A Child's History of the World

A Child s History of the World A Child s History of the World is a classic Written shortly after World War I by Calvert School s first Head Master Virgil Hillyer this history storybook combines charm with facts to stimulate young

  • Title: A Child's History of the World
  • Author: V.M. Hillyer
  • ISBN: 9780899669380
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Child s History of the World is a classic Written shortly after World War I by Calvert School s first Head Master, Virgil Hillyer, this history storybook combines charm with facts to stimulate young minds and leave them yearning for information This volume of A Child s History of the World contains 79 stories that start at the beginning of time and reach to the prA Child s History of the World is a classic Written shortly after World War I by Calvert School s first Head Master, Virgil Hillyer, this history storybook combines charm with facts to stimulate young minds and leave them yearning for information This volume of A Child s History of the World contains 79 stories that start at the beginning of time and reach to the present With many illustrations by Carle Michel Book and M.S Wright.

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    1. I have a nice, leather bound edition of this book that has survived being handled by four homeschooled kids. Even though it is written at about a fourth grade level, I'll always keep it on my history bookshelf because Hillyer has a wonderful grasp of the big picture of world history and is able to streamline the telling in clear, understandable language. He uses some child friendly analogies and writes in a conversational tone. I still reach for the book when I want to grasp the main idea of a p [...]

    2. Update 11/09/08I finished this book some time ago and I still love it, though I'll need to re-read it so I can remember things. As with any overview, the book decribes many events, and moves rather quickly, so by the time you finish one section, you're already 500 years later. I recommend taking notes while reading along, and I think it would make a great read aloud for homeschoolers .I bought the first version of this book (I think 1911) on line and I LOVE IT. It is a great read. I wanted to ha [...]

    3. Updated this paragraph 04/19/15: Just finished the entire A Child's History of the World with Xander, which we have been working on for three years. One of the best books I've ever had him read. The ending has him thinking of ideas for ways to end all wars. He's come up with some interesting things: a war-ending machine, special forces that are different for each nation that protect against aggressionI will probably hear at least one more idea before he falls sleep.The tone of this book is absol [...]

    4. I've heard some say they think this book "talks down" to children. I respectfully disagree! I found the tone gentle and "grandfatherly" and I LOVED this book!! Absolutely brings history to life!!

    5. A beautiful history book for young children, and just the thing for parents to use. They still have it on the curriculum at Calvert School in Baltimore I believe

    6. I love the idea of this book. It is a simple, sweeping narrative of the main points of history (and prehistory) up until about the time of Vietnam. As the author says in the preface, his purpose is not to go into detail about events and people; often famous people, places, or events are simply mentioned, with a sentence or two to tell why they are important, and then the narrative sweeps on. This is wonderful, because it helps to place all these people and places and events in their proper place [...]

    7. We used this for the ancient world and are still using it for the middle ages. The stories are short and well-written. Much more engaging than The Story of the World. However, the author does have a 'chatty' manner in some of the chapters that really bugs. Some people list that as one of the benefits; I hate it.We don't read this straight through. I use those chapters pertaining to a certain geographical area (we study history by continent). I think this is a great read-aloud for the elementary [...]

    8. My kids and I have really enjoyed this history book. It takes you from the creation to modern history. This book creates the perfect forum for parents to discuss world history with their kids. Each chapter is short, and it always grabs their attention from the get-go. It takes the tone of a friendly grandpa telling a story to a kid on his knee. My kids aged 6 to 11 all equally enjoy it. They beg me for "Just one more chapter! PLEEEEASE!" This book is an essential part of our homeschool curriculu [...]

    9. We have the 1924 version, and it's the same one I read as a kid and am now reading aloud to my daughters. It holds their interest and they actually remember what we've read afterwards. My husband is one of those people who remembers every bit of random knowledge or trivia he's ever heard and is very adept at history, but even he was learning things from hearing me read aloud from this book. Make's history fun and charming and very basic.

    10. The original publish date was 1924. If you can get past this author's racism - this is a surprisingly entertaining book! He thoroughly and whimsically covers just that - the history of the world - at such a level that children of almost all ages can enjoy! I recommend it as a read-aloud for children 6-12 years old, or for an independent read for 10 and up.

