'm going to read! Being a huge Stephen King fan, I really appreciate the really scary short stories, sometimes the short stories are the creepiest because they can pack a quick punch. This was also my introduction to Oates and I love her writing style.This is a collection of dark, suspenseful, and unsettling stories, with the last one being more of a dark kind of [...]

    26. I have been increasing the number of short story collections I have been reading lately. I love that they are flexible and I can read them along with anything else I have on my nightstand. I can read a story at a time for a little break and be back to business. However, Dis Mem Ber, a series of short stories by Joyce Carol Oates, did not provide the versatility I desired; I was unable to simply pick up this book and put it down again. Once I started, I was completely sucked into these dark and t [...]

    27. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my opinion of the book or my review itself.In this collection of seven short stories, Oates explores the darker side of human nature, through the psychological lens of various women protagonists and narrators.I always enjoy Oates' short story collections. Her stories always have an eerie edge to them, frequently verging on gothic or even supernatural horror. She draws inspiration from everywhe [...]

    28. I read all of the books by Joyce Carol Oates. Someone asked me if the stories are depressing and I hadnt thought of that word in connection with her writing which I - an avid careful reader - regard as great. Her stories get one to think and feel and the result is not depression. Her characters are in the throes of life grappling with life and issues. This book has about ten stories most of which are not newly written. Dis mem ber is I think the most recent tale and it is about a young woman and [...]

    29. This collection of mostly longish short stories features Oates’s sly humor and penchant for the off-kilter. There’s something just a little bit obsessive, just a little wrong about many of the stories’ protagonists, until there’s a LOT wrong. Someplace along the line, they take a turn into some very dark places.The disarticulated title of the story, “DIS MEM BER” anticipates the menace underlying the tale of a pre-teen girl fascinated by her older step-cousin—handsome, mysterious, [...]

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