Hollywood Babylon

Hollywood Babylon Originally published in Paris this is a collection of Hollywood s darkest and best kept secrets from the pen of Kenneth Anger a former child movie actor who grew up to become one of America s leadin

  • Title: Hollywood Babylon
  • Author: Kenneth Anger
  • ISBN: 9780517344088
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Originally published in Paris, this is a collection of Hollywood s darkest and best kept secrets from the pen of Kenneth Anger, a former child movie actor who grew up to become one of America s leading underground film makers.

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    1. It was about a time for me to read this cult classic named as Hollywood Babylon, the bible of all dark and twisted from the corners of the Hollywood, starting from the roaring twenties. I love all things of "Old Hollywood", "The Golden Hollywood" or whatever one wants to call it, and not least the darker side of it with murders, accidents, sex, drugs and no rock 'n' roll. Oh the scandals, oh the gossip, oh the glamour that hides the misery, the seeekrets. So much seeekrets. That said, I have ton [...]

    2. Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon is a boiling cesspool of lies! Practically none of this shit happened. The ratio of truth to lies is like 10 to 1. I have it on the highest authority those girls looked thirty under the bad set lighting. My great-great-great aunt was there for that underage (by trickery! It was set up!) sleepover-cum-orgy and Lillian Gish had no idea that Dorothy Gish was the other girl in the bed with Griffiths. This Kenneth Angers person is blowing it all out of proportion jus [...]

    3. Many years ago I lived in the courtyard apartments Charlie Chaplin built for his crew across the street from his studio on La Brea Avenue. One night I read “Hollywood Babylon” while guzzling an entire bottle of red Zinfandel and eventually fell asleep with the book by my bed. I proceeded to have one of the worst nightmares of my life.I was in a silent film, scratchy, jumpy and dirty as hell – in it Albert Dekker was preparing his noose in ladies’ lingerie as Ramon Navarro looked on, Will [...]

    4. EASY SLEAZE“I walk along the street of sorrow The boulevard of broken dreams Where gigolo and gigalette Can take a kiss without regret So they forget their broken dreams You laugh tonight and cry tomorrow When you behold your shattered dreams And gigolo and gigalette Awake to find their eyes are wet With tears that tell of broken dreams Here is where you'll always find me Always walking up and down But I left my soul behind me In an old cathedral town The joy that you find here you borrow You [...]

    5. It really doesn't matter if the stories here are true or not - and some people get upset about this. But then they are missing the point. It's "Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon." And it's the way he tells the stories which makes this book and Volume Two priceless.The mixture of images and Anger's text makes it into a feverish dream - and really, cinema should be a feverish dream. Essential. If one does not have this in their library, they are not film lovers. Just tourists.

    6. Sucked me right down the gutters and dark alleys of the glittery and smutty Old Hollywood, so much so that I could barely stop to eat. Some stories are amusing, some pathetic, some disgusting, some sad, but every single one grabbed my attention. Anger writes in a very nifty style and the amount of pictures just add the allure.

    7. Ulysses and 100 Years of Solitude were killing me, so I just needed some well-written trash; something that I could actually FINISH.So, yeah I'd known about this book for 30 years and ran across it many times with mild curiosity, but a couple years ago a slightly musty first edition hardcover availed itself for $1 at Half Price Books - kind of a no-brainer, whereupon it sat in the basement till nowIt begins in 1915, a convenient place to begin a history of the scandals of Hollywood, though the f [...]

    8. This is all about whose pretty little C list head was found in a locker at Grand central Station, which no longer famous former star was eaten by her own pet poodles (they might look chic, dear, but they have no taste at all), who put this there and thatthereand had to be revived by medics who could not believe what they were seeing, who couldn't do it without various types of rigs and harnesses, who did it an extraordinary number of times in one weekend and was filmed the whole time, and so on, [...]

    9. It was a cult book. It was almost impossible to get it. It was the quest for the Holy Grail. It deserved to appear in hell of the National library. Kenneth Anger, underground film-maker. The book was a transgressive object the ownership of which conferred us a particular status.Often by moving, I lost my book. I acquired it recently. That to think of this book today, without pathos, without this émotive environment. This succession of glaucous story becomes fast boring. We feel becoming a Peepi [...]

    10. Χόλιγουντ ίσον αστέρες του σινεμά, θέαμα, μαγεία, διασκέδαση και ψυχαγωγία. Σωστά; Όμως τι κρύβεται στο παρασκήνιο, πίσω από τις κουρτίνες; Τι κρύβουν οι ηθοποιοί, οι σκηνοθέτες, οι σεναριογράφοι, οι παραγωγοί, γενικά οι άνθρωποι που συμμετέχουν με τον έναν ή τον άλλο τρόπο σ [...]

    11. There is no rating this book. It's the ultimate trash, but it's perfect trash. It's 400 pages of snide, gossip column-style writing about the first fifty years of Hollywoodland. You read about Fatty Arbuckle, Lana Turner, Charlie Chaplin, Errol Flynn and many more.An excellent plus is the wealth of black and white photos of these stars - some movie stills, some candid photos and some police shots from death scenes.One interesting this is to watch how the public's perception and expectations of m [...]

    12. I used to check this out regularly from my small-town public library back in middle and high school; I loved it because the library's innocuous cover meant my parents had no idea that I was reading something so (to use their word) sinful. Needless to say, it was an eye-opening experience, raising my awareness of a number of different behaviors, coupling possibilities, creative use of inanimate objects, etc. A copy now has pride of place on my bookshelf next to my other film books.

    13. Embarrassed both for having read and not read this until now. The veracity of the stories isn't the point. It's a case of sitting down with the nelliest queen in all Nellydom and listening to caviar quality dirt. Who wouldn't?

