Soul Stealers

Soul Stealers THE CLOCKWORK VAMPIRES THIRST FOR BLOOD OIL The land of Falanor has fallen The renegade hero Kell is being hunted by the machine vampires the Vachine On his way to recruit reinforcements to launch th

  • Title: Soul Stealers
  • Author: Andy Remic
  • ISBN: 9780857660671
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE CLOCKWORK VAMPIRES THIRST FOR BLOOD OIL The land of Falanor has fallen The renegade hero Kell is being hunted by the machine vampires, the Vachine On his way to recruit reinforcements to launch the counter attack, the mighty hero finds himself the prey of two beautiful but deadly vampire assassins Their bronze fangs are coming for him.File Under Epic Fantasy A LTHE CLOCKWORK VAMPIRES THIRST FOR BLOOD OIL The land of Falanor has fallen The renegade hero Kell is being hunted by the machine vampires, the Vachine On his way to recruit reinforcements to launch the counter attack, the mighty hero finds himself the prey of two beautiful but deadly vampire assassins Their bronze fangs are coming for him.File Under Epic Fantasy A Land Despoiled A Dangerous Hero Campire Assassins Blood Oil

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    1 thought on “Soul Stealers”

    1. Please note this review contains spoilers for those that have not read Kell’s Legend.When reading anything by Andy Remic you can rest assured that things are going to get brutal and bloody very quickly. I would definitely not recommend Kell’s Legend or it’s sequel, Soul Stealers, to those of you that are faint of heart. The violence is as graphic as it gets. The author doesn’t sugar coat anything. There are seas of blood and everyone, irrespective of age and gender, are a potential victi [...]

    2. This was a very good book. I only had one problem with it. If you read it, pay close attention to Queen Alloria's character. What happens with her in the last pages does not make any sense at all. Especially after all that business with the King being her true soul mate when she was on the mountain pass. I mean wow. I'm not talking about the business with SaarkIm talking about the situation with Graal. I was going "Huh???" for a good 10 minutes after I read it. Maybe in the next book that situat [...]

    3. Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10 | Excellent Dark FantasyOverview: In Book 1 of the Clockwork Vampires (Review Here) The Iron Army invaded the lands of men, bringing Kell and his bloodbond axe, Ilanna, out of retirement and into the battlefield. Graal and his Iron Army are crushing the lands of men and their Harvesters are (literally) sucking the life-blood from them.Kell is dying from poison - as is his neice, Nienna, who has been abducted by a woman desperate for the 'cure' the Vachine can provid [...]

    4. Direct continuation of the first novel. More basically serviceable plot with basically serviceable characters, with copious use of a small set of literal tropes to stir up maximum feelings.At this point, so many characters are so often set up with moments of noble purpose and resolve, as though they might now have a chance to change their fate, only to be instantly destroyed in the most pointless and useless way, it is almost like reading a literal tic. Very annoying. Characters die, but then co [...]

    5. I didn't enjoy this book as much as Kell's Legend. I think it suffers a little from being the second in a trilogy, or maybe it is that I started reading it fairly soon after finishing the first one. For my liking there is too much backtracking. It seemed to take an age to get going, which in my experience is very unlike Mr Remic. About half way through normal service is returned, the pace of the action picks up and you are dragged along kicking and screaming. My Kindle said I was 62% through whe [...]

    6. More of the same from the first book. I wish I hadn't picked up this set. I hate it when a so-so book has a cliffhanger ending. Now I have to read all three books. The first book was okay, and if it had ended, in a year or so I would have considered reading another book in a similar style, and might have gone back to this author, because I do enjoy the occasional fantasy pulp-fiction. But not back-to-back, and no way am I going to remember the plot of the first book a year from now (especially n [...]

    7. BOOM! This one takes off like a lightning bolt, as the first book in the series does. Kell and Saark are hell bent on getting out of the ruined city they are hiding in and getting after Kell's grand daughter. Both of them were poisoned by the huntress and rogue who stole the young lady, so they have to go after them and catch up to receive the antidote. Bloody battle after bloody battle ensues, and the whole while General Graal and the Clockwork Vampire army are rampaging all across the land.The [...]

    8. In the horror fantasy genre Andy Remic continues to reign supreme (in my opinion), and he delivers more than I ever expected in the great second installment of The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles. The story continues from right where Kell’s Legend cliffhanger ended. And, within reading the prologue and first chapter, Andy Remic has grabbed me with the new, surprising, and deadly abominations that live powerfully on the edge of blasphemy. Also, I was deeply touched emotionally and then joyously su [...]

    9. Andy Remic is new to me. There are three books in the series. I have now read all three. It's been sometime since I read sword and sorcery novels. I read them when I was somewhat younger. Perhaps my tastes have changed because I found these three to be severely repetitive in nature to the point where the author uses the same phrases and descriptions and words over and over. The banter between Saark and Kell became particularly annoying as well as the word "piss" throughout all there novels.The p [...]

