The Way of the Warrior

The Way of the Warrior Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan his beloved father and the crew lie slaughtered by ninja pirates Rescued by a legendary master swordsman and brought under his wing Jack begins th

  • Title: The Way of the Warrior
  • Author: Chris Bradford
  • ISBN: 9781423118718
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan, his beloved father and the crew lie slaughtered by ninja pirates.Rescued by a legendary master swordsman and brought under his wing, Jack begins the grueling physical and psychological training needed to become a samurai Life at Samurai school is fraught with difficulty for Jack who is bullied and treated as an outcast.Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked off the coast of Japan, his beloved father and the crew lie slaughtered by ninja pirates.Rescued by a legendary master swordsman and brought under his wing, Jack begins the grueling physical and psychological training needed to become a samurai Life at Samurai school is fraught with difficulty for Jack who is bullied and treated as an outcast With his friend the remarkable, beautiful Akiko at his side and all the courage he can muster, Jack has to prove himself Will he be able to face deadly rivals and challenges that will test him to his very limits

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    1 thought on “The Way of the Warrior”

    1. I wish I were the first to notice, but alas, it's obvious and has been noted by others -- author Chris Bradford was channeling Harold Potter when he wrote this book. Replace orphan Harry with orphan Jack Fletcher, moving from Muggle Land to Wizardry with moving from England to feudal Japan (thanks to a shipwreck). In place of Dumbledore, insert Masamoto, Master Samurai, and swap Hogwarts for Niten Ichi Ryu, a venerable school populated not with good and evil professors but with good and evil sen [...]

    2. When I first heard about this book, I was like, “WOW talk about a fantasy I’ve had. I so have to read this book!” It sure wasn’t a disappointment either. It’s not very often I find a book that I just can’t put down. Right from the start I was invested in the main character, Jack Fletcher. The whole story and how Jack behaved I could so relate to. So many times in YA novels you read something and go “yeah right! No 12 year old would react like that.” I never felt like that while r [...]

    3. English boy shipwrecks in Japan get taken in by a Samurai family and learns Kubodo, this should have been right up my street! The only problem is that it's been done before and so much better!For anyone who has not read James Clavell's Shōgun you will enjoy this as an easy interesting read, but for those of you who have, this will be a poor lackluster copy that boarders on plagiarism!(view spoiler)[The first part of this book covers the journey of a Dutch ship piloted by an English man who uses [...]

    4. Seorang bocah Inggris, Jack Fletcher, berusia 12 tahun, anak dari nahkoda kapal "Alexandria" John Fletcher. Yang karena keadaan harus bertahan hidup di negeri asing bernama Jepang.Jack, beruntung diselamatkan oleh Keluarga Samurai di daerah Toba, Masamoto. Dalam lingkungan Masamoto lha, Jack belajar banyak. Belajar menjadi seorang samurai dan belajar memahami kehidupan. Cerita dalam buku ini gampang sekali ditebak bagaimana akhirnya. Tapi itu tak menyurutkan saya untuk melanjutkan membacanya. Pe [...]

    5. The beginning did not grab me immediately and I was prioritising other books over this one but I do admit that I was hooked after few chapters . Since I'm a fan of Japan , this book was really entertaining since it revolves around Japan's traditions and cultures ! Im really grateful for my friend who lend me this book . I might buy the rest of the trilogy :3

    6. 4.5 stars. 'Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."So amazing, it had all the tropes in a book that I love. So I loved it a lot. Based on the feudal era Japan, this story takes off when a ship from England, searching for this mysterious land, catch up with a really nasty storm and ends up being dragged to a smaller piece of land. While trying to repair the ship, they are attacked by Japanese pirates and all of them are killed [...]

    7. What made me start reading Young Samurai was the front cover picture. It has a shadow with a sword and some red background which completely caught my eye. I thought this book was a genuine idea and really interesting how Jack manages to pass so many challenges without failing. What also caught my eye was the back, it said, Jack has to learn to become a Samurai and fight against a ninja called Dokugan Ryu. This novel has real characters and not alien-like creatures everywhere. While reading this [...]