    11. The conversational style of this book draws in children when you read it aloud; it covers world history from prehistory to the present. Written originally in 1924, the book has been revised several times, but keeps its old-time charm. I would not depend on this book for an inclusive history of the world, but it is an inviting introduction to the subject for children.

    12. I absolutely *loved* this book as a child, and read it over and over again. It's so well-written and would be a fascinating read-aloud. I think it came with the Sonlight curriculum, if I'm not mistaken.

    13. I read this book over and over when I was a child. I can easily say this book taught me more than any other book I have ever read, and that I love this book the way a child loves a puppy.

    14. A great narrative overview of history. I learned as much as my daughter as we were reading it for her history book in school.

    15. Mostly good with a little bit of a mixed bag in the religion department. While many of the negative reviews on complain that it is a Christian perspective, Hillyer begins this history with the Big Bang Theory of origins followed by the biological theory of macro-evolution (I guess from a theistic-evolution standpoint?). Along with that, he mentioned nothing about the terrible things Mohammad, the founder of Islam, taught and did; but he only painted him in a positive, peace-making light.However [...]

    16. I enjoyed the tone of the author thru-out. It felt easy to relay to very young listeners and covered enough factual information without over burdening their attention spans. However, this is marketed to be more in line with conservative view points and it starts off with the first three chapters being written with a decidedly progressive theology. Then it continues from there with factual errors thru-out. My husband and I are history buffs and this was very disturbing to see from a highly recomm [...]

    17. Clearly and concisely written in an approachable conversational tone, this book was well-received by my early elementary kids and provides a good survey of world history. Certainly there is much expanding that can be done, and I loved the Sonlight curriculum and the supplemental texts we read to flesh out the history, but overall a great entry to history. Would recommend for elementary kids or even adults who want a fast overview to brush up on world history.

    18. I really enjoyed each chapter. We would often chuckle at the slightly conversational remarks he made when discussing some period in history. Overall the chapters are the perfect length for reading aloud and coming away satisfied with some concrete knowledge of that portion of history. Will read again in about four years.

    19. I'm really enjoying reading this book with Lindy. It's written almost conversationally, and is perfect for her to listen to at 7. It holds her interest & she remembers a lot of what we've read. I'm learning a lot from it, too!

    20. This is a wonderful classic book of history. Hillyer was a school principal and used his students as sounding-boards for his writing. They told him what they thought and he wrote to please them. I learned from him and those students when I wrote my book.

    21. This is a really good explanation of the events of world history. Easy to readting! Great reference book to have.

    22. My kids were so-so about this book at first, but after we'd been reading it for a while they decided they loved it! 6+

    23. I have been reading this one slowly over the last couple of years with my daughter for homeschooling. I'll be honest - it's one of the most extraordinary history books I've ever read. The book is fairly old - I think the original editions probably went up to about WWI, the more modern edition (like the Kindle version I had) goes up to about the Cold War period.There are also - to warn you in advance - some differences in content depending which version you get. (For example, the older versions a [...]

    24. My nine-year-old could choose from all the read alouds on our shelf, and she chose this book because she loves history. We enjoyed it a few chapters at a time from start to finish. At one volume it does not cover as much as Bauer's 4 volume Story of the World, but what it does, it does with gentle humor. We did not think it talked down to the reader, but enjoyed Hillyer's tone. Again, because it was shorter, even my daughter noticed some things left out. In the WWII chapter she asked why he left [...]

    25. We LOVE this book. It's a great, simple spine for history, told in an engaging narrative. I have seen the book recommended to begin with first grade, but I think that's not a good recommendation. Third grade-ish seems to be a better recommendation and I think in the Calvert school (where the book originated) it was used for fifth graders. So mid-to-upper elementary school is the right level here, for most children. (But my kindergartner loves to listen in as well.) It would be easy to use CHOW a [...]

    26. This book basically just gives a summary about the world, but in a way that would make sense to kids. It starts from the very beginning of time and goes all the way to present time, showing different facts throughout the ages.I thought this book was good! It's easy for kids to understand and not so boring.This is good to show a class the history of our world. Lots of facts get lost but I think this one does a good job of highlighting the important things in the world's history.

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