    10. The Granite Thrones are no longer empty!!! This is the second book in the “Clockwork Vampire Chronicles” and unlike others; I found the reading to be just my cup of tea and then some. And to be honest, gosh did we experience things that made you think…dang…Why didn’t I pick up on that (speaking of Queen Alloria)? And dang…Stark was and is really important in this series, more than I thought. Furthermore, looks like Graal has bitten off more than he can chew; when it comes to trying t [...]

    11. Great action and enjoyable characters inhabit an interesting fantasy world filled with darkly powerful creatures in a book that will make your heart race in excitement only to then take you out of the reading experience with a shoddily constructed turn of phrase.As with the first book in this series, the need for a better editor is evident. While the action sequences are outstanding, the dialogue can often be very difficult to chew through. Also, some of the descriptive elements are off-putting [...]

    12. "I am Kell. And I am mightily pissed off."Reading Remic's "Soul Stealers", I can't help but think of my teenage years. I would hide away from the world in my reading nook and devour Howard, De Camp, and later Gemmell. A sword slash, an axe chop, or a strong headbutt was all that was needed to save the day."Soul Stealers" picks up where "Kell's Legend" left off and sets up the last book of the Clockwork Vampire Trilogy quite well. The final book "Vampire Warlords" will be out sometime this summer [...]

    13. Great continuation of the series. I enjoyed this one a little less than the first. This can probably be attributed to the fact that I waited a year between the two books so it took some time for me to remember what was exactly happening. The majority of this book is Kell and Saark going after his granddaughter Nienna. Once again we see the Vachine, Cankers and the other creatures that are prevalent in this world. We also get some more background into the entire reason why General Graal is doing [...]

    14. Decent follow up to the first book. Good set up for the 3rd and final book. I liked the addition of the soul stealers and the origins of the "Albino" warriors. Some predictable stuff, but not so disappointing that it ruined the story. I have to say I was surprised when one of the main characters died, but was sadly disappointed when it turned out she wasn’t dead after all. I think a good author isn’t afraid to kill a main character and leave them dead. The impact is felt so much more. But li [...]

    15. The second book of the series was better. I see where a few people didn't like how everything seemed to have something help the main characters in the first book. This one basically lets you understand why Kell is the legend he is. Hearing the little bit of his back story helps. The book moved along at a pretty fast pace, so it didn't seem like it took long at all to read. The whole concept of clockwork vampires is interesting as well. Will be interesting to see how it ends with the next book.

    16. Andy continues to create cool characters and to put them in situations best resolved at the end of a double bit, butterfly ax. I enjoyed the book but was slightly distracted by a few continuity issues with the last book and the feeling that the book was perhaps, a bit pushed out the door, if you catch my drift. Having said that, I think the book a lot of fun and can't wait to see what happens next Can you say Pre-Order on !

    17. I agree with many of the other comments about this book. It's weaker than the first and kind of suffering from little things like letting the main characters continue to bicker to an annoying amount. Also some character turns just seem way out of the ordinary. Also I think every character has pissed them self in this book. Good action scenesAnd a few interesting characters and full of testosterone I give it three stars!

    18. In some ways not as good as Book 1, but it lacked a lot of the things I didn't like in the first one (abuse of main characters). I am not sure I'm going to like how this ends, and it's not one of the ones where I need the sequel now now nowbut I'm interested enough to keep going. Also? Steampunk vampire berserker!! (I am still thrilled by the very concept.)

    19. Kell - he's back in this second instalment. Bigger, louder and more darker than the first. We see his character develop or should that be regress?He fills the pages and the rest of the cast of characters supports this age of heroes epic.Enjoyable if your taste runs to the sword/sorcery/vampire ilk.

    20. The follow-up to Kell's Legend adds to the saga of Kell. A few new wrinkles are uncovered,though we're starting to kill people off somewhat blithely. A couple plot twists don't quite fit together, but perhaps explanations will follow in "Vampire Warlords".

    21. Weaker than the first, to some extent lacking the focus that it had, and falling into the trap of 'mega doom' which many dark fantasies find themselves in. One dark lord is never enough, there has to be a dozen more super dark lords, and so on. Still fun to read though

    22. No drop off in this series.Very fast paced.Action sequences are vivid and well detailed.Kell is one bad dude.Different variations of vampire keep coming his way but his bloodbond axe Ilanna carves a path right through them.I am immensely enjoying this series.

    23. Book two in the Clockwork Vampire series. Even better than the first book "Kell's Legend". Lots of new characters, more action. Remic gets into his comfort zone in this book.

    24. My advice, don't read this book if your a pansie. Great book, if a little graphic even for me. To recommend it, i'd have to personally know you and what you like to read.

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