    8. The Way of the Warrior by Chris Bradford - Young Samurai Series - This felt like quite the well researched book filled with philosophy in an approachable manner. I really appreciated the perspectives on different cultures shared in the book and actually marked chapter 8 as the perfect chapter to read aloud to introduce world awareness and developing cultural respect and understanding, even when you don't understand what you're doing initially. In another portion of the book, chapter 15, I loved [...]

    9. Young Samurai Book 1*Way of the Warrior*To tell the truth, I was a bit hesitant to begin with the Young Samurai series in the beginning as I didn't have enough data about the series but mocking me it has secured a righteous and a deserving place in my ''memorable'' shelf. It's the first book in the Young Samurai series written by Chris Bradford, who himself is an expert in martial arts and the ''Japanese'' arts and language. The story revolves around a 12 year old Jack Fletcher, a young lively b [...]

    10. Reader thoughts: Loved the first book and look forward to the rest! (And they were $4 each for the audiobooks. Great price.)This story was a bit like karate kid (the training and final climax where trainers compete by using their trainees in a contest) and also had pirate ninjas and was also historical. All these elements worked well together.I loved that the author so clearly knows what he's talking about when it comes to Japan's culture and language and when it comes to martial arts (I've take [...]

    11. Great book, an epic story. I bought this for my 9 year old son who has a tast for reading. As soon as he finished it he immediately asked for the next book. When he sprinted through that one as well I thought I should see what the book is about. Growing up in the 80 with movies like American Ninja (the fact that Jack Fletcher is British simply made the book better for me), the book did have a bit of a nostalgic feel to it. However I did not think that the story have such a high level of authenti [...]

    12. From BooklistIn 1611, a British merchant ship bound for “the Japans” is attacked by ninjas, and the lone survivor, 12-year-old Jack Fletcher, is taken into the home of a revered samurai. After dispensing with Jack’s initial sense of being lost in a new culture, the story dives directly into what teenaged boys will be looking for: fighting, and lots of it. The action comes fast, and Bradford writes with the authority of a black belt—which he happens to be—and a genuine respect for the s [...]

    13. Stopped reading this series at book 4 because it felt like the focus had shifted gradually from fun cool samurai learning and adventures (which is what I was after) to oppressive xenophobia and persecution.

    14. My summer class is over, so what should I do with my time until fall classes? Hmmm. Obviously a trip to the library was in order.Since middle school I've had an interest in Japanese culture, due to the extreme consumption of anime and manga. So while I didn't think that this book — written for a younger, less nerdy audience — would have too many cultural references, I was mildly surprised. While keeping a more casual tone, there were indeed a lot of things to learn in this book, and a lot of [...]

    15. I have a thing for ninjas okay. So this was cool. Also Japanese samurai and swords and a guy who was some sort of version of Yoda and yes. I enjoyed this.You could say that it was a slight copy off some other stories - Star Wars, Harry Potter, Karate Kid - but to be honest I liked it anyway and didn't really mind any of those elements. The main character was quite interesting, but my favourites were probably two of the side characters. Their character arcs were better and heaps more interesting [...]

    16. Is very good jacks dad dies that was really shocking and you felt an emotion for the character jack. Overall i give this 5/5 because its action packed

    17. Clavell's Shogun meets Rowling's Harry Potter. Both of which I love. The author appears to have done a lot of research about the martial arts aspect of the book, which is interesting. I have lived as a foreigner in an Asian context for a long time now. I love Japanese history and culture. So I should have enjoyed this book. But the characters have no depth and not much consistency. They do what they do because that is what they do. Yamamoto hates Jack, until he doesn't. Jack is terrified of hei [...]

    18. A good book and an interesting look into feudal Japanese culture. I liked the characters and the action. The setting was interesting although I imagine that this is one that is going to develop in later books as Jack's skills develop. This was obviously written for younger readers and the writing style seems like it will keep them gripped and entertained. I wasn't fond of some of the Japanese terminology, I like how this might increase their interest and knowledge of Japanese culture and persona [...]

