Alpha's Wolf

Alpha s Wolf Because I m not sure if even a lifetime will be enough time for me to show you how much I love you You re the best thing that ever happened me to me or ever will for that matter You re my everything

  • Title: Alpha's Wolf
  • Author: Susi Hawke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Because I m not sure if even a lifetime will be enough time for me to show you how much I love you You re the best thing that ever happened me to me, or ever will, for that matter You re my everything, babe And I love you This is a story about an unconventional couple who break all the alpha and omega rules Alpha bear Liam is not your average alpha He runs the Mill Because I m not sure if even a lifetime will be enough time for me to show you how much I love you You re the best thing that ever happened me to me, or ever will, for that matter You re my everything, babe And I love you This is a story about an unconventional couple who break all the alpha and omega rules Alpha bear Liam is not your average alpha He runs the Mills Creek BB, a small inn that caters to shifters His specialties include cooking and managing his business with an iron thumb Liam is a lover, not a fighter and would love to find his fated mate Omega wolf Frankie the Fingers is a former military intelligence operative, and now runs his own business doingwellhacking Finally able to lead Alpha Mikael to Yvonne, the rogue bear that is trying to usurp his position, Frankie rushes to get the information to the den Driving through the rainy night, he almost runs into his fated mate Literally With no wifi and cell reception, a possible traitor in the den, Liam s inability to slow down at the BB and Frankie s compulsive need to trace the rogue, how can they each unwind enough to take a mate This is the fourth book of the Northern Pines Den series This book is 30k and guaranteed to have an HEA It s advised to read the series in order for maximum appreciation 18 readers only please And yes, this book contains M PREG, knotting, adults adulting in sexy naughty ways, and way than the occasional use of potty mouth language Caution contains violent scenes and mentions of death as the pack is at war.

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      216 Susi Hawke
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    1 thought on “Alpha's Wolf”

    1. 3.25 starsNot to much to say on this story. Liam and Frankie are fated mates and are total opposites. Alpha with Omega tendencies and Omega with Alpha tendencies. Frankie is ex military and also a hacker, Liam is an Alpha who runs a B & B in town away from the Den. The war is still going on and Frankie's hacker skills are needed to find and stop Yvonne. Yvonne was captured by Jules and some others Alphas that used magical restraining bracelets that have been pasted down from Omega to Omega i [...]

    2. I really hate it when an author shows disrespect for her readers. One recurring problem with many of Ms. Hawke's books is their lack of editing. It was really obvious in this one that there had not been an editor used. The main problem was many, many instances of missing words. I found myself having to read sentences over in plenty of places for this reason. Even worse was the point where Liam refers to his "inner wolf" being upset over something when he is the bear shifter in the relationship. [...]

    3. I'm ready for the next:)Ooh! It's getting good and I just want to keep reading and find out what happens next. I liked Frankie and Liam and of course we got to revisit with Jules and his mates in the attempted capture of Yvonne. It's interesting that we start to find out some omegas have magic due to being descended from the first omega and I hope that the author will explore more down this path. A good exciting addition to the series.

    4. Wonderful series well worth reading I'm pretty sure I've read all of Susi Hawke's books at this point. They are without exception short but very well written. Since I get her newsletter I knew going in this book would end with a twist. But REALLY this could head in sooo many directions not to mention isn't it a little late?? I'm not going to put any spoilers out there but if you've read the previous book I the series you'll see where this is coming from. I truly hope that the next in the series [...]

    5. Loved itFrankie and Liam were adorable and sweet. It was awesome how neither one of them matched the normal alpha/omega stereotypes completely and that it made them match each other perfectly. They were super sweet and the geek 🤓 was strong with them. They made laugh several times with their conversations. Sweet, cute, a little action, perfectly matched opposites, sexy times and a even a mini cliff hanger. I love this series and this was a great addition. Can’t wait for the next.

