How the Two Ivans Quarrelled

How the Two Ivans Quarrelled How dared you in disregard of all decency call me a goose This lesser known work is perhaps the perfect distillation of Nikolai Gogol s genius a tale simultaneously animated by a joyful nearly slap

  • Title: How the Two Ivans Quarrelled
  • Author: Nikolai Gogol John Cournos
  • ISBN: 9781933633145
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • How dared you, in disregard of all decency, call me a goose This lesser known work is perhaps the perfect distillation of Nikolai Gogol s genius a tale simultaneously animated by a joyful, nearly slapstick sense of humor alongside a resigned cynicism about the human condition In a sharp edged translation from John Cournos, an under appreciated early translator of Russi How dared you, in disregard of all decency, call me a goose This lesser known work is perhaps the perfect distillation of Nikolai Gogol s genius a tale simultaneously animated by a joyful, nearly slapstick sense of humor alongside a resigned cynicism about the human condition In a sharp edged translation from John Cournos, an under appreciated early translator of Russian literature into English, How The Two Ivans Quarreled is the story of two long time friends who have a falling out when one of them calls the other a goose From there, the argument intensifies and the escalation becomes and ludicrous Never losing its generous antic spirit, the story nonetheless transitions from whither a friendship, to whither humanity, as it progresses relentlessly to its moving conclusion.The Art of The Novella SeriesToo short to be a novel, too long to be a short story, the novella is generally unrecognized by academics and publishers Nonetheless, it is a form beloved and practiced by literature s greatest writers In the Art Of The Novella series, Melville House celebrates this renegade art form and its practitioners with titles that are, in many instances, presented in book form for the first time.

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    1. "La grande affection qu’ils se portaient n’empêchait pourtant point nos deux amis de présenter entre eux certaines dissemblances.""Et vous, Ivan Ivanovitch, vous êtes là à crier comme un jars" Sachez mesdames et messieurs, que cette phrase, a mis fin à l'une des plus belles amitiés, celle d' Ivan Ivanovich et d'Ivan Nikiforovich, dont la futile querelle a fini devant le tribunal.Nikolai Gogol a su mélanger tristesse, nostalgie, humour et beaucoup de rire dans un des meilleurs contes [...]

    2. Este corto librito es uno de los mejores que he leído jamás. Es la primera vez que tengo contacto con una obra de Nikolai Gogol y ciertamente no será la última, su estilo, su prosa su manera de relatar la historia me han fascinado por completo, tanto que ya estoy agendando la lectura de otras obras más extensas de este excelso autor. El libro narra la historia de dos amigos que por una cuestión absolutamente baladí se enfrentan y terminan demandándose mutuamente ante los tribunales. El e [...]

    3. Woody Allen has a well-known predilection for Russian literature. When you read this book, you will notice the heavy influence that Gogol and the other big Russians had on Allen's films. This novella, along with Gogol's other short works, is far superior to his "masterpiece" Dead Souls. A carefully constructed work of absurdity and satire that involves 2 lifelong best friends who end up in an epic, almost slapstick courtroom battle over one man calling the other 'a goose'. Sounds like a ridiculo [...]

    4. An old friendship is spoiled over nothing, but Gogol mixes this sad, realistic tale with nostalgia and laughter, too. Gogol brings in the other citizens of the town, the courts, the law, and a brown sow who eats legal documents.

    5. El humor, se sabe, es un código social que cambia con muchísima velocidad y que proviene de compartir una realidad, más o menos parecida, con el que está haciendo chistes. Fue por eso que me sorprendió tanto que un libro de un ruso decimonónico me hiciera reír tanto. Quiero mucho al Iván gordo, por cierto.

    6. A real treat to read. The Squabble hits with charm and wit and likability almost at all times. It's tightly told and there's an impressive balancing act it does between keeping its premise and message simple and opening up complexity for it. it is a feat that it never lets the commonality of its premise slip into banality and cliche. It instead is driven further home by the relatability of the petty friend feud it depicts. The characters never teeter between cartoony and realistic; instead, baff [...]

    7. Sastra Rusia dapat dikatakan memiliki lebih banyak penulis cerpen dibandingkan dengan negara yang lain yang biasanya didominasi oleh novelis. Cerpen mungkin sering dipandang lebih inferior dibandingkan dengan novel atau puisi karena panjangnya yang dapat ditawarkan. Namun ada hal yang perlu diingat bahwa cerpen merupakan satu tantangan tersendiri dalam dunia sastra karena sastrawan harus mampu memberikan penulisan terbaiknya hanya dengan beberapa belas halaman saja. Tentu hal itu sebenarnya suli [...]

