Adrian Mole na Crise da Adolescência

Adrian Mole na Crise da Adolesc ncia Sequ ncia natural do di rio secreto ao anos e que foi um achado divertid ssimo e ao mesmo tempo s rio porque em pano de fundo est a Inglaterra dos nossos dias onde a pobre baixa classe m dia d

  • Title: Adrian Mole na Crise da Adolescência
  • Author: Sue Townsend Miguel Carvalho de Moura
  • ISBN: 9789722901284
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sequ ncia natural do di rio secreto ao 13 anos e , que foi um achado divertid ssimo, e ao mesmo tempo s rio, porque em pano de fundo est a Inglaterra dos nossos dias, onde a pobre baixa classe m dia debica os restos do Welfare State O Jornal Sequ ncia natural do di rio secreto ao 13 anos e , que foi um achado divertid ssimo, e ao mesmo tempo s rio, porque em pano de fundo est a Inglaterra dos nossos dias, onde a pobre baixa classe m dia debica os restos do Welfare State O Jornal

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      306 Sue Townsend Miguel Carvalho de Moura
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    1. HAHAHA! So funny! I may have laughed manically several times (in public) and gained worrying looks from observers but I couldn't help it! Seriously, SO FUNNY.

    2. Oh Adrian. You are every bit as funny at 15-1/2 as you were at 13-3/4. Here are just a few samples of Adrian's diary:Sunday May 9thMother's Day (USA & Canada)I have just realized that I have never seen a dead body or a real female nipple. This is what comes of living in a cul-de-sac.Friday August 6thSent Pandora a postcard:Dear Pan,The sun came out on Wednesday, but it didn't reach into the black despair caused by our separation. It is a cultural desert here.Thank God I have brought my Nevil [...]

    3. Adrian Mole grew on me. I cannot describe this book (and the series in general) more perfectly than New York Times did: The Adrian Mole Diaries is "as sad and devastating as it is laugh-out-loud funny!"Oh, and I LOVE the audiobook narration by Nicholas Barnes!

    4. But, I actually want to give this book 3.75 stars without rounding it up to four - so three it is.So, Adrian Mole, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways, but quickly because my laptop is dying and I can't muster the energy to go upstairs and get my charger. Yes, it has come to this. I'm THAT wiped out tonight.1. You are hysterical. Flat out awkward, whiny, obnoxious, pretension and endearing. 2. Your family-situation is completely effed. I love that your parents show disdain for you. I love [...]

    5. Please see my detailed review at Graceann's "Growing Pains of Adrian Mole" Review"Second entry in the hilarious Adrian Mole series. He's coming up on age 16 now, and still as angst-ridden as he was in the first book. This is so accurate. I'm not SO far away from my own teen years that I'm not able to recognize the behavior as my own at that time. Very witty and all the more surprising as it comes from an adult woman writing about the feelings of a teenage boy. Genius. My only caveat is that if [...]

    6. my teacher advised me to read this book because he thought it was a good book for me because the characters are the same age as me. I like the book because it was very funny but some times it was very hard for the characters.The book is about a character named Adrian Mole, he is 15 years old and is in puberty so he got a lot of feelings, thats normal. Because he is in puberty he got sexual feelings but his girlfriend not so they had a falling out. the parents of Adrian left each other and came b [...]

    7. Saw this in a used book store and just had to buy it, especially as it had the same cover as our original childhood version! Man, what is there not to love about Adrian Mole? Reading it as an adult I was definitely better equipped to understand all the jokes. It's also a really interesting look at 1980's England, definitely not something that interested me as a young'un. Poor Adrian and his struggles to be a literary intellectual. too funny. I can't wait until enough years pass so that I can re- [...]

    8. Just as wonderful as the first. Actually made me laugh out loud at seceral points, which is something not many books manage to do.

    9. See my notes on "The Secret Diary". More of the same, just as funny, with a subtle modification of tone as Adrian matures - after his fashion!

    10. THIS BOOK IS HILARIOUS!!!so adrian mole is back again.e intellectual trying to decide whether he should or shouldn't do is 'o levels' and how he feels about his mum being pregnant (HE DID NOT REALISE UNTIL SHE ACTUALLY SAID I AM PREGNANT OMG)his observations are the best. his comments on politics and oh his poetry that he sends to the BBChe is just absolutely hilarious. his on and off relationship with the pretentious snob pandora and omg BERT BAXTER AND QUEENIE. =( if you enjoyed the first book [...]

    11. I've had this book such a long time, the pages are falling out, at some point I've spilt tea all over it and those pages are all stained. It gives off a well read look about it. I don't think I'll be able to pass this book on. It shall have to stay with me for it's own saftey.I'd forgotten just how funny Adrian Mole was. I read the rest of the series a year or so ago but there was a gap where I'd misplaced this one. Adrian is best as a teenager, he becomes annoying as he turns into an adult. I t [...]

