The Black Dove

The Black Dove In this hilarious follow up to Steve Hockensmith s critically acclaimed novel On the Wrong Track crime solving cowboys Gus Old Red and Otto Big Red Amlingmeyer are wandering around San Francisco when

  • Title: The Black Dove
  • Author: Steve Hockensmith William Dufris
  • ISBN: 9781400156054
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Audio CD
  • In this hilarious follow up to Steve Hockensmith s critically acclaimed novel On the Wrong Track, crime solving cowboys Gus Old Red and Otto Big Red Amlingmeyer are wandering around San Francisco when they stumble onto another mystery to be solved the death of their acquaintance Dr Chan It turns out that no one wants this mystery solved, but that doesn t stop the brIn this hilarious follow up to Steve Hockensmith s critically acclaimed novel On the Wrong Track, crime solving cowboys Gus Old Red and Otto Big Red Amlingmeyer are wandering around San Francisco when they stumble onto another mystery to be solved the death of their acquaintance Dr Chan It turns out that no one wants this mystery solved, but that doesn t stop the brothers from riling up the locals with their heavy handed investigations Wild chases ensue until Old Red and his helpers finally put the clues together for a showdown on the waterfront.

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      242 Steve Hockensmith William Dufris
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    1 thought on “The Black Dove”

    1. I think I would have enjoyed his more if I hadn't done the audio. The narrator was a little too theatrical for my tastes. It was a little over the top. The characters seemed stereotyped in the worst way. I think they would have come across as charming if I had turned the pages instead. But I will say, I liked the story. It rolled along. So 3 stars.

    2. Killer find. I'm reading anything this guy writes. I started here, in the middle of a series, but the book stood alone just fine. Uniquely humorous.

    3. This the third in a series, but you can easily start with this book without having read the others first. The Black Dove is a detective novel set in early 1890’s San Francisco. Its main protagonists are a pair of constantly bickering brothers, the Almingmeyers. Otto, better known as “Big Red,” is the educated one. Gustav, “Old Red” (because he’s older than Otter rather than old in any real sense), is an illiterate cowboy. After a flood swept away the family farm--and the entire famil [...]

    4. Downloaded and listened to this through Overdrive for my local library. This title looked interesting and I had no idea that I was listening to book 3 of the series! Whoops! I plan on going back and finding the first two, listening/reading to them and then moving forward. This was HILARIOUS. There were definitely times that I caught myself chuckling out loud to something Otto would say or some other characters one-liner. I felt the humor was appropriate and never over the top. The story itself w [...]

    5. Loved this one. The brothers are in San Francisco's Chinatown and run into an old friend from their S&P Railroad adventure. Next day, this friend is dead. Thus the detection begins. Enjoy.

    6. I listened to this audiobook. Gustav (Old Red) and Otto (Big Red) are brothers in the Wild West in the late 1800's. Old Red is illiterate, but is a major fan of Sherlock Holmes. He really wants to be a detective. He relies on his little brother, Big Red (his Watson), to read the Holmes adventures to him. This is third installment in this humorous series. I missed the second book, and I think I missed a lot. But, be that as it may, this is a fun book. Gustav and Otto apparently were fired in book [...]

    7. Another entry in the "Homes on the Range" series. Our two cowboy/sleuths end up in San Francisco after the disaster that was their last adventure, and begin a highly dangerous and confused investigation into the death of the Chinese doctor they encountered in the previous book. The investigation quickly gets convoluted as they attempt to navigate the different political factions that govern San Francisco's Chinatown in the late 1800's, including the rampant racist anti-Chinese campaigns of some [...]

    8. Funny, clever book. Every book in the series has been so entertaining. Love the narrator as well. He brings this book to life and his distinct acting/narrating abilities make this book more entertaining than any movie I've seen this past year.

    9. A good beach-read even with a standard storyline, prominent cliches, and a narrator who over-does the voices. Entertaining.

    10. Another great story from Steve Hockensmith! The Black Dove was a top-notch mystery and I didn't figure out the end until it was told to me. I usually like to have a few more clues thrown my way so I can figure out the puzzle with the detectives, but in this case, it took them almost as much by surprise as it did me. The Black Dove was a bit of a departure from the style of the first two books in the series. Instead of roaming the wide open spaces out west, this time there's big trouble in little [...]