    8. Loved it. Not because it made me laugh my ass off (which it did), but because the ending caught me off guard and really hit me between the eyes. I was instantly sobered, after being intoxicated with his hilarious narrative, which is, of course, exactly the method and effect he was aiming at. I didn't stand a chance - I got "schooled'," happily and gratefully. It made me look at my own relationships, and the 'human condition'. Powerful stuff. In the story, the quarrel never 'comes to blows', but [...]

    9. Hilarious, especially the strange details used to describe characters. Here are the two main characters, for example: "Ivan Ivanovitch's head is like a radish, tail down; Ivan Nikiforovitch's like a radish with the tail up Ivan Ivanovitch gets into a terrible rage if a fly falls into his beet soup. Then he is fairly beside himself; he flings away his plate and the housekeeper catches it. Ivan Nikiforovitch is very fond of bathing; and when he gets up to the neck in water, orders a table and a sa [...]

    10. So apparently Seth Rogen did not invent comedy, as I had previously thought.Gogol is funny as shit. I know you don't believe it, because he is from the 1800s, but believe it.This book is all about how these two guys stop being friends because one calls the other a "goose" and then that one goes to court and says that he cannot be a goose for reasons including this one:"But a goose, as is well known to every one who has any knowledge of science, cannot be inscribed in the baptismal register; for [...]

    11. This amusing little tale had me laughing out loud at the absurdity of man. Two life long friends call it quits over a momentary error when one Ivan calls the other Ivan a goose. From here everything falls apart.Like I said, I actually had moments when I laughed out loud at this one. If you are a fan of Russian literature, you'll probably enjoy this short novella.

    12. The story is cartoonish to the point that one could picture an old WB sequence with the short, fat man (Nikiforovich) and the tall, thin man (Ivanovich) squabbling, and, at the end, a Bugs Bunny-like narrator shrugging to the audience and stating "It's a screwed up world!" I unfortunately didn't get this humor the first time I read it.

    13. Nikolai Gogol's "How the Two Ivans Quarrelled" reminded me in many ways of "The Zax" by Dr. Seuss, in which the North-going Zax and the South-going Zax bump into each other and both refuse to move. In this story two Ivans, the tall and handsome Ivan Ivanovich and the short and stout Ivan Nikiforovich, former friends, quarrel when the first Ivan becomes envious of his neighbor Ivan Nikiforovich's gun. But it isn't so much that the first Ivan wants the other's gun that leads to their quarrel. In b [...]

    14. Two neighbors, both named Ivan and both Russian peasants who were the best of friends for their entire lives, are unable to resolve a personal feud about a hypothetical trade of a pig for a gun, hypothetical because the value of the pig only arose because of a question by one of the Ivans whether he really used his gun. One had the temerity to call the other a "goose". The dispute stirred imaginings by both Ivans and, of course, wives and neighbors weighed in with their opinions. In no time, com [...]

    15. É um livro curtíssimo, em menos de uma hora pode ser lido, Gogol demonstrar a letargia do poder judiciário, a teimosia do ser humano em recusar acordos pacíficos preferindo levar a justiça e gastar mais do que o valor da própria causa para buscar uma possível decisão favorável.Gogol foi simples, direito e preciso. Pode se falar em atemporalidade em relação a essa obra. Mesmo possuindo 200 anos, vem a calhar bem nestes tempos atuais.

    16. Having used to the works of Russian literary giants like Tolstoy and Dostovesky, Gogol's 'The squabble' is a huge surprise. I simply didn't think or know that a Russian author could pen a satire!Even while being a satire, it still carries the same penetrative psychoanalysis of humans in a manner only a Russian author can describe. In some ways, it is the Russian equivalent of Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of being earnest".

    17. I picked this up at a junk shop and it has provided a happy evening's reading. Gogol's satire is biting and often depressing, but his genius is evident in the fact that he made me laugh out loud at the same time. His targets, predictably, are wealthy and self-satisfied men who admit, early in the novella, that they want for nothing. And yet they find something over which to fight, and this become the basis of Gogol's examination of human beings, both self-destructive and posturing.

    18. Short story about two inseparable best friends, living in a small town. The friendship subject of admiration and example from everyone ends up abruptly becoming then enemies. The book is written in a satirical manner, making fun of appearances, manners, while describing the mentality of small villages mentality.

    19. Another story by Gogol that I've read these days. It was funnier and more absurd then Vij and I think that is why this one got a better review from me :)

    20. Es el cuento mas chistoso que he leído de Gogol, me ha sacado verdaderas risas en la calle. Enganchas con el nombre del cuento, sabiendo que Gogol marca de forma especial el camino con su estilo "Gogolesco". La primera carta de demanda es increíble! Alucinante e hilarante de principio a fin!La fórmula de Gogol: personajes grotescos, situaciones ridículas, descripciones altisonantes de lugares y la irrupción del autor para dar su opinión. Todo se maneja entre lo serio y lo ridiculo.

