Kept Who said being a dominant Sugar Daddy was going to be easy Self made millionaire Reed Douglas wanted a woman in his life but he didn t have the time for even the barest of social rituals Tricia Barto

  • Title: Kept
  • Author: Carolyn Faulkner
  • ISBN: 9781935152828
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook
  • Who said being a dominant Sugar Daddy was going to be easy Self made millionaire Reed Douglas wanted a woman in his life, but he didn t have the time for even the barest of social rituals Tricia Barton flew down to spend some time with her cousins after the death of her mother, hoping a change of scenery would help her slough off the remnants of depression.She never expecWho said being a dominant Sugar Daddy was going to be easy Self made millionaire Reed Douglas wanted a woman in his life, but he didn t have the time for even the barest of social rituals Tricia Barton flew down to spend some time with her cousins after the death of her mother, hoping a change of scenery would help her slough off the remnants of depression.She never expected to have her life turned upside down by her cousin s undeniably hot and very dominant boss who didn t hesitate to suggest that she let him keep her in a style to which she definitely didn t want to become accustomed But one of the few things left out of their very special arrangement was that she ended up finding herself over his lap often than not

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    1 thought on “Kept”

    1. As a fan of historical romance novels, I immediately recognized Kept as a sweet and sexy contemporary courtesan/mistress story. I enjoyed the more modern take on the theme and really liked Reed Douglas and Trisha Barton even though I wasn’t quite able to buy into Tricia’s backstory – a daughter grieving the death of her mother. I wouldn’t exactly call this an erotic read because, in my opinion, there was too much “tell” and not enough “show” which made any sexual scenes feel expl [...]

    2. Lovely story.Tricia had agreed to be a 'kept' woman for self-made millionaire Reed Douglas. But as they stay together, their relationship slowly transformed from a business arrangement to something much more, as each give the other person what he/she secretly craves or needs.This is a 'spanking' romance, so if you can't handle such scenes, avoid this novella. But if you don't have any issues about such kinks, then read and meet two such delightful, strong-willed individuals, and how in the end t [...]

    3. A naughty little story that actually ends up being just as- if not more- romantic than erotic, Kept is about a woman who comes out of the worst year of her life into a relationship with a man that begins as one thing and ends as something else all together.When Tricia Barton meets her cousin’s boss, she’s instantly attracted to his alpha male demeanor. But billionaire Reed Douglas couldn’t possibly want a staid school teacher like Tricia so she immediately dismisses him- until, unbeknownst [...]

    4. Loved this "spanking" story! It was a quick steamy read with two appealing main characters. The HEA ending was somewhat abrupt and I really wanted an epilogue. Looking forward to more by this author.

    5. Tricia is 37 years old, she's a school teacher, she's been divorced for three years and she also writes erotica. Her beloved mother recently passed away so she leaves New Hampshire to visit her cousin, Maggie and her husband in Tennessee. Maggie picks her up at the airport with her boss, Reed Douglas who Trish is quite attracted to. Reed is 45 years old and a self made millionaire who was dirt poor and worked his ass off after his dad left him and his mom to give her a better life. Reed overhear [...]

    6. KEPT is one of CFs best, IMHO. The mistress-for-hire theme has been done before, but these characters were very likable and the arrangement was not your run-of-the-mill paid escort fare.Reed Douglas is a busy man--too busy for a social life. Trisha Barton just lost her mother and decides to sped time with her cousin and regroup. She meets Reed, the cousin's boss, and he makes her an offer she has some trouble refusing. Be my hostess for parties, a companion on my arm, a sexual relationship if we [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsThis was a well written short story and my first read of Carolyn Faulkner.I have stated many times that its hard to get a good mix between storyline, romance and sex in eroticas. I would say this book had a good mix of all three, but the ending was so abrupt. I liked the storyline, I don't recall recently reading a story about a kept woman, so it was refreshing. I just wanted a little more closure. I also only gave it 3.5 stars because i'm not into the whole spanking thing. I didn't rea [...]

    8. FOR ALL TIMEOh to be a kept woman and have a Sugar Daddy! When self-made millionaire Reed Douglas over hears Tricia Barton and her cousin discussing one night the virtues of being a mistress, he makes the proposal to make it happen. The plot builds at a nice level keeping the reader captivated as their arrangement blossoms . The dialogue between Reed and Trish is entertaining and the chemistry continually develops as their arranged relationship develops over the years. Unlike most stories with a [...]

    9. Trish is overcoming the hurt and lose of her mother and seems to be having time with her depression. Her cousin and best friends introduces her to Reed. There is an instant feeling between the two of them and Trish's bold statement about being "kept" gets his attention. Despite it being her idea Trish is still very shy and hesitant. There are many mis-steps and misunderstanding along the way. Reed quickly realizes he's looking for more than an arrangement but Trish uses the contract to keep him [...]

    10. Did I read this story and forget to note it down? I must have because I know I've read this story and I could have sworn it was earlier this year. This is a 2.5 star for me. It's a sweet romantic concept about a woman, Trish who is a highly paid mistress by her cousin's boss, Reed.The story is fancifully romantic. The D/s is mild and the spanking is fun. Is this a fantasy I think of when I'm over burdened at work? YES! Then I remember I'm the bread winner in the family. Sometimes it would nice t [...]