    11. This series continues to be a real delight the banter between Otto and Gustav, added to the feminism of Diana vs. the Cowboy ethics and code, is a whole saddle full of fun. Otto and Gustav, dumped off in San Francisco in 1893 are challenged when their Chinese friend is murdered. Gus quickly begins to attempt to utilize the Holmesian style of deduction, with outrageous results. A great deal of this story features them running away from one foe or another as they raise a ruckus in San Francisco's [...]

    12. #3 "Holmes on the Range" mystery featuring Old Red and Big Red Amlingmeyer in the 1890's American west. This episode finds the brothers, previously cattle wranglers and now wannabe detectives, in San Francisco. The ginger-haired brothers see their old friend Dr. Chan (from the train episode last book) and follow him into Chinatown, where he nearly shoots Big Red, not realizing who they are. The next day when Old Red smells a mystery, they go his shop in Chinatown to see why he's so skittish, but [...]

    13. Steve Hockensmith seems to be visiting the various sub-genres of mysteries in this Holmes on the Range series, and even with two poorly educated cowhands as Holmes and Watson, it works beautifully. The first book in the series (Holmes on the Range) is a classic mystery with a long list of suspects. The second (On the Wrong Track) is a thriller complete with train robbers and runaway locomotives. The Black Dove is all about the tough private detective trying to unravel a mystery in Chinatown.Thes [...]

    14. The basic premise of the book is this: There are two cowpokes, who are fans of the Sherlock Holmes stories. They are so engrossed that they are attempting to become the Holmes & Watson of the old west. The story is set in the San Francisco of 1893. The two become involved in a bloody mystery in Chinatown. They have a smart, savvy female "sidekick" to help them get over their trail-riding roughness and into places that otherwise would not give time to any cattle-driving, saddle-sore cowboys s [...]

    15. I would like to give this book 3.5 stars. For me this series gets better as it goes as I've enjoyed each successive book more than the last. This one had a slightly darker quality primarily due to the plots focus on the plight of U.S. chinese community in the late 19th century which was pretty grim. It gave the book a little more heft while still delivering the chracteristic smart aleck humor. The mystery was well constructed and plausible with some surprising (for me)twists and turns. My one co [...]

    16. Filled with plot twists and a surprisingly tragic ending, "The Black Dove" manages to be incredibly funny AND suspenseful! My review: a fun read OR, as Otto would say, a great way to enjoy suspense and get a sense of 1890s Chinatown. Listening to this as an audiobook, readers get treated to a narrator who can do Western accents, as well as a surprisingly good voice for Diana.Mystery fans will enjoy "The Black Dove", the third in the "Holmes on the Range" series by Edgar-award nominated author St [...]

    17. I started listening to this audiobook without realizing that it is the third book in a series of tales about deducifying cowpokes in the Wild West in the 1890s. It didn't take long to determine that I had to go back and listen to the first two as soon as possible after finishing this one. The story is immediately engaging and the characters are entertainingly drawn. This installment takes place in San Francisco, mostly in and around Chinatown. Having just visited that very place for the first ti [...]

    18. Jumped into this series here at #3 thinking this was an actual Sherlock Holmes pastiche- wrong, except for the fact that the cowpoke brothers are big fans of the Holmes stories & have hopes of publishing their own stories one day. In the meantime they take to "deducifying" themselves.The reader had a real "golly, shucks"' rube style representing the younger brother as narrator - our "Watson"- which was at first off-putting but eventually grew on me and became appealing as I got to know Big R [...]

    19. Another fun adventure in sleuthing with the cowboy-detective brothers, this time in San Francisco's Chinatown, 1893. The previous, railroad-based story does carry over to this one somewhat, but not enough to keep this from being a decent standalone book. The author included more foul language (read "realism") in this third book in the series, as the brothers investigate the suspicious death of an acquaintence amidst the underworld in Chinatown. The bickering siblings with hearts of gold land the [...]

    20. Once again, Steve Hockensmith amazes me, with the uniqueness of the Amlingmeyer brothers characters, and his "Holmes on the Range" series. Now that I've read 4 of the 5 books(thus far!) in the series, I'm no less impressed with the originality of this concept. I've read a fair amount of Sherlock Holmes, and some westerns(enjoyable, particularly Estleman, but not high on my priority list of genres), but I would never have considered tying the two together. Yeah sure, there have been plenty of wes [...]