    6. Good storyAs much as I like this author and this continuing story, this book lacked the editorial excellence of her work. The characters are well developed. There's also some intriguing information on the shifter world. Looking forward to know what happens to Yvonne and the cliffhanger of Hector.

    7. Noooooo!!!!How could you?? I love this series and I really really love how they are all intertwined! Am I the only one worried about Dylan. Me. Thing sounds like she could be related to Me. Yvonne and don't get me started on her! Haha! I love that Liam and Frankie are opposite of what you think an Alpha and omega should be. Can't wait for the next book!

    8. Not enough storyWhile I’ve enjoyed these stories they end a little too quickly. I appreciate the HEA for each of the series, it’s all a little rushed. The premise is great, but too quick to the end, it needs a little more fleshing out. That being said I’ll buy the next in the series and hope for a more involved storyline.

    9. Loved this story!Frankie is just magnificent! Liam is the guy you always wanted but never found.I was spellbound from the start of this book. Frankie is such a mystery, yet Liam is just the alpha to understand and respect his ways. They build a relationship with time and patients.

    10. Not Your Typical Alpha/OmegaI just love this series, it just keeps getting better and better. Frankie's and Liam's Alpha/Omega role switch is cute, The Omega is a big Bad Wolf, while his Alpha Bear is a homemakerbut wait yeah he puts a stop at And then you add mystical powers.

    11. This is the 4th book in the Northern Pines Den. We get little more answer about why the crazy Alpha is going after the bears. We meet Frankie that is not your average Omega that will keep you laughing with his wit. The characters flow together so well that they make a perfect fit to one another. Cant wait for the next book and see if they can locate the crazy Alpha and the traitor.

    12. Great storyI really enjoy this book and how she built up the character's and the storyline of the series. I can't wait to see what the next book brings. Thank you for a great series.

    13. Love an omega.I liked this story because it was so different from other Susi Hawke stories. An omega who wasn't shy and petite, but strong and able to take on the world. I would recommend this book to anyone.

    14. 5 star very good reading it leaves you in suspense looking forward to read the next volumeI like everything about it the suspense leave you waiting to read the next book looking forward for the next book

    15. I loved that the Alpha had more of Omega tendencies & the Omega had more Alpha tendencies. My only real bitch was, you didn't leave a guard on her?? Seriously?? Her books still need a good editor. I do love this series.

    16. Cute storyI really loved this book it was all love from the get go. Unconditional alpha omega pairing that just work. Oh and the cliffhanger was excellent.

    17. SurprisesWill I did enjoy all the surprises that Frankie has. Now if they can only catch the crazy sister,I'll be happy.

    18. GoodGood need more bears and wolves and just more from this series and den! Really enjoying it, always checking in for more

    19. Another great one!!I loved it! Frankie was an amazing Omega! This might be my favorite yet. I loved the couple and their relationship! So excited to read the next one!

    20. GreatI love this series seeing what took place with the parents before we read the kids journey!! I love it

    21. Alpha's Wolf (Northern Pines Den Book 4)This was great as good as the first 3 and I can't wait to read more of this series.P.S. I love it that men get to have the babies.

    22. Needs editingThe author has a pretty interesting series going but needs to slow down and do some serious editing. Glad I am getting these through KU and not paying $2.99 each.

    23. Keep them coming.Each book in this series just gets better and better It leaves me hungry for the next one . Will Hector's story be just as tasty ?

    24. Enjoyed the part of the evolving story line a bit more. But each story in this series seems to happen a little too fast.

    25. At first I thought it was ok but as I read on and learned more about Frankie it became so cool. You must read this lovely story about a nomad omega who is a ex military computer wiz and his fated alpha mate who runs the shifter B&BNot to give anything away but we do find out more about this war with Yvonne but also met a new omega and a surprise visitor comes to town that made e go WTFGd F&^% Yeah this should be interesting all at once.I cant wait for the next book

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