    12. There are very few books that can really make me laugh out loud but Adrian Mole does it every time. This is a re-read but I originally read it before my days on since there is no review here. I honestly think Adrian is one of the greatest characters ever created and his early diaries are particularly funny because he is just so naive yet thinks of himself as the most intellectual 15 year old that ever lived. I can't give Adrian any less than 5 stars. Perhaps this book is flawed but I'm too in l [...]

    13. První dva díly moleovské ságy mám hodně ráda (tenhle víc). Když jsem je četla ve "třinácti a tři čtvrtě", bavila jsem se hlavně lapáliemi hlavního hrdiny, zpětně jsem pak deníky docenila i jako zdroj nejrůznějších humorných poznatků a pozorování z prostředí thatcherovské Británie. Pod jejich vlivem jsem se opakovaně pokoušela nějaké deníky sama psát, první začínal nějak takhle: "Dnes jsem vrátila lístek na oběd a šla si do papírnictví koupit tenhl [...]

    14. Stuck at work on twelve hour nights, this is the perfect antidote to them. Must be about the fifth time I've read this book. Still hilarious and full of wise wisdom. Sue Townsend takes a scalpel to cut open our rotten society. Funny, serious, and full of pathos.

    15. Не уму, не сердце. Далёк я от страданий низшего среднего класса Англии начала восьмидесятых годов прошлого века. Наверное, и не имеет смысла читать дальше

    16. I read this book for school and it wasn't a nice book. I chose this book because I liked the description of the book that I read. They said in the description that it's a funny and simple diary of a teen-boy called Adrian Mole and that it goes about love, the divorcing of his parents, helping old people and thinking about sex and school. But it become boring after twenty/thirty pages. I read the rest of this book with reluctance. I also think that it was boring, because i read the sequel of the [...]

    17. Adrian Mole is now 16 and still suffering from adolescence. All the characters you fondly remember from the first book are present, and he gets a few more.This is full of humorous observations on life, all through the clouded vision of a typical teenager in 1980s England. From the non sequiturs to the realistic portrayals (everyone will recognize at least one character or "type" from their own lives) and school angst, it's side-splittingly funny. And I think it's completely fair when he says he [...]

    18. Sue Townsend really hit her stride with this second installment of Adrian Mole. The first book seemed to me to be on the dull side after a while for reasons I expressed in my review of that book.But there was something about it that made me want to go on to this second Adrian Mole. As I mentioned in my last review, I have read these before many years ago and remember liking them a lot.This second volume proves that. Adrian Mole has more happening to him and is doing more intriguing things than h [...]

    19. The Growing Pains of Adrian Moleby Sue TownsendOpen Road Integrated MediaTeens & YAPub Date 02 Jan 2018 I am reviewing a copy of The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole through Open Road Integrated Media and Netgalley:Adrian Mole is a fifteen year old sensitive poet, of the Midlands. He still has a crush on Pandora, and feels it is difficult to grow up around inferiors. His Mother is pregnant and experiencing morning sickness. Adrian's hormones are like a whirlpool. He grows weary of his parents ar [...]

    20. Читает:«Сенсация» какой-то тетки Ивлин Во – Аргентина на грани конфликта с Британией.«Тихий Американец» Грэма Грина – приезжал американец Хэмиш.«Счастливчик Джим» Кингсли Эмиса – весь день провел с Пандорой.«Жестокое море» какого-то Николаса – ездили на Гибралтар смот [...]

    21. It's been a while since I re-read the first of these diaries, and the second was just as delightful as the first. I must have read this before, before the start of the book was quite familiar to me, but I'm not sure I've ever got to the end, because it certainly took a few twists and turns along the way.I've never really considered a woman's pregnancy from the point of view of her teenage son, so that was quite fun to peruse. No matter how pretentious Adrian gets, you always end up feeling sorry [...]

    22. While I enjoyed this slightly less than the first in the series, I can't demote it to 3 stars. Adrian is a little older and accordingly slightly less charming in the way of bumbling youth. Not that we would call him charming, but it is the reluctant but genuine embrace of this character despite how difficult he can be for his fellow characters, and sometimes the reader, to tolerate, that is a good part of the magic of the stories. Just like in real families. The life problems and illustrated soc [...]

    23. My favourite bit in all the Mole books - quite possibly in ANY book I've EVER read - is this bit taken from Sunday April 25th, "Found strange device in bathroom this morning. It looked like an egg timer. It said "Predictor" on the side of the box. I hope my Mother is not dabbling with the occult"Work of a genius! I defy anyone not to smother a giggle while reading this.

    24. readathon17 Book 1: A book from an author that died from 2012 and after (Sue Townsend died in 2014) - Female authorI correctly decided to start the readathon with something simple and pleasant. Adrian Mole is a sure choice. Written in diary form and sent in England in the 80s. He is a funny boy, although sometimes you will want to punch his parents,

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