    14. 43/100Da war jemand, der mal selbst als Kind ein Star war auf seinem Dachboden und halt alte Klatschblätter ausgewertet und auch ein bisschen was ausgeschnitten. Das erste Buch ist zwar noch besser als das Zweite, aber beide verdienen den zweiten Stern für eine gewissen Pionierleistung. Beim ersten Durchgang hätte ich HB I vielleicht auf vier Sterne aufgerundet, HB II wären schon damals allenfalls gnadenhalber mit zweieinhalb bedacht worden.

    15. Sex, drugs, murder, scandal, old movies and glamourous lives. The story of Hollywood gossip and depravity begins at the turn of the century in this book - and continues through the excess of the 20s, through to the 60's, although most of the stories focus on the 20s to 40s. I love James Ellroy and this book is like reading his background research for books like The Black Dahlia and LA Confidential. Mickey Cohen actually existed, actors were perverse and hopheads. Murders and scandals were covere [...]

    16. I would love to say that this was insightful and/or riveting but alas I cannot. From what I can gather both research and a working knowledge of punctuation went out the window so Mr Anger could spew half formed tales of scandal and gossip on to paper. Layout wise this book is a nightmare; unlabelled photos, unsourced quotes and heavy handed underlining that serves no purpose (except possibly to make it look like a dodgy webpage, some feat given this book was originally published in 1975!).I real [...]

    17. Rabid, overheated, at times incoherent, this is a sleazy book that I felt a little bad for finishing (and the ending of the book is the weakest, worst, most rushed part). This look at the dark underbelly of Hollywood has few real revelations or surprises. In Anger's description of the rise of "Confidential" magazine and its hatchet stories he could be describing his own book: "His formula was simple: a well-known name, an unflattering photograph and a story, fairly short, which presented a sordi [...]

    18. Experimental filmmaker, Kenneth Anger details the sordid rumors of old Hollywood in a convoluted mess of glamorization and finger pointing.To be honest, I wish I hadn't wasted my time reading this. It is pretty obvious that most of the stories Anger relates are based on rumor and speculation. When, in many cases, actual facts are widely available, Anger ignores them in favor of titillating conjecture. Each of the stories would be better served by a heavily researched look at the facts, but all w [...]

    19. Okay, so—admittedly—I went into this expecting a load of baloney. However, I also expected a fair amount of dark(ish) goings-on slapped across these pages. For a man who was so close to Anton LaVey, I hoped for at least a few anecdotes of celebs in ill-lit robed circles, mumbling together in foreign tongues before disrobing and performing some fiendish acts. I mean, c'mon Ken, this books panders to a very specific crowd, and without having a HUGE knowledge of stars from the silent era throug [...]

    20. I think we need to think more about:How interesting Kenneth Anger is & how he has moved between different art forms (is celebrity gossip an art form?).How myth and sacrifice work within celebrity (celebrity as a new religion has been done).Frances Farmer. I think about Frances Farmer everyday. Occupation: cocksucker.Curses. Is Hollywood cursed? Why are these figures cursed? Look at J.X. Williams & the Virgin Sacrifice.Anton LaVey was thanked.Treating fact like it is fiction.

    21. Salacious volume of Hollywood calumny, lovingly assembled by one of underground cinema's self-styled bad boys, and notable for its complete lack of compassion. The chapters on Fatty Arbuckle and Thomas Ince are perhaps the most interesting because the stories have entered popular mythology. Most of the rest are merely prurient. In sum, the book is no longer the "luscious plum of sizzling scandal" it once was, and Anger's tabloid naughtiness has dated badly.

    22. I'm embarrassed to admit this one. I don't think you can review a book like this, really. It's like reviewing the National Enquirer magazine. It is what it is.

    23. Scandal, that was Hollywood synonymous from the start. Almost all the actresses and actors where involved in scandal of somekind during the growth of the cinema mecca. And this is what you are going to find in this book. Starting from the very begining, you will find names well known as Charlie Chaplin, Valentino and much more. A very interesting book to hang out when you don't have anything else to read.

    24. I read the first edition copy from 1965 that was on shelves for 10 days only to be banned due to "libel" and "copyright issues" from those subjects portrayed in the book. There's a difference: the 1965 version is packaged like that of a sleaze-gossip rag in 95 cent paperback form, versus the 1975 edition, which was published again after the ban was lifted, Anger having cleaned up some of his facts, embellished some of the fluidity and structure of the book, and laid out higher quality images int [...]

    25. "Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul." Marilyn MonroeIf you are a film buff of any type and haven't read this, it is most highly recommended, an encyclopedic exposé of the tarnish on the tinsel. Hard to think of a more High End Brand, with it's U.S. state-department-approved soft-culture trademark, gee-whiz practical sense and enchanting, casual glamour -- that had a more unsavory backstory, a seamier underbelly, than what's inc [...]

    26. The lurid cover and magazine-sized pages announce what you're getting into, if you didn't know this book's reputation already: very brief gossip stories about a shameful or sordid event from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Kenneth Anger has heard a lot of crazy stories secondhand, he has a bone to pick with "The Industry," and he loves to shock a "straight" audience. Lupe Velez's embarrassing death scene? He invented it -- it was recently proven to be apocryphal. The ingenue murdered by Fatty Arbuc [...]

    27. Impeccably researched and replete with many of the most revealing photographs you have never seen, Hollywood Babylon is part picture book and part compendium of low-down dirt on some of the most infamous Hollywood scandals from its beginnings to the 1960s. All of the big names are here, including Fatty Arbuckle, Clara Bow, Frances Farmer, and Marilyn Monroe. Chapter titles like, "The Clutching Hand," "Saturn Over Sunset," and "Peep Show Peccadilloes" titillate the reader, and their contents do n [...]

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