Trackers Bestselling author Patrick Carman pushes the vbook to the next level with this thrilling book video web experience In the st century landscape of bits and bytes everyone leaves a digital footprint

  • Title: Trackers
  • Author: Patrick Carman
  • ISBN: 9780545165006
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bestselling author Patrick Carman pushes the vbook to the next level with this thrilling book video web experience.In the 21st century landscape of bits and bytes, everyone leaves a digital footprint even the most advanced cyber criminals And that s where the Trackers come in Four tech savvy kids armed with high tech video cameras and esoteric coding skills, the TracBestselling author Patrick Carman pushes the vbook to the next level with this thrilling book video web experience.In the 21st century landscape of bits and bytes, everyone leaves a digital footprint even the most advanced cyber criminals And that s where the Trackers come in Four tech savvy kids armed with high tech video cameras and esoteric coding skills, the Trackers can find almost anyone, anywhere Told through a collage of videos, text, and websites, Trackers 1 follows Adam, Finn, Lewis, and Emily as they become entangled in a high tech, high stakes game of cat and mouse with Shantorian, the world s most dangerous hacker At least, that s who they think they re tracking.

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    1 thought on “Trackers”

    1. This is one of the coolest books I’ve read. It is the latest book in a new genre that is taking the reading experience to a different level. What am I referring to? The “Vook” genre; in other words, multi-media storytelling—a melding of traditional storytelling with online components. If you’ve got a kid at home (girl or boy) who would much rather be sitting in front of the computer screen than reading a book, this one’s for them.The Trackers is a group of four friends who, although [...]

    2. This is another book that, first going into it, I really did not think much of it.Once again, I was completely and utterly wrong.I've never read a book that was written quite like this one. It was pretty much in first-person view, but different. This book actually felt like some kid named Adam was actually telling you a story. This book only took me a few hours to read since it was so short but during those few hours, I was completely hooked. I'm not exactly sure what made it that way, all I kno [...]

    3. TrackersPersonal Response When I started this book I thought it was going to be really boring. After reading it for a while it got really interesting. Then right around the middle it changed and then the book was awesome. This book is a really good book. Plot Summary Computers and computer chips come in to the small shop. Mike works on all of this stuff. He's what a lot of people call a computer geek. He could fix anything that dealt with computers. He was also a hacker. He could hack into anyth [...]

    4. Trackers was a uniquely written, fast-paced book. Patrick's choice of style was different from what I'm normally used to. The whole story was told through an interview being conducted by a detective. The interviewee was Adam, a computer genius that can hack and fix any technological system. He was a loner who practically lived in his "vault." A safe haven where he could play and develop his gift for high-tech equipment. Eventually he meets Finn, Lewis and Emily who unite as the Trackers. Each ch [...]

    5. Trackers Book #1Patrick CarmaAdam Henderson is he is being interrogated by Detective Ganz; Adam is a boy who has lived around technology pretty much his entire life. Adam and a couple friends he meant at schools are trackers they are the opposite of hackers they do not break in and destroy instead they help alert people about security breaches and stuff. Most of the things they do is field tests, but they also become tied to finding Shantorian, the world’s most hazardous hacker. I liked this b [...]

    6. This story is interesting. From the beginning, Adam is being interrogated, but you don't know by whom. Initially, I was annoyed at having to go to a computer to watch video, but after a few trips, I started to get hooked on the video clips. You can read the transcripts of the videos in the appendix at the back of the book, and I admit, I started to, but it just wasn't the same. The story main focus is on computers and technology, but even a computer newbie would not be lost in the story. The det [...]

    7. I recently read Trackers by Patrick Carman and found it quite intriguing. I enjoyed the combination of book and computer, which allows more interaction between reader and book. The formatting of the book was a little confusing at first, with the different texts and interrogation style. However, as I kept reading, the style grew on me and compelled me to read more. I also enjoyed the suspense induced by keeping the reader in the dark. Over all, great book, but a little short. I will decently have [...]

    8. Trackers is about a boy named Adam,he is an inventor he invents new types of cameras. Finn the athletic one he skateboards everywhere he has to pick up 13 markers. Lewis is the smartest one in the group but he is so bossy. Emily is the only one that is a girl out of the group of 4. She is the funniest one out of the group

    9. Adam Henderson is your typical child genius when it comes to technology. He started helping his dad repair computers when he was eight and by the time he finished middle school, he was creating sophisticated equipment and ruling an online empire worth millions of dollars. He found a group of friends who worked really well together;they became the Trackers. Using Adam's inventions and each of their own unique skills, Adam, Emily, Louis, and Finn unknowingly became wrapped up in a criminal plot. I [...]

    10. The book the trackers is book that there are these characters named Adam Finn and Emily might have to risk there live to track down the evil criminal known as Zara she has stolen all of Adams tools and gagets along with a drone in this book there will be stakeouts and spying on criminals in there hotels also Adam is trying to connected the internet because Zara said and if he did not do it in ten hours then he will lose all of his stuff my opinion this book was a good book because it had spying [...]

    11. liked the interview style format and the premise of accessing supporting video and data online (not that i did, so thanks for the transcript appendix) - felt like it took a long time to get nowhere really and that the whole thing was just a long set up for book 2 that could have been significantly condensed

    12. this is like a spy/mystery/adventure book. really liked it! there are videos that go along with it, but I only read the transcripts in the back.

    13. This is one of the coolest books I’ve read till now. I've never read a book that was written like this one. Because the book was pretty much in first-person view, but just felt different. This book actually felt like some kid named Adam was actually telling me a story. When I started this book I thought it was going to be really boring you know like going to. After reading it for a while it got really interesting. So basically the story is In the 21st century landscape of bits and bytes, every [...]