    21. I really enjoyed this novella detailing the petty and ridiculous squabbles between former friends, both named Ivan. The Ivan's were once great buds until Ivan #1 gets it into his head that he wants Ivan #2 to give him this gun he never uses. He offers him a cow for it (seems about right) but Ivan #2 isn't having it. Maybe he'll want to go hunting someday!(although being rather portly and unwilling to leave his house this seems unlikely). Ivan #1 freaks out that he can't have the gun causing Ivan [...]

    22. I was first introduced to Gogol in an unusual way, by my grade 10 French teacher of all people. M. Berard told us his love for this Russian author of short stories and spent some time reading aloud to the class "The Nose" from a French translation, of course taking time out to make sure we were getting it. It's something I'll always remember. Flash back to now and when I received this book, I thought Gogol? Gogol? isn't that the "Nose" guy so I looked him up and indeed it is the same author. So [...]

    23. Pertama kali membaca karya Gogol dimulai dengan ekspektasi yang tinggi akan sebuah karya klasik. Mengarungi kisah-kisah dalam buku ini seperti diajak hidup dan bergaul dengan detail kehidupan jaman itu. Kisah dua Ivan yang bertengkar dan dua cerpen lainnya yang ada dalam buku ini cukup menyiratkan gaya bahasa penulis yang seolah ingin serius meski tidak bisa selalu konsisten dalam hal itu. Entah jarak saya sebagai pembaca atau gaya kepenulisan penulisnya yang begitu, Gogol berkisah dengan cara m [...]

    24. Sebenarnya 3,5 bintang, tapi saya bulatkan ke bawah karena kurangnya twist yang membuat saya bisa menebak ending dari dua cerita dalam buku ini. Saya sangat suka cara Gogol bercerita, meski terkesan bertele-tele dengan penyebutan bermacam-macam benda untuk melengkapi setting, tapi Gogol memberi kesegaran melalui kalimat-kalimatnya yang jenaka. Tema cerita yang diangkat juga sederhana dan cukup unik, menambahkan nilai tersendiri.Buku ini merupakan sastra Rusia pertama yang saya baca, jadi saya se [...]

    25. This novella about two long time friends in early 19th century Russia was written in 1835 and recently re-released by Melville House Publishing as part of its "Art of the Novella" series. Ivan Ivanovich and Ivan Nikiforovitch are next door neighbors, long time friends and respected citizens in the town of Mirgorod. During one of their daily meetings a simple conversation turns ugly, as Ivan Nikiforovitch calls his neighbor a name that deeply offends him. The situtation escalates to a war of word [...]

    26. The two Ivans were next door neighbors and friends. They are opposites. One is very organized and proper, one is glutenous and a little more free spirited. The problem arises when the first Ivan (Ivanovich) sees his neighbor’s belongings being aired out in the yard. Most things really don’t interest him very much until he spots a pistol. He covets it. The second Ivan (Nikiforovich) doesn’t have much use for the pistol, but he doesn’t want to give it to him. They argue and Ivan Nikiforov [...]

    27. Por qué se pelearon los dos Ivanes, de Nikolai Gogol, explora con gran sentido del humor algo tan universal como es la amistad. La historia empieza con una pelea entre dos viejos amigos después de que uno llame ganso al otro. A partir de ahí, el enfrentamiento se complica y la situación resulta cada vez más absurda. Gogol hace uso de toda su ironía y humor negro para trazar este retrato de las relaciones humanas y sus contradicciones.La publicación de Por qué se pelearon los dos Ivanes s [...]

    28. This story maybe wasn't as entertaining as I had expected it to be to be honest I had a lot of concentration difficulties with it. I don't know why exactly. Possibly there just weren't any hooks of the sort that I'm used to.Even if Gogol's writing is quite funny, it always has this serious undertone. So had this story. Essentially the point is that people should just learn to forgive. Even very close in my family circle I've got to witness this kind of enmity for a decade already, and it's quite [...]

    29. Heerlijk om te lezen. Misschien wel leuker dan Dostojevski die ik onlangs las.Gogol is een meester in het schetsen van een normale vriendschapsrelatie die om een onbenulligheid totaal ontspoort.Het korte verhaal houd er op een prettige manier de vaart in, alhowel het aan het einde wat abrupt afkapt.De personages die Gogol aanvoert in het verhaal zijn stuk voor stuk van dien aard dat ze stuk voor stuk veel verder uitgediept kunnen worden. Een uitgebreider verhaal zou Gogol hier dan ook zonder pro [...]

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