    11. This wasnt a bad book. I just didnt understand getting into a contract with a millionaire to be his mistress, i'm sorry thats only fun if they are being blackmail like a harlequin romance novel. the book was ok for me not wow still a good read but could have been better. I think Tricia was all over the place understandable at times because of her lost but didnt understand the concept. And as for the other main character i didnt see much of a dominance in him it was minimal. Basically i expected [...]

    12. POSSIBLE SPOILER.Reid and Tricia caught my attention right away, the relationship looked like it was going to be interesting, then BAM the NOVELLA flew through 2 years of relationship, focusing on describing spankings and not how their feelings for each developed then THE END. I wanted to LOVE it alot. I guess I just wanted more on the SEXY Reid.

    13. This was on its way to 4 stars and then the ending happened. WTH? It was so abrupt and unsatisfying. Very disappointing.

    14. I almost cried with this one. the very idea of being a "kept" woman sounds appealing. But the spanking thing is really not that appealing for me. all in all its a very sexy story.

    15. Romantically sweet spanking story. Favorite quote:"The stark truth occurred to him at that moment that he had found the woman of his dreams – and she didn’t even consider him a friend." [43]

    16. Well, that's frustrating - I just lost my perfectly written and beautifully punctuated and thoughtful review - now you'll have to settle for this one. ;^)This story was free from Blushing Books for the month of May, which is how I got it. I'm between a 2 and 3 on this book. It was a fun story, a fairy tale really. I enjoy fairy tales, but the problem is they are often simply told with little to no depth. That was the problem here IMO.Trish is visiting her cousin after her mother dies. She is und [...]

    17. I really had high hopes for this. It was a cute premise, and it started off well. At the same time, there was contradiction from the start. She wanted a sugar daddy, but then wouldn't take advantage of what Reed offered. That's actually a good thing because it shows she has scruples, but it was contrary to what a sugar daddy is, even contrary to what she originally said she wanted in a sugar daddy. I did love how Reed was so considerate of her feelings. He could have been a bastard, but he wasn' [...]

    18. Well, I came over to the reviews because I really was feeling like I couldn't finish this. Less than halfway in, I found myself skimming, even over the sex scenes. It's not that it's SO horribly written or a 'wall-banger' or anything. But I just couldn't get into it, which might be a taste thing (and this is without the spanking that apparently happens - I'm all for D/s and BDSM stuff, so that wouldn't bother me). Everything just seemed to happen too abruptly. Reed meets Tricia and immediately d [...]

    19. This wasn't very good. I couldn't relate to either Trish or Reed. The love scenes were awkward. There are many words authors use to describe the clitoris. Nub, bean, bead, clit, button. One word I've never seen for it is clitty. Until now. I really hope to never see that again either. Reed is supposed to be a dominant male but three quarters through the book and he's just starting to spank her? He hides a paddle in the back of his closet? No. I don't buy it. The one thing I did enjoy was Trish's [...]

    20. If only I had a cousin who knew a millionare who wanted a mistress- SIGN ME UP! Tricia was lucky enough to have a cousin to do just that, though it happens to be after she lost her mother. Reed is the millionare who was looking for a mistress to keep him satisfied when he wanted it, anytime he wanted it. He took Tricia for a test drive before the contract was written up and then practically ran to get the papers signed so they could start their arrangement. Cute, sexy, got the juices flowing. I [...]

    21. This was good, but lacking. Maybe I was hoping for more romance? Most of the book was so business-like between Trish and Reed. I kept hoping they would admit their true feelings for each other sooner (more than two years had passed into their contract). Then the ending rushed in, and tied everything up nice and neat, leaving me feeling let down. AND, as a side note, another book with that dreaded word "clitty"h.

    22. The heroine, Trisha is as stubborn as a mule. She wanted to be kept and yet not be kept. Wanted to be independent and reliant at the same time. The hero, Reed is patient until he isn't. As it turns out, she likes to be spanked and he loves to give her one when she isn't being reasonable. Very interesting to read as he tames her somewhat. This is a short read and I wouldn't put it down until I was finished. Again, fun read.

    23. This was an interesting read, though not much to say about it. Liked the sex scenes, story was ok, but thought it was missing some details. Example is why didn't she like to entertain. It was almost a phobia by the way it was described. What happened to cause it?I did kind of want more in the "domination" arena, but most of the scenes were good to read.Nice happy ending, so an ok read, but wanted more.

    24. This is a great book. I can't say I liked it as much as some of the other spanking romance stories I've read, but it's definitely a five star. I love spanking romance, and I loved that this book had a plot. I felt guilty for getting it for free from All Romance Ebooks months ago. I highly recommend this book even if you don't like spanking. But I recommend it even more if you do. :)

    25. a woman gives up teaching to become a kept woman, with a contract for what she may and may not do durng her "employment." it was kind of interesting, and i imagine many women have imagined, just for moment, how nice it would be to be taken care of and have few responsibilities, but it just couldn't be very emotionally satisfying in the long run

    26. Nice spanking romance. I loved that the heroine was okay being his mistress and didn't play hard to get. She enjoys sex and has no problems with that. The hero is very caring and almost too perfect. The sex scenes and spanking scenes were plentiful, but sadly not very explicit. I liked how their relationship gradually evolved to include spanking.

    27. After a bad divorce Trish wants to be kept as a mistress. Reed Douglas overhears her saying this and decides to be the man to keep her. I liked Trish and Reed. Trish tries to keep it business-like while Reed discovers he wants something more personal. I wish they would have discussed their reasons for the decisions and focused more on the spanking aspect of their desires. Good read.

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