    14. This is a high tech mystery with video links built into the storyline. While I can appreciate a good cliffhanger knowing a book is part of a series, I felt that this book ended before anything was resolved. Usually one conflict is solved and opens the door for another. Not this one!

    15. Reason for Reading: I became a huge fan of Carman's after reading the Atherton series and was excited to read another book by him.A book entirely written as an interview, an interrogation. 15 year-old Adam is being questioned by someone to go back to the beginning and tell them what happened. We have no idea who is doing the interviewing, though the assumption is that is that it is high ranking officials, either military or government. Though whether that assumption is true I have not ascertaine [...]

    16. This book was easy to read. But I had a hard time understanding it. I probably would of liked it better if I understand it better

    17. We're in the 21st century, technology is everywhere, almost everyone knows how to use technology, but 4 kids, Adam, Finn, Lewis and Emily, are very advanced, they're armed with high-tech video cameras and have amazing Coding skills! The book gets you very excited, from start to finish, the chapters really leave you on a cliff sometimes, so the more you get into it, the more you want to read it. The story is based on trying to track the worlds most dangerous hacker, the more you get into the book [...]

    18. Another recommendation from .While the friends/sidekicks were tolerably well stenciled out, the lead character, Adam, was totally lacking in charisma. He wasn’t vulnerable enough or flawed enough for me to sympathise with him, and while he initially “looked coldly” on, he quickly went on to divulge a ton of information to his interviewer, betraying the initial two-second aloofness, and left the interviewer looking a lot snarkier and more interesting than himself.The concept of the book was [...]

    19. In Trackers, Patrick Carman’s follow-up to the best-selling series Skeleton Creek, we’re introduced to Adam Henderson, a fifteen-year-old tech-prodigy and computer-sleuth who finds himself entangled in a web of blackmail and deceit. Adam’s story begins in an interrogation room—who is interrogating him and why he ended up here isn’t immediately clear, but little by little the transcript reveals Adam’s offense: With the help of the Trackers—precocious friends Finn, Emily and Lewis— [...]

    20. Note: I didn't watch a single one of the vids that showed what happened visually. I just read the back which provided what happened just fine. So probably explains some things.After reading Carman's Atherton and Land of Elyon series', I was thoroughly impressed. After all, The Land of Elyon series is what made me start to read. And after I read the Atherton series, I was surprised that it could hold my attention even though it was directed to a younger audience and it was dystopian. (As you can [...]

    21. I read “Trackers” and I found this book to be a very interesting book. The author puts a lot of detail into the main characters and really lets you get to know a lot about them quickly, but also the author keeps some of the characters mysterious and unknown which makes it verys suspenseful and exciting. The author keeps two of the characters, Zara & Lazlo, very unknown and it makes them seem kind of sketchy and makes you very intrigued to keep on reading and find out more about them.This [...]

    22. Ahhh I've forgotten how enticing these books are. They're engaging enough, I have to say, but the book/video thing just takes it from addicted to didn't-sleep-a-wink-until-I-finished.Now, what was so pulling? These genius books, where everyone is hacking and making cool stuff and just achieving the impossible really draw me. I love a good mystery, and gadgets just make me giddy! The format, with the interview, just made it better, since I was reading to find out what got him into this "big mess" [...]

    23. I give this book a 3-star rating because it had many problems in which Adam had to solve, like when his dad had a big shipment of computers to fix and Adam had no time to solve an online puzzle, which had a clue to a camera that was stolen from him, so he had to choose to fix his dad's computers quickly to get back to solving the puzzle. It also had many mysteries like when they caught Lazlo giving a briefcase, which had a blurred name on it, to someone in a car. This created a mysterious mood s [...]

    24. This is going to be a very vague and short review, but let me just say:I first read this book a couple of years ago and haven't gotten around until re reading it until now. It was spurred by me trying to read other books by this author, and I realized that I didn't enjoy any of his other books that I read, unfortunately. However, I've always had a high opinion of this one, so I decided to re read it as a way of seeing whether my memory was just making the book out to be better than it was or if [...]

    25. This is a great book, based around the events going on in Adam Henderson's life the summer after he finished 8th grade. Adam is a computer geek. His dad runs a computer repair shop, where Adam helps out. For his ninth birthday, his dad gave him a room in the back of the shop to work in. Adam over the years, renovated it to a high-tech room. He has technology in there worth millions, and more advanced than any government firm has. He and his group, Finn, Emily, and Lewis, are currently running fi [...]

    26. The internet is one of the basic needs for today’s society. Sure food, shelter and clothing are important, but for the civilize people of today, the internet is more essential than clean air. The issue is no one truly understands how the internet work, who invented it, and what can make it go away? Adam is a prodigy at computers. He was a true genius when it came to programming and coding. He invented machines that were advancing in their abilities. Having finished the eighth grade, he and his [...]

    27. An interesting idea. There is a book, divided into the narrative of an interrogation and and appendix of evidence in the back. It's a little hard to flip back and forth, but worth it. Adam is an extraordinary computer hacker, but he's only fourteen and also completely socially inept. He gains a few friends and becomes embroiled in a web of mystery surrounding on-line information. Readers don't have any more information than the interrogator. As we read, we see how events played out and who was p [...]

    28. The Short of It:A fun, new series by the author of Skeleton Creek.The Rest of It:Patrick Carman has managed to do it again. In Trackers, we meet four tech-savvy teens, Adam, Emily, Finn and Lewis. They track the digital trails left behind by others and in doing so, become involved in the search for dangerous hacker. Or so it seems.As with his previous books, Trackers combines reading with an online video component. As readers go through the story, they are provided with a password and directed t [...]

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