Confessions of a Not It Girl

Confessions of a Not It Girl Jan Miller is a senior in high school who s convinced she is destined to lead the world s least fabulous life Her college application deadlines are looming and her French homework is taunting her And

  • Title: Confessions of a Not It Girl
  • Author: Melissa Kantor
  • ISBN: 9780786818082
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jan Miller is a senior in high school who s convinced she is destined to lead the world s least fabulous life Her college application deadlines are looming and her French homework is taunting her And she never seems to say the right thing around guys, unlike her best It Girl friend who knows the moves and lines to catch an older, adorable, sophisticated boyfriend But JaJan Miller is a senior in high school who s convinced she is destined to lead the world s least fabulous life Her college application deadlines are looming and her French homework is taunting her And she never seems to say the right thing around guys, unlike her best It Girl friend who knows the moves and lines to catch an older, adorable, sophisticated boyfriend But Jan s about to learn that in life and romance, being a Not It Girl has some major rewards.

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    1 thought on “Confessions of a Not It Girl”

    1. ugh. i slogged through this simply because i'm almost physically unable to give up on a book once i start, and i kept thinking, "it has to get better than this. seriously."unfortunately, no. the main character is annoying as hell, her best friend is a carbon copy of every other new york-based YA/chicklit socialite, and there isn't even any real interesting growth going on. not to mention, my guilty pleasures are those name-dropping chicklit books, and this only really referenced shopping at barn [...]

    2. For the love of cheese why?! I honestly wanted to chuck my Kindle into a pool of toxic acid while I read this. Is common sense and communication dead? I didn't like how the characters were portrayed. The only thing I liked was when Jan got rejected by the nerd. I guess the book just isn't for me.

    3. CONFESSIONS OF A NOT IT GIRL follows the story of Jan Miller and her misadventures in and out of love on the high school scene. She is your typical boy-crazy girl who may be more in love with love than any actual boy she meets. But then again, she is young. She has all the time in the world to mature and learn some hard lessons. I really liked Confessions of A Not It Girl. It was funny. It was entertaining. It was just so right in that light-hearted m&m's way. The book's central focus is on [...]

    4. Confessions of a Not It Girl by Melissa Kantor was a very good book. Its about a girl named Yuan(she pronounces Jan), who's a senior in high school that happens to have a best friend who's a rich model. The whole book talks about her crushes, complicated life as a senior, and tells her story of being a not it girl. The message of the book is that you need to try to be the best you can be. My favorite character in the book is her crush Josh because of his personality. He stands up for what he bel [...]

    5. I read this in a matter of just a couple hours. The only reason I finished it is because I hate not finishing a book. Everything that happened in it was rather lame and the ending was cheesy as all get out. I don't suggest this book to anyone older than junior high.

    6. Jan (pronounced "Yahn" as in Jan van Eyck) Miller's life is anything but glamorous, especially compared to the life of Rebecca, her bonafide "It Girl" best friend. "Confessions of a Not It Girl," Melissa Kantor's debut novel, follows Jan as she tries to make her mark despite her very non-it-girl life.That isn't to say Jan's life is rough. A senior at Lawrence Academy in Brooklyn, Jan lives with her parents in their private brownstone and spends weekends gallivanting about town with Rebecca. Jan [...]

    7. What I like about the plot in "Confessions of a not it girl" is that the person you least expect to be in love with is the person you might end up with. In my opinion it move slowly. The thing I didn't like was when guys were around Jan she didn't know how to act. It was kind off interesting because it explains a lot of interesting things that makes young people in relationship realize that what you least expect is what you end up with. Also it gives us reasons and explanations of how you get wh [...]

    8. “Life would be so much simpler if guys were like mood rings, and they changed color when they liked you.”She is a regular teenager who is a awkward to her crushes. She was deluded by her fantasies which is all the time. She is so dreamy and assuming which is the worst considering how complicated high school boys are. She is judgmental, materialistic, ungrateful and has the worst timing in the world but despite her thousand flaws I begin to like her. I know that her quality on being mean and [...]

    9. This book was a great way of learning not to rush things with your private lives. I enjoyed this book very much, because I got to imagine and learn how Yahn Miller really liked this guy named Josh who doesn’t recognize her. While she tries to earn his attention, she asked her best friends opinion on how to get him who's an it girl compared to yahn. Finally, as yahn gives up and stops chasing after Josh he goes after her in a heart beat and then they fall in love.

    10. Melissa Kantor's "Confessions of a Not It Girl" is a wonderful coming of age novel. The main characters, Jan and Rebecca, are currently best friends and seniors in high school. While filling out endless college applications, they're also managing to balance their love lives, family, and education. I would definitely recommend this book to teenage girls, or anyone who is in the mood for a teenage drama.

    11. Confessions of a Not It Girl has an awesome combination of a funny and charming protagonist, laugh-out-loud situations, and a cute but quite stereotypical love interest. I loved Jan and her scripted scenarios, but often times, her obsession over Josh made her unbearably annoying. However, her energy and wit made up for it.

    12. Reviewed by Rebecca C.A girl who is trying to find love but keeps putting herself down because she doesn't have the perfect New York body and her "fairytale" love scene.The book was interesting because it was relatable because it points out that we all focus on our flaws while other people don't make such a big deal about them.

    13. this has to be my favorite book of all time, it was ridiculously funny, and i enjoyed this book so much. just thinking about it, makes me want to laugh. oh how i adore this book, every teenager out there should read it. i absolutely recommend this book!!!!!!!!!