    19. Okay, so the Young Samurai is Harry Potter with an historical setting and a couple hundred fewer pages. YA readers won't care. The story is every adventure loving kid's fantasy. Set in Shogun era Japan of the late 1500's, Jack is a rigging monkey on his father's ship. When the ship is attacked by pirates, Jack ends up in the Sea of Japan, is rescued by a samurai and sent to an elite samurai training sshool. Of course, it turns out the pirate attack wasn't random, Jack has something the pirates a [...]

    20. Set in the early 1600's this tale tells of Jack, at sea with his father a navigator before maps are generally available and Jack's dad's notebook, called a rutter is violently pursued, leaving Jack an orphan on the coast of Japan. He is taken into the home of a samurai where he slowly learns Japanese and the mysterious ways of his new land. Intrigue imperils Jack as he attempts to make his way. There is a great deal about honor, grief, jealousy, despair, and redemption. Sometimes didactic yet th [...]

    21. This book is a really interesting story about a boy who gets stranded on Japan. It is about what difficulties he went through when arriving to a totaly foreign place. The plot is very interesting but not so original. It has the same setup as many other books do. With this I mean charackters that basicaly take on the same role as many other charackters do in other books, like for example Harry Potter. This book is very interesting and it is a very interesting how you feel for and understand how h [...]

    22. Disney is putting a lot of money into this book. My guess is they're seeing the potential to assume the power vacuum left vacant by the demise of Potter. And why not compare this book to Potter? it's got an orphaned protagonist (Jack Fletcher) in a foreign land, exotic locales, and a school setting full of beauty and danger, history and magic. it's also got an evil antagonist that killed Jack's father.Another reason for the Potter comparison: Young Samurai is freakin' awesome! Poisoned shirukens [...]

    23. In the year 1611, a young boy named Jack is on board a ship with his father, searching for new land. But ninjas clamber aboard the ship in search of valuable objects and kill his crew and father. Jack is saved by the legendary samurai warrior Masamoto who adopts him. There he is taken to samurai school where he will have to learn to defend himself against Masamoto's jealous son, Yamato. But with his friend Akiko and quiet companion Yori, Jack is able to fit in at the samurai school and master ba [...]

    24. Jack Fletcher is shipwrecked on the coast of Japan, his father and the crew of the ship have all been slaughtered by ninjas, except for him. Luckily Jack is saved by a legendary sword master: Masamota Takeshi. Masamota adopts him and begins training him through the punishing physical and mental ways needed to be the samurai, hoping one day he can be the first gajin samurai. And so that maybe one day he can seek revenge on Dokugan Ryu, the one-eyed ninja that murdered his father.

    25. satu lagi buku berbau samurai yang ditulis oleh orang bule :Dmenyenangkan bacanya, ada samurai, ada ninja, ada anak jahil tukang gencet sesama murid, ada anak bule yang belajar jadi samuraisuka deh.ling lucu di sini digambarin, orang bule (inggris) males mandi karena dianggap bisa bikin sakit jadinya si Jack dipaksa2 mandi karena bauu hihihi

    26. Jack Fletcher, a young teenager who washed up on Japan’s shores after a brutal ship raid, must readjust and learn the new life style and culture that surrounds him. This book deals with many struggles that students can relate to. For example the book contains the struggle of fitting in, proving one’s self, and success.

    27. Chris Bradford had started out an amazing series with an amazing book! I personally loved it because of all the action and all that was being told. I literally fell in love with this series once I finished with, 'The Ring of Sky' I really think that there should be a sequel!

    28. This was a good book over all, but I had to read over 200 pages before I started to like it. After the 200 pages went by, though, the book got consistently better and I think I will read the others books in the series.

    29. It was an extremely good book. I liked how adventure was always around the corner. I liked that the main characters are daring and always ready for a fight.

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