    21. This time the Reds are looking for a black bird at least in name, in San Francisco's Chinatown. Another commentator thought that Miss Corvus was a bit of a Sue in this one but I don't think that's fair. It's just a matter of Miss Corvus (also a black bird in name one notes) as a slick-talking city woman being a mite more comfortable in a Dashiel Hammett story than the cowboy detective could possibly be. In truth, even Otto as the tough guy member of the pair is bit more in his element. But becau [...]

    22. I loved this book. It follows two brothers--one who "deducifies" like Sherlock Holmes, the other who pens the exploits like Dr. Watson (and is, by turns, more or less helpful than the doctor was to Mr. Holmes). The plot moves along quickly, the characters are interesting, and the narrator's voice is hilarious, of the laugh-out-loud variety. I was not thrilled by the main female character (I found her poorly developed and almost useless, despite the fact that the author intended her to play cente [...]

    23. Excellent third book in Steve Hockensmith's series featuring brothers Gustav and Otto Amlingmeyer, aka "Old Red" and "Big Red" respectively, two cowpokes with a knack for getting themselves into trouble and "deducifyin" mysteries following the common sense, observational methods of Old Red's hero, the English sleuth Sherlock Holmes, whose exploits are continually read to the illiterate, Holmes-like Gustav, by his younger, bigger, Watson-esque brother, Otto. The whole series is rollicking, laugh- [...]

    24. I really enjoy this series though it seems that I missed one between the debut (Holmes on the Range) and this on. Nevertheless this was great and I'll go back and pick up the other one. This takes place in San Francisco and Big Red and Old Red are trying to find jobs as private detectives. They end up in quite a mystery in Chinatown during the summer of 1898. Old Red is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and is pretty good at 'deducifying' himself. His brother Otto (Big Red because of his size) is try [...]

    25. A good read, but not as good as Holmes on the Range or The World's Greatest Sleuth. This one seemed to move a bit more slowly.Diana seems just a tad too capable in this one, with hunts that she might be a Mary Sue.There's still some pretty durn-burned good deducifyin' here, though. Mahoney and some of the others are cardboard characters. A few of the other Chinatown folks were interesting. There's an interesting revelation of a bit of Gustav's back story. The cover art has two guys about the sam [...]

    26. The Armlingmeyer brothers, Old Red (Gustav) and Big Red (Otto) are in San Francisco looking for work. They are practicing "deducifying" and run across Dr. Chan who promptly takes a shot at them. They also find their friend Diana who convinces them that Dr. Chan is in trouble. They find his body in Chinatown and begin a strange search for a missing girl. On the way to her, they cross paths with hoodlums, whorehose madams, crooked cops, opium lords and bigots. Their search gets them in more and mo [...]

    27. Big and Old Red are in San Francisco. After unsuccessfully trying to get a job at the Pinkerton Detective Agency, they come Dr. Chan and then Diana C. (both from the railroad in the previous book). Someone ends up dead, by what the police call suicide and by what Old Red deducifies is murder. Big Red and Old Red romp through Chinatown in an effort to solve the murder, and come across opium dens, mafia, and prostitution. It took me longer to get involved in this book than the previous novels, but [...]

    28. Finding themselves down on their luck and out of a job in 1893 San Francisco, the Sherlock Holmes-loving pair join forces with former Pinkerton detective Diane Corvus to investigate the death of Dr. Chan, whose luggage was thrown from the train the brothers were patrolling. Chinatown tongs, Barbary Coast thugs, and shady San Francisco police give the brothers more than enough to worry about as they try their hand at "deducifying" in the big city.Steve Hockensmith page at SYKM

    29. "The Black Dove" is where Cormac McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses" and Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove" meets Sherlock Holmes. It has all that "gosh dern" kind of lingo that takes you back to place and time of the Old West. If the term "redneck" was around back then, these two kooky brothers would have fit the bill perfectly. I listened to this on audio, and sometimes narration can be tacky or overdone, but in this book, it was refreshing and believable-an added plus!

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