    14. it was a pretty good book, but there was no depth. well i guess what do you expect with a title like that. overall, acceptable

    15. Fairly shallow, but an okay YA chick-lit light read. Nothing special, but the style was pleasantly comfortable.

    16. Let's step into the world of teenage high school. A girl like Jan is like any regular high school girl. She's awkward, shy, insecure, and has no clue whatsoever about relationships. That's realistic, and so true to what many girls feel like. That is what made me drawn to a character like Jan; her realism.Of course, not only does her name sound weird like it's from a different era but she is best friends with New York's It Girl which would totally make her more insecure about herself than ever. J [...]

    17. Review bisa juga dibaca di: kandangbaca/2014/Jan Miller. Jan dibaca "Yahn" loh. Salahkan orang tuanya yang memberinya nama aneh itu. Untunglah teman-temannya banyak yang tidak tahu hal itu tetap memanggilnya Jan, dan ia juga tak mau repot-repot mengoreksi mereka. Jan bukanlah cewek populer. Ia selalu mengeluhkan pantatnya yang sebesar truk (iya, Jan memang agak lebay soal ukuran pantatnya). Maka dapat dikatakan ajaib bahwa ia bersahabat dengan cewek secantik dan segaul Rebbeca, yang baru-baru in [...]

    18. 'Confessions of a Not It Girl' by Melissa Kantor takes readers right into the mindset of Jan (pronounced “Yahn”), who thinks (and sometimes professes to know) that she doesn't have high hopes in the areas of guys and popularity. Even though her best friend Rebecca is basically a rising socialite with infinite prospects of guys, colleges, and everything else Jan could possibly want, her life feels dull and unaccomplished by comparison. Being a senior in high school is hard enough, let alone f [...]

    19. I wavered between three and three-and-a-half stars on this one, but in the end decided on a solid three. There were things about this book that I really liked--Melissa Kantor's dry sense of humor really cracks me up, for one. Jan's imaginary dramas were a cute touch, though eventually they did get to be a bit much. (I'm normally totally in favor of denial and living in an elaborate fantasy world, but they just seemed to go too far, even for a high school senior.) Jan's comments and asides are of [...]

    20. Confessions of a Not It Girl, by Melissa Kantor, is about an insecure high-school senior girl named Jan. As Jan faces the insecurities involved with having a best friend who was voted, It Girl of the week, by one of the most popular teen magazines, she finds herself falling in love with a new guy at school. Being the brother of the little girl she babysits, Jan's crush encounters Jan on a nearly day-to-day basis. Throughout the story, Jan lives her unexciting New York City life in her townhouse [...]

    21. The book Confessions of a Not It Girl by Melissa Kantor is a well thought out story about the average High School Senior. In this case, Kantor created the character Jan (pronounced Ya-hn) to provide realistic instances in which the average High School girl would encounter such as body image, boys, college applications and her ever-so embarrassing parental units. Kantor really elaborates on how the everyday High School girl feels; nervous, shy and absolutely clueless when it comes to the likes of [...]

    22. This book is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I'm not sure if it's because I needed something that wasn't overly heavy and dark or what, but it was funny and witty and pretty believable to. Well, I'm not sure if a senior in high school could have made ALL of those intelligent and witty quotes and whatnot, but it was delivered in such a funny and believable way I didn't mind. I actually snorted while reading this book, causing my boyfriend to look at me strangely when I did. I ha [...]

    23. *Review ini disertakan dalam 13 days Reading Children & YA LiteratureJan Miller, selalu mengeluhkan penampilannya terutama bagian bokongnya yang lebar. Ia bersahabat baik dengan gadis cantik, keren dan gaul, Rebecca, yang selalu membantu Jan dalam menentukan pilihan berpakaian. Rebecca ini salah satu gadis yang dinobatkan oleh majalah remaja NewYork sebagai cewek gaul, maka Jan lumayan beruntung bisa mendapatkan ilmu tentang berpakaian atau tips mengenai cowo yang ditaksir. Namun, Jan tetap [...]

    24. My impression after reading it the first time: how could a book bore me to this extent? My impression after reading it the second time: I still hate it, but I like it even more. I think I've grown up as a person who could appreciate things more. I could relate myself more to the stories I read, and so what I did with 'Confessions of a Not It Girl.' I totally forgot why I even bought it in the first place. It's not my kind of book. Well, maybe, it was? But I never liked it before. Jan is awkward [...]

    25. Choice Book Review I enjoyed Confessions of a Not It Girl because it was very realizable high school can be different do to what society label it’s right for you do so it would be easy for you to fit in with people we all know how hard it can be to talk someone you like it’s easy for everyone to say how feel about someone or something that is the story between Jan and Josh she loves him however, every time he asks her something or just talk to her it’s hard for her to say what she want say [...]

    26. Honestly, I had high hopes for this book. I love Gobblers, they are those girly books that you can enjoy in one sitting and they're just so much fun. This book? Not so much! First of all, considering how much I love romance, I was expecting at least SOME romance.You know how much romance was in this book that wasn't actually imaginary? Two paragraphs, if even that. At the end. of the book. And all they did was kiss, like what the hell? It's not romance, it's not love, it's CRAP. In the whole boo [...]

    27. This is a fun, fast-paced romantic comedy by first-time-novelist Melissa Kantor. It stars Self-Proclaimed Not-It-Girl Jan (pronounced Yaun) Miller, her best friend and definite It-Girl Rebecca, and Jan's crush Josh.Hm. I'm confused by my own use of the term "fast-paced." I really enjoyed this book, but what exactly happened in it? I mean, well, lots of things happened—time passed, Jan did stuff, characters faced challenges and were forced to make difficult decisions. But nothing happened that [...]

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